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LG in talks with T-Mobile

T-Mobile might be looking to expand there industry-leading lineup of Android phones by reaching out to LG, according to a report from Telecoms Korea. LG has seen a decline of their market share in the United States due to their lack of smartphones and could be looking to T-Mobile for help. Last month, T-Mobile officials reportedly visited LG’s headquarters in Seoul. To date, LG’s main United States partners have been Verizon and AT&T, so T-Mobile would be a new addition.

LG recently released the Android-powered Eve in Canada, but has yet to publicly announce any Android phones for the United States. We have heard rumors that they are planning an Android device for the U.S. and we may get new info during CES next month in Las Vegas.

The LG Eve is available in Canada on Rogers Wireless.

The LG Eve is available in Canada on Rogers Wireless.

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  • http://Website Jdroid

    If LG was smart and wanted to make a real slpash into the Android race they should take the LG Crystal and tweek it with a bigger screen,keep the see through multi touch key pad! I would buy that!

  • stew

    Industry leading android lineup? G1 and MT3G vs. Droid and Droid Eris. Hmm… tmob could use some help, but since they had two of the judge for adc2, and no other carrier had any, I think google will take care of them (why, I have no clue)

  • Elliot

    That is a damn sexy phone. I wonder if it can replace my G1 someday. Gotta be rootable though – I don’t know how I’d function without CyanogenMod

  • Terence

    They meant industry-leading as in the best-selling Android devices (G1 & MT3G) in the US so far. But the Droid will probably eclipse the MyTouch coming up real soon..