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Nook rooted: How-to and teardown pics

The Nook was released less than one week ago and the device has already been hacked. Our friends over at nookDevs tore down the device and discovered the operating system was being stored on a standard microSD card. They popped the SD card into a reader on a computer and made the necessary edits to the file system to obtain root access and enable ADB.

Now that a system dump of Nook operating system is available, it should be easier to exploit. I expect we could eventually see an easier hack that does not require tearing down the system.

Since gaining root access, the devs have been able to launch applications on the e-ink display including the terminal emulator. Since the Nook has a GSM SIM card and WiFi adapter, it will be interesting to see what kind of tethering hacks can be produced.

The Nook gets free unlimited data on AT&T’s 3G network, but surely they have it walled in somehow.

Devs are currently working to backport applications from the stock Android install. Hopefully we should have some screens of the web browser by tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what other cool hacks can be done with the OS.

The internals of the Nook included:

  • Samsung S3C6410 Processor
  • Synaptics TM1369 Touchscreen controller
  • Internal 2GB Sandisk microSD card for internal storage
  • Sierra Wireless MC8777V wireless modem in data only mode

For a complete how-to, visit the nookDevs rooting wiki.

The inside of a Nook.

The inside of a Nook.

Via: Androinica

Source: nookDevs

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  • Ackdamos

    Man that was rooted quick. Can’t wait to see what cool things will pop up on these now. I need to get me one.

  • alex

    So when is the cliq. gonna be rooted

  • http://Website Todd

    Action item #1: Strip the [software] radio stack out of the Nook specific build of Android!

    “free unlimited data on AT&T’s 3G network” relies on the chip, yes, but it also has a custom radio software stack, that, as far as I know, is the only one built to connect Android to AT&T 3G cellular towers.


  • http://Website tod

    Exactly what alex said when will the cliq get rooted

    • alex

      Its rediculous. They finished it in 120 hrs but they’ve had the ciq since october 20th but still haven’t rooted it.

      • http://Website James

        One option would be to figure that nobody owes it to you and fiqure it out yourself. . . just a thought.

      • Jobin Basani

        I second James… No one owes it to you…just thank these guys for rooting it for us :)

  • http://Website lordhong

    i guess cliq is not as interesting as Droid, Nook, Archos 5…
    basically the same hardware as G1

  • http://Website nayfun

    “Now that a system dump of Nook operating system is available”

    I’m still waiting on a dump with some apk’s from the nook. Nookdevs haven’t released such a thing and I haven’t found it anywhere else. Love to try some of it on other android devices and see what can be done.

  • http://Website tom

    i hear that the sim does not work in phones. but it would be very interesting to try the combination of the sim and the sierra wireless card in a compatible miniPCIe slot in a laptop.

    of course the most interesting hack by far would be to setup wifi tethering turning this into a mifi like device.

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