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T-Mobile offers Android developers chance for growth

If you are a small-time Android developer looking to promote your application, T-Mobile might just be your best friend. We have seen the carrier feature select apps in their TV spots, launch their partner network, announce carrier billing for paid apps, and produce their own quarterly Android magazine.

T-Mobile recently shared a few examples of how they are working with developers to help get innovative applications in the hands of customers.

As Android Market continues to grow (more than 12,000 applications currently), T-Mobile is playing an increased role in connecting developer innovation to customers. From pre-loading and marketing applications with devices and developing a quarterly Android Application Guide to building an application for Android Market called AppPack that provides quick access to new and noteworthy Android applications, T-Mobile is working with developers to bring to the surface some of the most innovative and relevant applications for T-Mobile customers.

For customers, this means that the best applications to help them personalize their devices and manage their T-Mobile accounts are top of mind and at their fingertips. For developers, this translates into business success. For example:

T-Mobile featured ShopSavvy with the launch of the T-Mobile G1, and its creators at Big in Japan have gone on to realize business success. In less than one year, ShopSavvy has exploded onto the marketplace – today more than a million Americans use ShopSavvy to scan more than a million barcodes each day. In less than six months, ShopSavvy has grown from an ‘American’ phenomenon to an international hit — the application is now available in 26 countries in 19 languages. Additionally, in one year ShopSavvy will have generated more than a million dollars in revenue.

T-Mobile’s marketing of Sherpa has provided developer Geodelic with a springboard for customer adoption. The application currently has more than 250,000 downloads (this grows at an average rate of 1,500 — 2,000 a day). The partnership with T-Mobile has also translated into both company growth and business success for Geodelic with the company’s staff size nearly tripling since forming a partnership with T-Mobile.

In addition to working with developers to market their applications to customers, T-Mobile also recently played a role in helping judge Android applications as part of the second Google Android Developer Challenge (ADC2). T-Mobile was the only wireless carrier that participated as a judge in the challenge.

Want to see your Android app in the spotlight? Visit the T-Mobile Partner Network and register as a developer.

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  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    Actually.. carrier billing is a lie. T-Mobile delayed it if you hadn’t noticed (or maybe they brought it back after I left).

  • Taylor Wimberly

    From what I have heard, carrier billing will not be turned on till after Dec. 11 when the new Market terms of service go into affect.

  • http://Website Brombomb

    While talking to one of the Cust Reps they also gave me a word of mouth reccomendation for the app “Drive Safe ly” (intentional space). I though this was a great idea.

  • max fadia

    this is a lie like gilbert orbea said i think it is a lie

  • http://Website Gilbert Orbea

    Hopefully Verizon isn’t far, my Droid needs some paid apps..

  • Titty!

    Actually, carrier billing was activated, as of yesterday, Dec 9.
    With the exception, that it’s activated from an update to Market.
    so, we should all be getting it soon.
    would post link but just read it from thee forums on mt3g


    T-Mobile Forums –> Android –> Market Help
    “New Payment option for purchases”

    There’s your proof(:

  • Titty!
  • bum

    My wife is tmob customer rep. She suggest apps to people all the time. Its about time we can put them on our bill….so much easier.