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iD Software frags Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein ports for Android

ZeniMedia, which owns iD Software, has filed a DMCA complaint with Google and had several infringing applications removed from the Android Market. The offending games were ports of the popular Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein games created by iD Software.

The following is a message we received from one of the developers of a Doom port.

Some of you may have noticed that Doom for Android (FREE) no longer shows up in the market.  ZeniMedia, which owns iD Software had filed a DMCA notice with Google Android Market and requested all Doom, Quake, and Wolfenstein games be removed do to copyright infringement.

Although the Doom source code, was open sourced, and the application was based on a port of the PrBoom engine, the application is still suspended.  My mistake was allowing the download of the Plutonia  and TNT WADs, at least that is what I suspect. Although I may not be able to distribute the application through the Market, the APK can still be downloaded and installed through the web.

L!TH!UMAndroid Developer

The developer goes on to say he is trying to contact ZeniMedia to see if he can make necessary changes to get the app listed again.

We may have played a role in this when we attempted to bribe developers to create a multiplayer Quake port with one of our Android bounties. Android still lacks quality 3D titles and we were trying to bring the open source 3D engine to the platform. (It looks like that has happened, but I’ll save for another post).

Below is a snippet of the fax that was sent to Google.

A portion of the DMCA complaint.

A portion of the DMCA complaint.

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  • FckingAllen

    Scheffs Blend was the best one!!!! just sayin.

  • iloveDroid

    This is really a shame, I hate how devs are getting smashed like this.

    • http://Website CJ

      So, what you’re saying is that you think it’s ok for a developer to create a game based on someone else’s IP?

      • http://Website Rob Howley

        Are iD selling their own version of these games for Android? If not, they are not losing revenue, so where exactly is the problem (morally of course, because the law is an ass).

      • Ibakeubercakez

        Yes. Now, leave, SON!

    • http://Website Wade

      If these developers are so great, why don’t they create their own games?

      • http://Website Mrgl

        You see that corner over there? Why don’t you just sit over there and shut up?

  • http://Website sha

    While the doom/quake engine is free, the levels are not…

    • http://Website tim

      the game didn’t include any non-free levels. it would download DOOM1.WAD, PLUTONIA.WAD, and TNT.WAD. The first file is the shareware demo for doom 1, the later two are mods for doom2, that were later released by id as Final Doom. The files are still freely available on the internet.

      • http://Website Name

        TNT.wad and Plutonia.wad are not “freely available on the internet”, at least not on any legitimate site. And they’re not technically mods for Doom 2 since they are stand alone IWADs. They were bundled together in Final Doom, which is not an addon to Doom 2, and they are still sold as such electronically, on the id store and on Steam. They are *not* free! No more than doom.wad or doom2.wad are!

        • http://Website Duh

          Actually, they are free. Free to anyone who can search using google.

  • Noice

    I never really got the whole idea of porting these played out games anyway, except maybe as proof of concept as part of building better games based upon new IP, not rehashing (in gaming terms) dark age titles. I never expected these titles to hit the market, since the devs have no rights to the IP. On this, I feel the DMCA is fully justified.

    • grindking

      well i’ve been testing that quake platinum and although it’s a port, multiplayer works straight out of box and it’s rather playable with the keboard + trackball on the g1. i setup a runes server and have been playing with a couple of my friends. not bad atleast, and it’s still one of the most graphical pleasing games available for this platform atleast now. i hear what you’re saying that they’re played out and old etc, but i think it’s still a good start to have for people to at least consider these mobile platforms as a place where visually pleasing games can still be made.

      on another note it’s very sad that id Software is ONLY developing for the iphone still at this point. the android platform is mature enough to have some major players involved in this area and it’s still severely lacking with ports from other weaker mobile platforms ported to our android phones.

      • http://Website ari-free

        hmm i’m not terribly surprised or disappointed that a company still stuck on games that haven’t changed much from the 90′s would be stuck on iPhone. Android should welcome new ideas such as games that take advantage of controls that you will *never* see on an iPhone.

  • http://Website l3reak

    “Android still lacks quality 3D titles and we were trying to bring the [Quake] open source 3D engine to the platform. (It looks like that has happened, but I’ll save for another post).”

    Really? Like, effectively? I’ll be looking forward to that post. Make it soon!

  • http://Website

    i do wonder how much this is the work of some parent corp lawyer, without talking to id software crew at all…

  • http://Website BeNNs

    right now it seems to be one step forward with 3d android games and 2 steps back.

