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SHOP4APPS: Motorola’s Android application store revealed

Using the power of Google search, we were able to uncover the URL for the new Motorola application store called SHOP4APPS. The app store is web based and can be browsed from any Android phone. Since the store is web based, it can also be easily browsed from a desktop computer. Motorola is also currently developing a native client for Android called the MotoAppstore.

SHOP4APPS as seen from a desktop browser.

SHOP4APPS as seen from a desktop browser.

It appears the site is still in testing, but the store is currently publicly accessible by any visitor.

Features of the SHOP4APPS store include:

  • Apps Store catalog is accessible via your mobile browser, a mobile client, or Motorola Media Link (MML).
  • MotoAppstore free Mobile Client. This client allows you to download and install your purchases applications.
  • MyLocker section – check your download history (name of the application, date of the purchase, version).
  • The ability to purchase apps from the desktop site, place them in your MyLocker, and then download it using your handset.
  • Automatic notification alerts when a new version of an app is available.
  • The ability to re-download and transfer your apps to a new phone.

We are trying to install the native client on our Motorola CLIQ and should have another update later tonight. Below is a gallery of screens of the mobile website as seen from the Android browser.

Update (12/11): We installed the .apk for the store on a Motorola CLIQ and it immediately force closes. Obviously, this app is still in testing.

Update 2: Motorola has taken down the store and it is no longer accessible.

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