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Motorola Opus One specs leak out

We have been speculating since July that Boost Mobile would receive an Android phone from Motorola and it looks like we are getting closer to launch. Last week we got our first glimpse of the Motorola Opus One on video, which is the first Android-powered iDEN phone. Today we have some specs leaked to our friends at BGR.

Motorola has told us their core strategy is to take Android as low down the feature phone tier as they possibly can with hopes of offering a device between $150 and $250. The most expensive Boost Mobile phones currently go for $150 so we expect the Opus One to be somewhere in that range. The cheapest Motorola Android phone to date was the CLIQ which went for $399.

The leaked specs of the Opus One include:

  • 3.1″ hVGA 320×480 capacitative touchscreen display
  • 3 megapixel autofocus camera with LED flash
  • Accelerometer
  • Proximity sensor
  • Wi-Fi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth
  • microSD card slot
  • 2.5mm headset jack
  • Home, Menu, Back, Speaker buttons are capacitive buttons with haptic feedback
  • iDEN PTT & PTX
  • Android LBS which is integrated into the iDEN GPS engine
  • “Enterprise email”
  • Plastic-molded housing with some rubberized texture finishes
  • 58mm in width, 118mm in length
  • 100g weight
  • 512MB Flash / 256MB of RAM
  • 64k and 128k iDEN SIM card support
  • A-GPS
  • Motorola dual-mic technology noise-canceling for noisy enviroments
  • Flash Lite v3.1.x
  • Some of the preloaded apps include: corporate email client with ActiveSync support, MOTONAV navigation app, barcode scanner, and document viewer.

Is anyone interested in a prepaid Android phone with an unlimited plan from Boost?

The Motorola Opus One.

The Motorola Opus One.

Source: BGR

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  • Greg in Seattle

    Well, I’m tied into my Moment for another 22.5 months, but I’m glad to see this development. Smartphones on $50-60 a month unlimited contracts are hopefully going to become more and more common.

    When my contract is up for renewal in 2011, it will be interesting to see what kind of options I have.

  • YellowRex

    No word on the processor? Boo.

    I like the cheap plans at Boost, but I also like to travel outside of major cities sometimes, so coverage becomes problematic. T-Mobile annoys me with their spotty 3G coverage; Boost would be even worse.

  • http://Website Dawn

    I am foaming at the mouth for it. Anyone know when and if this is really going to be available?

  • Tom

    Why is this going on iden? I was excited to hear about this phone from boost but on the iden network?? Not CDMA? WHY?

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  • http://Website Mrs…B

    I would most defenitly purchase a droid smart phone fron boost. I have boost mobile now and i would love to have a phone with a keyboard for texting, camera with a flash andmuch more. i see that boost are coming out with phones from sprint without the chirp which is okay cuz i barely use mine. I think ppl should switch to boost. They have a good unlimited plan and they are coming out with even better phones which i love . I just got with boost last yr. and i like it so far.

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  • http://Website abraham

    How do I reboot the phone

  • mcslgf

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