  • http://Website raudi

    if i was the developer i’d rename the games (taking out all copyright relevamt stuff) and put it on the market again…

    no big thing

  • http://Website ShawnMS

    Since Id has brought their games to the iPhone, I suspect they might be bringing them to Android as well.

  • schwiz

    they made them take the soundboard app off too!!! WTF that is LOW!!

    • http://Website ShawnMS

      I still have the sound board app still and it stopped working with the 2.1 release. You can probably still get the app from the dev. I did some beta testing for him recently.

  • http://Website Mike Leahy

    I’ll chime in from my perspective as a single “hobby” developer in regard to game dev using user generated content from Q3 since I’m also not a level designer or artist due to “lack of time”.. Heck it’s hard enough just to make sure things run reasonably well across the Android ecosystem; a job unto itself and probably reason lots of professional game companies are steering clear for the moment beyond market / ROI concerns!. Often folks confuse hobby developers with even independent game companies (some funding) let alone professional fully funded ones. Gaming with Java and to an extension Android in its current nascent state have remained in the hobby stage forever. There are very few professional Java game developers who don’t spend their time doing other development to get by. Android will actually shake things up and be the 1st wide spread Java oriented platform where gaming will open up wide. There may even be a chance for hobby and independent folks to get by too, but that kind of remains to be seen.

    I’ll have something out soon too. I’ve been just finishing up making sure the underlying framework (Typhon) runs across the ecosystem (all, ok most I’ve not tested on all, but most 1.5/1.6/2.0 devices) and creating some resources like 2D/3D navigation icon overlays that will be available for any dev and games using the Typhon framework which is being open sourced (MIT license). I’m working with my friend Xyla of Boomslang Games ( for the nav overlays. This for devices without a keyboard. And I’ll be releasing the Auriga3D ( source for the desktop and Android sharing ~95% of the code between them since Typhon runs on desktop and Android. Any jar file that doesn’t have android in the name runs on the desktop.

    I started Auriga3D as a project to learn OpenGL with desktop Java bindings JOGL and LWJGL. I also created Typhon and an OpenGL facade as one of its components and now extended that to OpenGL ES and Android. On top of Typhon I essentially created an engine from scratch that can load Quake3 assets. I haven’t looked at a line of Quake (any version) code intentionally though I’m curious of any similarities cause I did learn a lot from various Q3 information resources online about file formats and some collision detection / BSP stuff. So, my general thought is my engine can weather the originality test and be freely available. I’m not going to release or even show in any future demo pictures / videos or release or make available any of the commercial content when the engine is released. Plus I’m just releasing the level renderer and not the whole game. Anyone else can implement a game using the renderer be it Q3 or another 3D title which hopefully the work will provide the impetus for especially Android 3D games.. Q3 was chosen (back in ’04) cause there is a wealth of user created content out there along with info on file formats and such; plus it’s content / data complexity (texture sizes) just matches up with the limits of 1st gen Android devices, so that is handy. I’m just a single developer and not a level designer and an artist, so working with a title that has lots of user created content is doable. I’m more interested in creating a “beautiful” and well designed engine.

    I also created my own 3D engine as I do some fairly experimental 3D audio R&D (lots of Ambisonics) as well, so having a 3D engine I can fully modify has assisted in that effort quite nicely. I’m reworking my web sites soon especially

    I’m real excited as I’m acquaintances with Lee Dotson ( and we’ve been throwing around the idea of collaborating Q1/Q2 time frame. So being able to get some original art assets will greatly help any of my efforts. He is an amazing artist / game dev head.

    Also my next 3D milestone is creating an efficient terrain rendering engine that can load Grome ( assets for desktop and _maybe_ Android; though older devices will be left out on that one and I may not release it for free especially if I get it running on Android well.

    So hopefully my effort will stick around and help others make some 3D games of their own.

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  • http://Website Jeffpiatt

    ID software open sourced the game engines not the data files that make them work. ID may be planing on doing an official port to the platform but they need the ones with the non free data files to be removed. the only legal way to do a source port on the platform is to put it up with the shareware data or use the freedoom wad file in doom. the worst up is a rip of the SNES port wrapped in a emulator.

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  • Nordsmetal

    the engines are open source, and if it would be not open source, imo it would be not a problem to write a new engine to play the game on android, and also sell it on market without the permission of id soft … but would need to buy separately the levels, or wad files from id, or just use demo, or trial version files, like in these projects ..