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Nook pre-orders get delayed

We already knew Nook pre-orders had exceeded all expectations, but it appears Barnes & Noble has encountered some other issues with their supply chain (maybe). I read early this week that the Nook’s in store date had slipped to January 11th and just today I received word that my pre-order had been delayed.

Barnes & Noble had sent me several emails informing me to expect my Nook “on or around November 30th”. Unfortunately, they missed their target date and I received a new email which says to expect the Nook by December 9, 2009. In order to compensate customers for the delay, Barnes & Noble has upgraded early pre-orders to overnight shipping and began handing out $10 gift cards.

Some sites are speculating that B&N’s legal troubles with Spring Design (remember the Alex?) could be the source of the most recent delay. Spring Design had been trying to get an official injunction (claiming their design was stolen) to halt the sale of the Nook, but it was denied. The court recognized there was a “genuine dispute” between the two parties so B&N is not out of the woods yet.

Anyone who wants a Nook for the holidays is pretty much out of luck if they did not pre-order. I have seen Nooks on eBay going has high as $500-600 and I expect the price to keep climbing as we approach Christmas.

Amazon appears to be the big winner in this story. They now offer their Kindle for $259.99 and have reported sales are going through the roof.

E-mail from B&N.

E-mail from B&N.

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  • http://Website Ty

    Will those of us who pre-ordered in the second phase (after the first pre-order sold out) still receive our Nooks by Christmas?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I have no idea, but I’m starting to doubt it. Login to B& and check the status of your order.

  • http://Website chad

    how is this android related?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The Nook is powered by the Android operating system. See the related articles at the bottom of the post.

      • http://Website chad

        wow… thats crazy! android really is blowing up

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