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A handy visual guide to Nexus One specs

All these graphics came from the newly launched google.com/phone site and we loved them so much we wanted to share them with anyone who may have missed them. On the Google site there is an interactive tour discussing the features of the phone itself and a really amazing live phone demo showing many new features of Android 2.1.

Link to the image itself…

Side note: If anyone knows who is responsible for these motion graphics or is familiar or close with the project, please drop us a comment. The style is amazingly tight and I’d love to know who put these together.

Source: Google

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  • http://Website Johan Bart

    My guess is epipheo studios, they also did the Google Wave videos in similar manner.

  • http://Website tk

    Hey the link to the Nexus One is wrong. It goes to /google instead of /phone

    Really nice pics though, Google’s marketing style has gotten a lot better in the last year.

    • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

      good catch! fixed.

  • http://blog.jl42.de Jakob Lenfers

    Damn, that looks good and slim. But I know that I won’t be happy without a hardware keyboard…

  • http://www.mobil.rs Mobilni telefoni

    Very nice visual ads. Simple and astetic. We hope that Nexus One will be better than iphone.

  • http://thisiscourtney.com Courtney

    I agree on the physical keyboard. I was getting disappointed to see so many android phones going without them, thinking I’d have to stick to my G1 forever. It gave me some hope when they said they weren’t married to the virtual keyboard in yesterday’s conference.

  • http://Website Shaun

    What about the battery life! With everything turned on so you can actually use all the feature!

    G1 Owner tied to the AC outlet. So much for mobile!

  • http://Website Dupree

    i believe as long as google resist implementing multitouch we will have problems with the hardware keyboard. i’ll continue to hold out before i put the money up for this. i have a feeling this thing will go down the same road as the droid, good but not the best just yet.

  • http://orupaap-dance.com Ochalla

    lit is good,hope the price to be not high for people in africa

  • http://Website matt

    The site was built by Goodness Mfg.

    They snuck their name in one of the videos as an autocomplete word, haha

  • http://Website collegar

    Hmmm.. no pictures of wireless keyboarding… I would have thought they would mention it, seeing how the iPhone just got it through jailbreak.

    • http://Website TexNex

      Hmmmm since your link is broke