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Motorola Droid does fuel Android’s growth

Was it Google’s hard work on Android 2.0, Motorola’s impressive handset, or Verizon’s $100 million marketing campaign?

Android experienced a strong 37% growth in AdMob’s latest report for United States smartphone traffic this month and it was all thanks to the Motorola Droid. Since the handset first appeared on November 6, 2009 it has captured around 25% of the AdMob Android traffic in the U.S. That made the Droid the 5th most popular smartphone in the U.S. placing it above the HTC myTouch 3G, HTC Hero, and Motorola CLIQ which were previously launched.

Other findings from the latest AdMob report include:

  • The growth of traffic from Android devices has been fueled by the release of new devices. Six months ago a single Android device, the HTC Dream (G1), generated 92% of Android traffic, while in November 2009 the same device accounted for only 37% of requests.
  • The Motorola Droid, HTC Magic, and HTC Hero generated 22%, 21% and 9% of Android requests worldwide in November 2009, respectively.
  • Traffic from Android devices has increased dramatically over the last year, particularly with the new devices launched in the last two months. Android generated 27% of smartphone requests in the US in November 2009, up from 20% in October 2009.
  • In November 2009, 88% of Android traffic in the AdMob network was generated in the US. The UK was with second largest market with 4% of requests.
  • As the number of Android devices proliferates around the world, the popular Android handsets may vary from region to region. In the US, the Motorola Droid quickly became the number two Android handset with heavy marketing support from Verizon. In the UK, the HTC Dream, HTC Magic and HTC Hero make up 92% of Android requests.

The top Android phones for the United States in November were:

  1. HTC Dream (G1) – 38%
  2. Motorola Droid – 25%
  3. HTC Magic (myTouch 3G) – 18%
  4. HTC Hero – 7%
  5. Motorola CLIQ – 7%
  6. Other – 5%

HTC is the most popular handset maker for Android phones in the U.S. with 19% of all smartphone traffic in AdMob’s report. Motorola debuts as the 2nd most popular in the U.S. with 9% of all smartphone traffic.

Source: AdMob

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  • http://Website Richy

    Ok great. Time to start advertising Android in Europe now.

    Almost none of my friends have heard of it, and the couple who have heard of it simply dismissed it as “ah sure that’ll be a flop, look at google chrome – nobody uses that”….and they’re right, if it’s not advertised, it’s not known, and not used.

  • http://boO Eddie

    What kind of friends do you have..?

    • http://Website Richy

      Friends who do not visit blogs or technology websites or talk to people on the internet other than mates on facebook! Friends who would represent a large proportion of the population I would think, and people key to the success of android as a platform.

      Android may be doing well with us technology enthusiasts *coughnerds*, but it needs to be reckognised by, and strike a chord with the masses if it’s to actually be successful! There is zero advertising in Europe for android. Two carriers now carry the hero and spica in Ireland, and neither have done any sort of marketing for the phones, they just appeared in the shop like any other phone.

  • androidfan

    Does the admob track internet data delivered to the device outside of the web browser? The cliq would have the motoblur as a proxy for all news headlines. Social network content, etc, as the droid would for the news and weather widget. It would be interesting to compare the data traffic overall of android devices vs android devices hitting websites directly.

  • http://Website Joe Smith

    It’s like Linux…the few who use it reap amazing benefit. Those who put their trust purely in advertising buy iPhones and stay ignorant while swearing they bought the best thing since the discovery of fire. Iphone fanatics would buy a rock if Steve Jobs told them it would make them smarter.

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