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Motorola to Devour Verizon’s Android lineup

Verizon Wireless recently launched the Motorola Droid as their premier smartphone for the holidays and will be looking to to strengthen that relationship in 2010. Motorola is reportedly working on 20 Android phones for the coming year and we are expecting to see quite a few on the nation’s largest carrier.

The next device in line for Verizon could turn out to be our old friend the Motorola Calgary. The codename has been floating out there for almost a year and we have seen the phone go through several different designs. Phone Arena is reporting today that the device is called the Motorola Devour (A555) and it will be released over the next couple of months.

We already knew the Devour featured a 3 megapixel camera, optical joystick, 3.5mm headset jack, GPS, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot, and spring-assisted slider. Phone Arena is calling this new phone the little brother of the Droid and reports it will ship with Android 2.1 and Motoblur.

Verizon and Motorola decided to leave off Motoblur from the Droid (and let Google handle the OS), but they have publicly stated the custom UI would be coming to the carrier.

No CPU information is known, but I am expecting something more powerful than the crop of Qualcomm 528 MHz processors we have seen in first generation Android phones. If this phone really is the little brother of the Droid, maybe it will feature the Texas Instruments OMAP platform.

Most Motorola phones based off the Cliq family (like the Backflip) are still running Android 1.x, so the fact that this phone is 2.x would lead us to believe we can expect more.

I was not a fan of the first version of Motoblur, so it will be interesting to see what improvements have been made.

The Motorola Devour with Motoblur.

The Motorola Devour with Motoblur.

Via: Image from BGR

Source: Phone Arena News

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  • http://Website Brian


  • ryan

    That’s butt ugly looks cheap toy

  • http://Website Droid

    The keyboard and optical trackpad is what should of been on the droid to begin with, then you wouldnt need that pos phone.

  • http://Website mark

    This phone will not have a 2.1. This phone will be released on 1.6. It has a pretty good phone but as said will be little brother running QCOM

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  • http://Website Derek

    that keyboard looks much better than the utterly useless one on the droid!

    The droid’s keyboard is a joke, no sense even having it on there, you cant use it. All the buttons are crammed together and the entire top row rests too close to the sliding top half.

  • http://Website TFM

    Funny you mention that, since I use the Droid and I really got used to the keyboard (coming from Blackberry and some HTC touch-only devices) and the keyboard is something I could never do without (is why I chose the phone in the first place). Also, I really don’t understand why people think a keyboard is only for typing … Guess not every smartphone user is a power user anymore these days now that smartphones are accessible to everyone.

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  • http://Website Tyler

    I have this phone and it has so many problems I hate it

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