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No HTC Passion for Verizon this Christmas

We love a good rumor as much as any blog, but when we get one wrong we want to be the first to correct it. Last month we reported on a teaser site that promoted the HTC Passion was coming to Verizon Wireless this Christmas.

We questioned if the site was official and reached out to Verizon to see if they would comment.

“We don’t discuss phones that we don’t currently sale.”Verizon Wireless

Verizon’s response was inconclusive so our readers kept digging into the website. They found it was registered by the same person who did which is obviously not an official site. Another reader performed a reverse lookup on the server IP and finally found the person behind it.

The website is owned by a guy named Rob Jackson who also owns 193 “other” websites including one called “htczone”.  I found this on the whois tracking website. Here is the info.

Enter an IP address or domain name into the form below and click “Look Up” to get a list of domains hosted on the same IP address.

IP/Domain Name:   There are 9 domains hosted on this IP address. Here are a few of them:


Whois Record
Registrant Search:
Rob Jackson” owns about 193 other domainsBigMikeAAM reader

For those who do not already know, Mr. Rob Jackson is a friend of ours and the owner of Phandroid. I asked him to come clean on the Passion site and he responded with a simple “No comment :)”.

So while it appears the teaser site was a phony, the phone is real. New evidence shows that Google has chosen the Passion design and branded it as the Nexus One (which cleared the FCC with T-Mobile 3G bands).

There is a chance we still might see the HTC Passion for Verizon. We have seen multiple Passion names (Passion and PassionC) in the leaked HTC code that included 20 plus product names. Some sites have speculated that the PassionC could stand for the CDMA version of the phone, which would run on Verizon’s network.



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  • http://Website CJ

    It is truly sad to watch as Android fan site repeatedly post unsubstantiated rumors as fact. Much like the mythical ongoing GPhone rumors it does nothing to further the good name of Android and makes the site operators look like n00bs. I understand the desire to be the 1st to report but we’ve crossed over to a point where any and everything is being reported regardless of how preposterous it is.

    • Brak

      Not to mention all the non-tech sites that either repeat this bogus information as FACT or scoop incorrect information themselves. I’m all for aggregated content, but there should be a level of fact-checking or something before news spreads like this.
      When business blogs start posting crap like this you know it’s getting out of hand. Rumors about phones/phoneOS’s are intended to bring in new interest and consumers and keep those in the know. By making unsubstantiated posts they are ruining that for Android and its credibility (not to mention their own).

    • http://Website pw

      Agreed. And I might add, if “Mr. Rob Jackson” did indeed put up that site, which is clearly intended to create rumors: good job falsifying information, completely discrediting yourself, and in extension dragging down all the android news sites with you.

      What happened to journalistic integrity — or even just basic human integrity?

  • http://Website StephenSaurusRex

    I’m boycotting Phandroid. He was always fanatical. Now we know to what lengths.

    Wimberly, for not hiding/protecting this douche bad, you have my support.

  • http://Website alan

    “We don’t discuss phones that we don’t currently sale.”
    um wouldn’t the droid does ads that aired before it was for sale prove this wrong

  • http://Website milrtime83
  • http://Website Name (required)

    Shouldn’t it be “We don’t discuss phones that we don’t currently SELL?”

  • Ian Miller

    Eh, that was a bit yucky. No good Christmas gifts from Verizon this year.