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Android Network Awards spotted in T-Mobile’s new myTouch magazine

About a week ago, I came home and found this really cool surprise waiting in my mail box. T-Mobile has a new magazine called “100% you. myTouch. The Insider’s Guide”. The premiere issue features country-music star Brad Paisley on the cover and is 32 pages long.

First edition of 100% You magazine.

Premiere issue of 100% You magazine.

On the first page is a message from T-Mobile President & CEO, Robert Dotson:

“Welcome to the first issue of 100% you., our magazine exclusively for myTouch 3G customers. You’ll find it filled with content that helps you further presonalize your myTouch 3G. We want to fill these pages with tips and stories that help you to discover cool new features and applications. Think of this magazine as the insider’s guide to your myTouch 3G.

We created 100% you. magazine to be your one-stop source for getting the most out of your new phone. Inside you’ll find 54 apps and games to download, an exclusive interview with country superstar Brad Paisley, a list of must-have phone accessories and more. There’s even a story about Sherpa, an amazing new location-sensitive application that you don’t need to learn, because it learns you!”

On page 10 of the magazine there are reviews of the top Android applications. One review is for the app SportyPal which was voted as the Best Fitness App during our very own Android Network Awards.

Winner of the Android Network Award for Best Fitness App.

Winner of the Android Network Award for Best Fitness App.

I think it is awesome that the little contest we ran with some other Android sites was actually mentioned in T-Mobile’s magazine. This is the kind of thing I envisioned when we came up with the idea. The first Android Network Awards was thrown together pretty hastily, but we are already planning a second awards event for 2010. The next go around should be much better organized and I’m already in talks with several sponsors. Be on the lookout for upcoming info on the 2nd Android Network Awards.

p.s. Hey T-Mobile, I want to become a contributor to your magazine. Pretty please?

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  • Chris

    When did you get this magazine? I’m a myTouch owner too, but haven’t seen this in the mail anywhere.

    • http://Website Christy

      Does anyone know if I can find this magazine in pdf version anywhere?

  • rey

    Thats pretty cool! Do we all get the magazine?


    Nicely Done! I wonder why more didn’t pick up on the awards? You’re right, we’ll be better organzied and less rush next time… Hopefully!

  • http://Website Christopher

    Can you put up scans of the magazine for those of us with a Google Ion phone who aren’t going to receive it? Thanks!

  • http://Website DJ

    I tried to download that app True country and it doen’t work and the Sportypal also. I have the cliq. Does it not work with this phone?

    Thanks D.J.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      A lot of apps do not work with the Cliq.

  • ExtremeT

    I think it’s cool that they are keeping an eye on the Android community like this. Hopefully more publishings/sites pick up on these sort of things and help make it grow.

  • http://Website Gligor

    Sportypal is working on Cliq but you need a version for 1.5 cupcake. Try on their web site or [email protected] (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • http://Website Gligor

    It is work on Cliq but you need cupcake 1.5 version try on Sportypal web site or support (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • Paul Drockton

    great info on fitness!

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  • Mocha K

    This magazine is the best thing for the android phone. I just wish i knew exactly when they were coming out with them. I have received one before but I am still waiting for my next issue.

  • http://Website Bryan B

    I’m a letter carrier and today I delivered the second issue to several houses on my route. I’ve been a MyTouch owner for 4 months now and I still haven’t received the first one.

    How did you get a subscription???

  • http://Website JoJo

    I’d like a copy of this magazine. Scanned copy email to me is fine, or a hard copy mailed to me will work as well. I’m willing to paypal $5 to whoever can send me a copy. Thanks.

  • http://Website DeAngelo MAnnie

    If you look at your T-Mobile Scoop newsletter it says all myTouch owners are getting this in the mail mid-may of 2010

  • http://Website Philip H.

    I received the Summer 2010 issue, but have seen nothing since. When will there be another issue?

    I hope that you didn’t just issue two and then stop…

  • Chris
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