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SweeterHome2 now available for download

It feels like we have been waiting forever, but the public beta of SweeterHome2 is now available for download. SweeterHome2 is an alternative to the standard Android home screen that offers unprecedented levels of customization. The latest version works with Android 1.6 and Android 2.x, while Android 1.5 is unsupported.

Register for the beta and let us know what you think. I’m excited to see the custom creations that users will create. We held an Android home screen contest last year and I think we will revisit the idea if people are up for it.

Highlighted new feature since Sweeter Home Preview 1 include:

  • Integrated Server-Based Theme Sharing makes finding and sharing themes easy
  • Android Widget Support
  • Tag Trays is a collaborative tagging system that helps keep your apps organized.
  • Search Widget Support
  • Editing improvements, including previews during editing
  • Major performance and stability improvements

Our friend Lemon from Sweeter Skins has uploaded a quick video tutorial for new users.

Lemon has also posted some quick tips for sharing your custom skins:

Attach a screen shot from your live theme to your upload. This is actually very simple to do but not many people are doing it. When you’re in your active theme (ie: not in edit mode) set it up looking it’s best, then hit the menu button > More > Screen Capture. There you’ll see an option to ‘Use as Preview for upload’. Make sure that is selected, then click save. The next time you upload this theme it will use that image as the preview. It’s good way to make sure your theme look it’s best at upload, and will guarantee you downloads.

If you’re building to share with others, then think about content. Not everyone has the same widgets installed that you do, so maximise the use of the internal widgets (like SMS). If you have many widgets in your theme, those are going to be mostly avoided or replaced by your users, so consider leaving them out in the first place.

Embed and lock Custom Trays. The content in any Custom Tray will not be shared unless you set Embed to Yes. Also once your Custom Tray is set up consider locking it, so your users don’t accidentally drag the apps out of the tray. Custom Trays are also the only trays to receive icon replacements using apps like Better Cut, so if you want your users to experience your custom made icons then use a Custom Tray.

Share through a blog or forum. You can upload your SLX theme file from your SD card to the internet. Wanna get fancy? Link using the sweeterhome:// protocol (instead of http://) and the theme will launch to Sweeter Home right from your phone browser. (Test by visiting this post from your phone — click here: DarkRisingStars)

Via: SweeterSkins

Source: SweeterHome

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  • http://Website LBreen

    got this a couple of days ago. didn’t play with the first one very much but i’m loving sh2! takes some time to learn but the forums at the sh2 site are helpful. I would definitely recommend trying it out.

  • http://www.facebook.com/skcseth skcseth

    It’s not showing up in the Market for me

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It is not in the Android Market yet. You need to follow the link above to the Sweeter Home site to download the beta.

  • http://gardenwife.com Gardenwife

    Is this more stable than aHome and others? I’ve found the home screen replacements have bogged my phone down terribly. It’s a shame, because they add so much FUNctionality.

    • http://twitter.com/jamesmurphy99 James

      If you’re looking for a stable home screen replacement app, then look no further than Home++. It adds a lot of functionality, and never slows down your phone.

  • http://manofdepravity.com Tyler

    How does this compare with other home screen options? I’ve been looking at the others and find it hard to compare.

    • http://www.androidui.net ExtremeT

      It’s just as good as the other home replacements apps, if not slightly better in some regards. It’s really based on personal taste though for the most part. Some people like Open Home better then aHome but hate Panda Home which is borderline identical to Open Home. Some people like the fanciness of the 3D cube look and stick with GDE even though it’s not as good customizing.

      If you really really want flexibility and a lot of control over your phone’s look then sweeter home is the way to go since you can place everything from the ground up basically.

  • http://Website gradier

    This app is simply not for me.

    I think the highly customizable home-screen concept is is brilliant, but the quality of the themes that are available is just so sad!! And maybe I’m the one missing something here as far as working with the themes, but whatever it is, it just doesn’t seem to be worth it.

    I currently use Home++ (also still in Beta), and though I have had issues with an earlier version of it (including a need to reset my phone), it’s minimalist layout and sleek professional look is exactly what I am looking for,