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Twitter gets a new mobile site

Recently Twitter rolled out a new mobile website, and since Twitter offers a little greatness to everybody, we thought we’d explore some of the updates they’ve put into place.

On the Twitter blog, user experience lead, leland, summed up the changes like so:

Our new mobile web site is previewing today, just point your phone’s browser to Its got a great new look, and has some great new touches that will make your mobile experience on Twitter a bit more fun and a lot more helpful. Let us know if you agree and especially tell us how we can make it better.

old Twitter

old Twitter

Older reviews of the interface complained that it was too crammed and difficult to read, and wished there were more icons and images to break up the amount of text. In doing a simple image search for twitter mobile you’ll find a few images of the old interface, which definitely show how much of an improvement the current design changes are.

Twitter has always exhibited nice and clean, friendly design, so it’s great to hear that they are making sure their mobile site keeps up with that standard on all fronts. Take a look in the gallery below to see some examples of the improvements.

What do you think? Do you even use Twitter mobile or do you access Twitter through a specific client? Sound off in the comments.

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  • max fadia

    this is sweet because i cant find any good apps in the market for twitter

    • James White

      Seesmic, Swift and Twitroid are all good apps for android

  • brybam

    @max are you kidding? Twidroid is a great application

  • http://Website ceas

    they need to make an official twitter app for android..

    • http://Website jake

      why? twidroid is fantastic. i have never had any problems with it. and the updates just keep making it better

  • http://Website j

    i’ll stick with twidroid. the reply and star icons are too small on the mobile site.

  • j_norton

    You would think the people at Twitter would appreciate the use of vs

    • http://Website Haggie

      Ha, that was my first thought too. What friggin’ moron makes mobile users spell out “mobile”. Does Twitter already use the subdomain “m” for something else? Clearly, Twitter put alot of brain power into their mobile site.

    • mernen points to the old website, points to the new one, which is still just a preview. They should point m to it… once it’s the official mobile website.

  • http://Website Richtpt

    How do you do your android screen snapshots?