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Nexus One gets early video review

Now that we know our beloved T-Mobile will support the Nexus One, we are counting down the days till we get our hands on the phone. One lucky guy from PointGPhone happened to be at a recent Google conference where they handed out more free phones. He did what any tech geek would do and ran back to his hotel to film a quick video for YouTube.

Not a whole lot of new information is revealed, but it is still nice to see the Nexus One in a little better video quality than what was previously available. The video author speaks Spanish but most of his mini review is in English. We can clearly hear him say, “This is the best phone I have ever used”.

A second video was also uploaded that demos the camera found inside the Nexus One.

Source: PointGPhone

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  • Cesar Razuri

    QR code on the back of the phone? neat concept…

  • Mr. Drone

    Great video. I so want this phone.

  • Katie

    I’m amazed at how cheesy those pictures are through a Carl Zeiss lens. Maybe it’s YouTube’s fault.

    The video looks great though. Smooth and bright.

    Now if only we can get a video of it that isn’t out of focus. What is this thing, the Big Foot phone?

  • Bxrider117

    I’m with Mr. Drone, I want this phone. I hope VZW releases a CDMA version in Q1 2010.

  • http://Website Brian

    That phone takes great video. Not as impressed with the pictures. Mr. Latino mentions that the phone can be used w/o a data plan because it’s unlocked and not tied to a carrier. That is good news as well.

  • Sabbath78

    Can’t. Wait. For this phone!

  • brian c.

    I’m extremely resistant to having a touchscreen only phone but this may be the one to convince me

  • http://Website infromthevoid

    I will buy this phone. Love that Google is big and powerful enough to pry the cell phone providers icy price fixing fingers from our necks and let true innovation move forward.

    Google is just an awesome company.

    • codethief

      I don’t second your last sentence. Have you thought about the fact that Google will also be the only company that fixes the price? There won’t be any 25% rebates from BestBuy or something.

  • http://Website Jorge

    At the end when he answers he says “what did they say… 2000?” and then “5700? wow” I think he wants to sell it lmao, it would be insane if people are willing to pay that much for a phone just to have it a little early.

    • http://Website Malibu

      U don’t know in wich country he is !!! Maybe 2000,00 pesos is not a expensive price … hehehe

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