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My Life with Andy – Special Delivery


Ok, so granted not a lot is happening in this strip, we just wanted to introduce you to the main characters in our story. Our hero Bill is a twenty-something accountant fumbling through the wins and pitfalls of a new mobile platform. Andy is his Android sidekick, dropping knowledge and getting into trouble at every turn. It’s a weird relationship that you’ll only understand if you are an Android user. Each Tuesday we’ll drop a new strip here on Android and Me and on My Life with Andy (coming soon).

We hope you enjoy following the adventures of Andy & Bill as we’ve had a blast creating it. My Life with Andy is on Twitter and we’ll have some more Andy goodies coming soon.

Source: My Life with Andy

My Life with Andy is an Android webcomic produced by Angie and Clark.

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  • Michael

    I tell you, I love this kind of artwork. Props :)

  • Max Fadia

    this cartoon looks hilarious and i can tell you thats something i will be reading

  • http://Website roy

    they should make an app for this to get the new comic on tuesdays!

    • http://Website Rod

      I second that! That would be awesome!

    • Dr.Jeckyl


  • http://Website marty fingleton

    i find this comic very offensive. why would the stork be green?

  • Joseph

    how is that offensive? you calling it out, MADE it offensive.
    id like to add a Forth to the My Life With Andy Comic app. =]

  • http://Website marty fingleton

    1. the stork is green which means earth friendly. nbc had its green week last week id bet they paid the author of this comic to draw the stork green to promote nbc. hell it was probably paid by comcast since this comic was drawn using a comcast connection. the author’s on the take!
    2. i suppose next the “andy” is gonna call on his friends the “leprechaun”, “the easter bunny” , “jesus’s brother haziekiel”, “mohhamed’s friend roger” and maybe even “the tooth fairy”. from the start this comic is totally unbelieveable
    3. ill bet this author stole the story for andy from that boost mobile android phone story. he starts out finding the “andy” in the wild, next he’s going to take some video’s of it eating oatmeal and cheeze its and BAM!!! its gonna be sold on ebay for 2.75 hundred dollars and wind up in kansas city.


    • Angie Strickland

      Yup, you got me, Marty :)

    • uhanrodric

      The stork is green for Android. He’s dropping off and Android, which is a Green logo.

  • http://Website karl

    this comic cured my aids

    • http://Website marty fingleton

      i never really thought of it like that, huh.