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More Nexus One hands on impressions

As we approach the rumored launch date of January 5, 2010, more details are coming out every day about the Nexus One. Engadget posted the full specs earlier today and now Gizmodo has some hands on impressions up. We believe the author of the post (Jason Chen) is an iPhone user, but he proceeds to tell us that the Nexus One is the Droid-killer.

It (Nexus One) basically beats the hell out of the Droid.Jason ChenGizmodo

Highlights of his impressions include:

  • You can call the design the antithesis of the Droid: smooth, curved, and light, instead of hard, square and pointy.
  • Even though the screen is the same size and same resolution as the Droid, it’s noticeably better.
  • The Nexus One is astonishingly faster than the Droid.
  • The 5-megapixel camera is nice, and the flash works well enough for a flash on a phone, but it’s not spectacular.
  • There’s no multitouch in the browser or in the map, but I think at this point that’s more of a legal consideration than a technical one.

For the full report, head over to Gizmodo and read their findings. We also included the blurry, video walk through that has been making the rounds across the tubes.

Source: Gizmodo

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  • SliestDragon

    Have you read this post here?

    He “says” his source is 100% correct.

    Even though I hope it doesn’t end up happening that way, it does make sense. You would think that there would be some advertisements for it if it’s rumored to come out so soon.

  • http://Website John D Stankosky

    So… Anyone wanna get me one of these? I want one so bad.

  • http://Website bigtmane

    I gotta have this phone. I just have to.

  • mackster248

    All i have to say is wow…. opens apps faster than a blink of an eye! =O

    • http://Website Jeff Uberstine

      thats partly just android 2.1. It is a MUCH faster OS then 2.0 is. They worked out alot of things with it

  • http://Website bigtmane

    I really want this phone but I seriously doubt its coming out jan 5

  • http://Website Steve A

    Wow. This looks to be the most responsive Android phone to date. I mean, the way he was opening apps and then going back to home screen, I kept waiting for him to go to his task killer app to keep things speedy (like I always do after finishing up with an app), and he didn’t! Yet the phone maintained its efficiency! Incredible!

  • jorge

    the more i see this phone the more i fall in love with it, I wonder how that sms/mms widget looks like.

  • http://Website psi1

    it beats the hell out the droid b/c t has 2.1 . Droid got faster with 2.0.1 with 2.1 droid will be faster as well.
    I love the way y’all do show one blurb but don’t indicate the key OS difference.
    2.0 beat the hell outta 1.6 too.
    wait until Droid gets 2.1 then compare b/c right now this is not a right comparison and its very misleading.

    • skeltonmedia

      Thank you! Finally someone that makes sense! That Gizmodo article was so terrible and awful. Yes, Nexus has good hardware but its running a version of Android that has been held off while the Droid users used the guinea pig unfinished 2.0 version. Once 2.1 rolls out to everyone officially then you can write what you want. Until then, enough already! Its not even out yet…

    • http://Website ari-free

      the whole point of this phone is that it’s all Google with total integration of OS and hardware, like the iPhone. So that will be another factor.

    • http://Website bigfe218

      Amen finally someones looking at the facts.

  • http://Website tacehtxilef

    I am curious to this phone run 1.5 or 1.6 with the new cpu running at 1ghz. Will that and more ram help in any way or is the speed all because of 2.1?

  • http://Website bigfe218

    The droid will run smoother when it gets 2.1 under it’s belt no doubt. There is a world of difference in speed from 2.0 – 2.01 OS upgrade. However this phones raw speed is simply amazing. The only problem I see in this phone is it’s battery life and how well the snapdragon hold up in power consumption.

  • http://Website Derek

    I bought a droid the day it came out. thought the hardware was pretty darn good (except for that joke of a keyboard). But what most impressed me was the screen. The pixel density was simply amazing and the colors were bright. I cant believe this guy says the screen on this blows away the droid’s. If he’s right I really want to see this phone.

    BTW, I took back the droid before 30 days had passed. Couldnt stand Android and the absolutely terrible apps in the marketplace. It simply drove me back to the iPhone. I was utterly disappointed by the poor quality of apps then I found out why, you have to code in java for Android, what a freaking joke. Until Android allows some form of C++ or C# apps will always suck and be slow, Android is just really a glorified java runtime environment. Also the 512MB ROM limit that Google places on hardware manufacturers is a joke too.

    • http://Website phantomzer0

      You took the droid back before the 30 days because you couldn’t stand the ‘glorified java runtime” that is android, yet you come to a website entrirely dedicated to the OS and make the effort to comment on an article.

      Troll much?

    • http://Website Matt

      “Until Android allows some form of C++ or C# apps will always suck and be slow”

      Umm, they’ve been allowed for quite some time. Look up “Android NDK”.

  • Galen20K

    Sooo much better than an iPhone and its Rudimentary OS or lack of a REAL OS as many insiders call it.

  • Nathan Rutman

    Is a “droid killer” really what we need? I mean, I guess there is a little competition between Android handsets, but isn’t the bigger competition between other OS handsets? Of course NEWER Android handsets with more power will be better than similar older handsets (if even by a few months). In a few months, there will be a “Nexus One” killer…

    Personally, I’m excited for the Nexus One because I think it will help innovate the Android platform — I’m an Android user first, a Droid user second (because in 2 years I’ll be getting a new phone anyway). Let’s not compete internally within the Android community, but rather be excited for where the platform is going as a whole.