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Nexus One said to feature new Android Market

Google’s new Android phone the Nexus One continues to drive the news this week. We have learned new details about the device every single day (including exciting videos of the phone ringing) and it shows no signs of slowing down as we approach the rumored launch date.

Today we have some interesting gossip courtesy of Greg Sterling from Search Engine Land.

Mr. Sterling got a chance to play with the phone and has posted his first impressions:

  • It looked to me like a thinner Droid Eris with a larger, more impressive screen (both are made by HTC; Nexus One has no “Sense” interface)
  • The screen resolution was great and crisp
  • The stand-out dimension of the phone in my brief time with it was its speed; it was extremely fast (running on the T-Mobile network)
  • It features the “new” version of the Android Market, which is a considerable step up from what exists now

We have speculated an improved version of Android Market was in the works, but we don’t have any hard facts to support that.

Last month Google updated their terms of service for the Market which led to new payment options like carrier billing for paid apps. This week Google has been serving up cease and desist letters to developers with infringing content on the Market.

It is nothing new for Google to remove apps from the Market, but there has been a spike in reports this week. ZeniMedia had all Quake clones removed, HTC got the Beautiful Widgets pack pulled, and I have heard from several developers today about new C&D letters.

Is Google cleaning up the Android Market for a reason or is it all just coincidence?

We have been critical of the Android Market (and so have devs and other sites), but our readers approve of it by a wide margin.

So maybe Google is working on a new Market or maybe Greg was just mistaken. He compares the Nexus One to a HTC Droid Eris which runs Android 1.5 (and the oldest version of Market). Maybe Greg is an iPhone user who doesn’t have much experience with Android.

I was the first one to post pictures of the last Android Market overhaul, so let me keep digging and see what I can find out. If a new Market does exists, we will be all over it.

Source: Search Engine Land

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  • Jayson

    There have been quite a few reports of T-Mobile outages from Alabama and Florida. It seems to be happening here in the Memphis, TN area. I have data but no voiceor sms

  • Andre Goersch

    “Is Google cleaning up the Android Market for a reason or is it all just coincidence?”

    Are you just being silly, or are you really asking this question? Google got a C&D for the removal of the Quake apps from the owner of id Software; the developer of Beautiful Widgets got a C&D from HTC and pulled the app himself. How is that Google cleaning up the Market?

    Google removing apps by their own will, that’s a “clean up”. Google or the developers removing apps because of legal issues is just that, removal because of legal issues. Don’t spread FUD.

  • Symen Timmermans

    I think mr. Sterling has only experienced the pre-1.6 market. I don’t think the market will be that much different from what we have now.

    Plus, for every Nexus One article i read, I wanna see a video. Until now I have only seen it boot up. Not quite the revelation.

  • http://Website l3reak

    I imagine he meant the phone itself physically looks like an Eris. It does kinda look like a Hero – moreso than it looks like a moto droid, anyway.

  • http://Website Androidawg

    Look at the comments at the bottom of this article. Mr Sterling admits to using 1.5 on his myTouch phone. This was his first exposure to the current version of the market.

    There is no Market update.

    On the plus side, Nexus is still coming.

  • http://Website A Man

    Well, if he can make a comparison between this and the Droid then the chance exists that he’s had a decent amount of exposure to the device. So, if this is true then it’s probably also true that he’s at least seen the 2.0 Marketplace. Unfortunately, when he refers to the market he refers to it as “the new” market rather than “a new” market. So, he’s probably just referring to the 2.0 market since Droid owners are the only ones who’ve been able to really use it as no other phone has had an official 2.0 upgrade. Although, even the 2.0 market isn’t a “considerable step up” from 1.6. A new market is only vaporware in my mind until additional information is presented (ie: screenshot or it didn’t happen).