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T-Mobile confirms early January launch for Google Android phone Nexus One

Pictured below is an internal T-Mobile training doc for the upcoming Google Android Phone, aka the Nexus One. This comes from our friends TmoNews and it is the real deal. Everyone knew this phone was coming, but now we have some hard evidence that T-Mobile will in fact be supporting the device.

The support page clears up rumors about who will be selling and supporting the device. The Nexus One will be sold solely by Google via the web and T-Mobile will provide the service.

To be exact, the document states:

  • Support for the device including troubleshooting and exchanged will be managed by Google and HTC.
  • T-Mobile will offer service support including billing, coverage, features and rate plans.

An exact launch date is not included, but all sources say January 5, 2010 is still on track. Look for Google to make a formal announcement over the coming week.

T-Mobile training doc.

T-Mobile training doc.

Source: TmoNews

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  • Jeremiah

    Very exciting! I was unsure if I wanted to stay with T-Mobile after I was tired of my G1, but now I know I will be sticking with them. I’m not rich enough to buy a Nexus One on launch day, but I’ll be getting on within a few months for sure!

  • Juan

    Can’t wait! Does these mean not by invitation only at 1st anymore?

  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    Hey, I know this phone is the Droid killer but having T-Mobile coverage is a no-no. My Droid is perfectly contempt with a 3G signal nearly everywhere.

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  • Michael Martin

    I am curious with this document stating it will ONLY be sold by Google if T-Mo can still subsidize it with a contract lock in.

    RUMOR persists that with a T-Mo subsidy and further Google subsidy if you have a preexisting Google account that it can be bought for $99.

    Also is there any update on the invitation selection as to it being arbitrary to internal Google whims or first crack goes to Android Developer Challenge participants / developers registered in the Android Market in general?

    ,Michael Martin

    • velazcod

      Honestly, I wouldn’t COUNT on those rumors, hopefully they are true. But they are too good to be true, so let’s see.

      There are no more news about the invitations story, it might end as a rumor. But I’m pretty sure AndroidAndMe and other sources will let us all know when this gets clarified, you will know.

  • Juan

    Why do people always bang on the T-Mobile network? Maybe its just me, but I’m in the Phoenix area, and have no coverage issues at all. When I go hiking I still have 3G. ‘Dead Zones’ seem to be very rare for me. Sometimes I work in a basement type area at work and that’s the only time my 3G coverage (still have EDGE) will drop in and out but some of my co workers have Verizon and they get no signal at all.

    • Katie

      T-Mobile coverage is weaker in sparse markets. In major markets like Phoenix, New York, Los Angeles, etc. the coverage is just fine.

      As for building penetration, different networks operate on different frequency bands, and different frequency bands have different matter penetration capacities. In general, lower frequencies penetrate buildings better than higher ones, and T-Mobile operates their 3G on 1700 MHz while Verizon uses 1900 MHz.

      Basically a lot of factors are involved. Verizon is aimed more at having the largest possible coverage area while T-Mobile has concentrated on high bandwidth in urban centers.

      • http://Website Ian

        I love about 40 miles outside of Salt Lake City (Not really a “major city”) and my 3g connection is wonderful. Even when I drove up to Idaho a month ago, I had constant 3g (and I used my Google Maps Navigation to get me there)

        The speed is great, I get a good connection in most places (My office is on an air force base, and its the only place where my 3g drops)

        Took us long enough to finally get the 3g, but I have zero complaints about it

    • Jeremiah

      All the other carriers really do beat T-Mobile in terms of Coverage. You have to get into rural areas to see why. I live between two large areas (DC and Richmond, VA) and I have great signal and 3G as long as I don’t venture off the (very) beaten paths.

      Whenever I get out too far on RT 3 in VA or go south on RT 1, I hit GPRS or no signal or I’m roaming on AT&T towers.

      It just depends on where you live, really it does. For me, T-Mobile’s coverage isn’t an issue.

    • http://Website patty

      i have had nothing but problems for the last 6 or 7 months with t-mobile. the coverage isn’t there and can’t get emails until about 3 days after they were sent to me. i live in gilbert and got rid of my bb on sat. i bought an mytouch and the guy never switched my network and the sd cards do not work with the phone. t-mobile is having me go back to the store tonite to get another brand new phone. this one won’t even sync with the web to save my information. what a joke!!!!!

  • http://Website Todd

    In some rural areas, TMobile coverage is there, where Vz and ATT do not exist. It depends on where the cell phone towers are.
    Maybe statistically there is better coverage in some rural areas but not necessarily. Maybe ATT has towers on highways. Generalizations maybe not accurate.