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New Sense UI and Android 2.1 on video

We are counting down the weeks (hopefully) to the launch of Android 2.1 on the Nexus One and HTC Sense phones. Google is putting the finishing touches on the latest Android upgrade and HTC is hard at work updating their Sense UI to work with the latest firmware. For an early look at both updates, we turn to YouTube for some hands on previews.

First we have our friend John from DroidDog with a quick video of the HTC HD2. Even though this is a Windows Mobile phone, it still gives us good look of what we can expect from Sense UI. Also check out that 4.3 in. display (drool) and the impressive Snapdragon performance. I can’t wait to see these features on future HTC Android phones.

Next we have YouTuber Brandon Scott who uploaded a video of a leaked Android 2.1 build running on his Motorola Droid. This is the version of Android we are expecting to see on the Nexus One. The latest firmware offers improved performance and enhanced UI animations. Everything is super smooth and it increases my crave for the Nexus One.

Source: DroidDog

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  • JAguirre1231

    Can’t wait til Haykuro gets his out for g1, I might leave hero

  • http://Website Matt

    Wait, so what indication does anyone have that Nexus One will run Sense UI? Everything I’ve seen shows just stock Android – beefed up by Google, sure, but nothing nearly as nice as Sense. Are you talking about the potential of a Snapdragon-powered HTC-branded handset? Like maybe the codenamed PassionC for Verizon?

    • http://Website swazedahustla

      N1 is not getting Sense UI, that reference is for the other android devices who already have sense ui, and will be gettng 2.1 with Sense ui such as HTC Hero/Eris. They are just showing what to expect once 2.1 comes out for other android. N1 is vanilla and won’t get sense ui due to google/htc opting not to provide it.

  • http://Website coggy9

    Hmmmm……we might need a great rom dev once we root the CLIQ. Any takers for Android 2.1?

  • http://Website Lox

    You missed my latest screenshot of android senseui:

  • joseph

    The advancements made just from 2.0 to 2.1 are amazing. This should instill confidence in the future of Android for any Android user / developer.

  • droidian

    Nexus one won’t run sense ui. Its got 2.1 tweaked to googles specifications. It may be the stock 2.1 that’s released for all androids, maybe not

  • http://Website CJ

    Sure it looks pretty but it’s absolutely useless. And the claim that it doesn’t stutter is absolute rubbish. I used an HD2 while in London last month and if you’re using multiple apps at once it does slow the phone down when 1 of the weather animations kicks in.

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  • http://Website aleis

    just give me the animated wallpaper from the hd2 and im happy :)

  • http://Website Quickster357

    2.1 is lookin good. Can’t wait till there’s a Milestone import so we can use multi-touch.

  • http://Website Dude

    Dude just get an Eris for multi-touch, it works on most apps :)

  • leef

    I’ve read that Nexus One will unfortunately not have SenseUI.

  • http://Website Dr.Jitn

    Cool! Looks a lot diff HTC hero

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  • http://Website Vidya Venugopal

    I Have the update.. And the interface is brilliant..