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T-Mobile adds new payment options for Android Market purchases

T-Mobile told us carrier billing for Android apps was coming and we speculated it could arrive by December 11. They surprised us by quietly pushing the update out last night. Beginning December 9, T-Mobile and Google began rolling out a new Android Market update which should be complete by December 30.

We have no word if rooted phones can receive this update, but my guess is no. It is also interesting that this particular update is being pushed out invisible.

If you have receive this update, please let us know. I’m working to get my hands on some actual screens right now.

Details of the update include:

  • The Market application update will be invisible to you.  No steps are necessary to receive the update!
  • To ensure that the update is received by all users T-Mobile and Google will stagger the update.  You should expect to have the Market update by 12/30/2009.
  • Once you receive the update you will be able to purchase paid applications using your credit card or your T-Mobile account.
  • Reminder: Any applications uninstalled within 24 hours will NOT be charged to your T-Mobile account or credit card.

Frequently asked questions from the T-Mobile forums:

How do I know that I received the update?

Since the update is invisible you will not be proactively advised that you have received the update.  The easiest way to verify that you received the update is to attempt to make a purchase.  If you see the following payment options you have received the update:

Yes, please.

Yes, please.

You can also check your Android Market version using the following procedure:

  1. Access Settings.
  2. Click Applications.
  3. Click Manage Applications.
  4. Scroll to and click the Market application.
  5. Verify that the Market version is greater than 1660.

Can I get the update early?

The Market update will be released in phases with everyone receiving the update by 12/30/2009.  T-Mobile does not have the ability to deliver the update on demand.  The Market application will request an update periodically when it is launched to ensure that you have the most up to date version.  In order to guarantee that your Market application is requesting updates always close the market when you are finished using it.

Why can’t I purchase an application that’s in Euros or Pounds?

You can still purchase an application that is not in US Dollars but you need to use a credit card.  T-Mobile and Google are working on a solution to properly convert these applications into US Dollars.  Until then you can only bill applications that have a US Dollar amount to your T-Mobile account.

Screen credit: Andrew Huff

Screen credit: Andrew Huff

Source: Official T-Mobile forums

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  • CheeseKing

    I’m sure the community will find some way to properly port the new market to rooted phones……..right? :D

  • Jeremiah

    We will eventually. I’m running 1620 right now on Cyanogen’s latest mod, which I think doesn’t include updates to T-Mobile applications, does it?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      I’m currently on version 1620 as well.

      • Justin

        Same here :-/

  • http://Website Ali

    Whats the big fuss about being able to pay through your monthly bill? i have read that developers think that they would be able to make more profit if this kind of checkout was introduced. personally i have no problem using the current check out method. can’t really get more simple than it is. i think its just a matter of teens, who dont have credit cards, being able to purchase apps and forcing their parents to pay up when the bill comes up. i think we’re gonna see some angry parents when the holidays are over. that is, unless theres an option for whoever is paying the bill to avoid that kind of problems, or perhaps some kind of “allowance” just like the competitor is doing.

    • http://Forme,itcomesdowntosecurity... Patrick

      I really don’t want my credit card protected by my email password. I’d very much like those to be different. For Google Checkout, this is not true, so I don’t use it. Carrier billing means I might start buying apps.

      “Market Updater” is present in TheOfficial, so I imagine being rooted isn’t going to pose a problem for getting this update, as long as your build.prop is set up right in the first place.

      • http://Website just some dude

        i trust Google more than i trust T-mobile with my purchases. besides more and more site now offer Google checkout as an option.

  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    Come on Verizon. $85 million dollars of advertising for a phone, so if you like it so much, GET US CARRIER BILLING!

  • Jojo

    In Germany where many people still don´t have a credit card, this would possibly a big hit for the android market and help developers of german apps. But while Germany is T-Mobile´s home country it doesn´t seem like this features will coming soon …

  • serjical

    I already have the update and I have rooted phone running cyanogen mod so yes it works on rooted phones too and if you would like screen shoots drop me a line at my email and I will send them to you

    • Jeremiah

      Would love to know your email address, so I could ask you to pull the market app and just send it to me :]

  • ExtremeT

    Just checked my market version and it got a ninja update to 1660 so I have that new account billing available on my phone here in Vegas

    • ExtremeT

      doh nevermind..I guess it literally has to be greater then 1660..well back to waiting patiently

  • Dylan

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    Good luck to everyone reading on retaking control over your wireless expenses and potentially freeing up some extra cash this holiday season.

    Consumer Advocacy,

  • http://Website JAguirre1231

    I’m on a 2.1 hero rom and I have version 1700 o_O

  • Ahmet

    This is brilliant news, especially for those like me who are only using GAFYD!

    Well done T-Mobile ………. now HTC just need to release the 2.1 for my Hero :)

  • http://Website haitiankid4lyf

    i have 1660 on cyan’s latest even have the “uninstall updates” but no option to bill to account

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  • http://Website Carlos

    I got it.. on cyan latest rom .. I do not like this upgrade at all it removed the downloads option and put tmobile top picks

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