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Sprint: “Ok let’s just jump to Android 2.1″

Last week, Sprint said they would be delivering Android 2.0 to their HTC Hero and Samsung Moment phones and now they have clarified that to mean Android 2.1. We originally expected Android 2.0 was developed specifically for the Motorola Droid and I still believe that to be true.

Google’s new Android phone the Nexus One should be the first device sold with Android 2.1 and we think other handsets slated for 2.x will also run this latest version.

Sprint has been a little iffy on how the updates would be rolled out, but it sounds like they will be wired from a PC. Customers should also be able to take their phones to a Sprint store (when the update is available) and have the upgrade performed for them.

Since we have been given a very specific launch date of 1H 2010, it could be awhile before this gets pushed out the door. A representative from Samsung told us not to expect Android 2.x on the Moment until Q2 2010 and it looks like his prediction could turn out to be true.

At least Sprint customers can be assured their new Android phones will be updated. We are still waiting on official confirmation from T-Mobile about the plan for their current Android models.

What do you guys think about carriers skipping whole updates like Android 1.6, Android 2.0, and future versions of the operating system?

Source: Twitter @sprint

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  • Mike

    Personally I am all for skipping firmware versions when doing an upgrade. I want the latest and greatest there is. If that means skipping one or two versions, fine by me.

  • http://Website JJ

    You are conveniently overlooking the fact that htc responded to the Sprint Hero update and stated “early” 2010.

    What makes you say 2.0 is only for the Droid? Is it the google maps developed specially for Verizon that no other carrier would get? No, can’t be that because that was wrong. Is is that Google didn’t release the source? Nope, not that either. I mean come on! You basically made up your “Verizon exclusivity deal” out of thin air and have been saying it ever since the Droid was rumored. You have never posted anything to prove your theory. Why don’t you stop repeating yourself? It’s this kind of thing that looses this site’s credibility every day. I used to come here for good analysis and well placed rumors/pseudo-news. Now it’s all crackpot theories with nothing backing them up. But hey! At least you started posting the source to items that you get off of other sites. That’s good.

    • http://Website qriusme

      IMHO, HTC will get it to sprint first, then sprint has to “do their thing” of “sprint-ifying it” which would be a reason for delay.

    • codethief

      The “Verizon exlusivity deal” wasn’t made up out of thin air. There were and are a handful of good reasons to believe this:
      1. There were as good as no announcements about Android 2.0 before DROID was in stores.
      2. Google didn’t release the source code together with DROID.
      3. Other manufacturers hadn’t even heard of Android 2.0 shortly before Verizon announced the DROID.
      4. So far, there is no other device with Android 2.0.

  • http://Website C. Weber

    I’m also all for it, especially if this means that I get 2.1 for my HTC Eris down the road as well. If the Hero can handle it, the Eris should be able to…Verizon just has to make an official statement now…

  • http://Website Brad

    I think more and more carriers are going to do this leapfrogging through updates until the development cycle slows down a little bit. Maybe once the android hits 3.0 you will see releases coming once a year instead of every 3-5 months. At that point I could see carriers / handset makers doing each update in sequence.

  • http://Website vwgtiron

    I think that this is still to late. I bought the hero with the understanding it would be upgraded. What next everyone running 2.1 ROMS by Xmas if they root but no support by Carriers. Oh wait

  • http://Website Tyler

    Show some love to the mytouch WTF?!?

  • Scott Kellum

    There is no reason to develop earlier versions of android when you can spend all you effort to get the latest and greatest out as soon as possible. I think HTC is realizing now that modifying their builds so much was a bad idea when they could have created a straight up google build and rolled out updates earlier.

    I just wish CyanogenMod could be installed on every device so we could get updates in a more timely manner. It’s amazing how one guy is pushing out android code faster and of a higher calaber than most companies.

  • http://Website Aaron

    I’m loving my samsung moment and finally I’m loving all the confirmations for the updates. I have no problem with them going direct to 2.1. If you like the hardware and it supports the new software, it’ll be like getting a new phone. The wait doesn;t bother me so long as the final product is worth it. In the meantime, 1.5 isn’t that bad and does most of what I really want. Remember this is a whole new platform and there are risks to all early adopters. I think Sprint is doing the best they can when you consider HTC has their own android flavor and Samsung is notorious for taking their sweet time. Early kudos to all, even with the delayed official confirmation…

  • ExtremeT

    I think there is nothing wrong with skipping updates. If I’m on 1.5 and the carrier decides to skip 1.6 and go straight to 2.0 then that’s great. Having the latest version is what matters anyways. However I think the way Sprint is doing the update is weird. Instead of OTA updating they want people to come in, plug in their phones and have them do the update for them? That’s a bit of a pain in the ass for phone owners.

    • http://Website Sammy Moment

      It’s because of the size of the update, It would clog the network to have so many phones updating for the period of time it would take over the cell 3G network (a lot slower than the intertubes). It’s easier to have users download it over the internet to their PC’s and then update their phones by plugging in a cable, or just bring it into a store if your not technologically savvy.

      • http://Website A-hole

        And for those who can’t comprehend this, you need to return your phone and go back to rotary dial and yellow pages.

      • http://Website Avrom

        They could also just do a controlled OTA update by offering the update to a limited number of phones at regular periods.

  • http://Website Derek

    This whole update method will be one of android’s biggest downfalls. You have to wait for your carrier to give you the updated OS. You should be able to get it from the hardware manufacturer’s website or Google’s website since its their OS. But android is quickly finding out why making a stable version of windows is so hard. There’s too many different versions of hardware out there. Now you have too many versions of android out there. 1.0, 1.1, 1.5, 1.6, 2.0, 2.0.1, and now 2.1. Holy crap!

  • http://Website Anon

    I remember reading somewhere that the 2.0 was developed from a separated branch from the 1.6.

    Looks like Google is working on to integrate them into 2.1…?

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  • http://Website Bill Huggins

    There will never be any 2.1 upgrade for the Sprint Hero. I’ve waited as long as I’m waiting. Just bought a 3GS IPhone and cancelled my Sprint account. AT&T here I come.

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