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Low-end Android handsets ready to receive a Boost

We predicted Boost Mobile could be getting Android phones back in July and new information is making it more believable. BGR just received some new photos of the Motorola Opus One, which they report is an iDEN handset. Boost Mobile (a division of Sprint Nextel) is one of the few carriers that still utilizes the iDEN technology. Virtually all of the handsets that Boost Mobile offers are manufactured by Motorola.

During a recent earnings call, Motorola CEO Sanjay Jha said:

“In iDEN we will continue to refresh the portfolio, which will also include Android-based devices.  We continue to have pretty good traction with iDEN and with the recent renewed focus from Sprint on prepaid, we have a pretty good market share with Sprint in prepaid and we’re improving our relationships with not just Sprint, but every single North American carrier across the portfolio.”

This could be a huge boost for Android because it would mark the first time in the United States that a prepaid carrier offers an Android phones. Boost Mobile became relevant in early 2009 when they offered a $50 unlimited everything plan which resulted in 674,000 customers additions that quarter.

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  • JAG

    Great to have Android in BOOST MOBILE

  • http://Website Brian Nault

    I left Nextel because of delayed text messages and poor signal quality. In theory it looks great but I wonder if they did a good job integrating it with the iDEN network. The Android messaging program, Gmail sync, Google Maps, and browser would be welcome additions but I wonder if the network could hold up to all of the data traffic.

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  • http://Website Andy

    I currently use a Nextel Blackberry 8350i on the Boost Mobile iDEN network. So far it has worked great, I couldn’t ask for more bang for the buck. Internet works great using an opera mini browser, email using gmail, texting (I believe its mms) and gps using google maps.

    The data transfer isn’t as quick as say a phone on sprint’s cdma network (my google maps take 20-30 seconds longer I’m guessing to load)

    I can’t wait for an Android to come out that I can use with Boost Mobile. I would buy one that works on either the iDEN or CDMA side. Obviously one that will work with the cdma or unlimited by Boost would be more valuable based on the better data network.

    Has anyone heard anything about a launch date for an android device on boost. Last I heard from CES BB Curve 8330 was launching this month, but no sign of Android. I’d obviously much rather have the Android