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ADC2 winner WaveSecure offers free lifetime memberships

One of the overall winners of Google’s ADC2 is capitalizing on their recent success and offering free lifetime memberships to their service for a limited time. Anyone who signs up for WaveSecure by January 31, 2010 will receive a free account.

From ADC2 winners gallery: “WaveSecure is an innovative security product that provides users with complete mobile device and data protection. It enables users to remotely lock down and track down lost phones, get a copy of their data securely backed up, and remotely wipe data of the phone to protect user privacy.”

WaveSecure allows the user to protect their phone by:

  • Lock: Remotely lock down your phone. Make it worthless to a thief. Show messages and sound alarm.
  • Track: Tracking of new SIM cards. SMS Alert to buddy. Aut0-lock when SIM changed.
  • Back up: All personal data coverage. Zero-effort auto-backup. Remotely trigger backup.
  • Wipe out: Remote wipe out of private data. Wipe all data types (SMS, pics, etc). Protects your privacy and security.

I have personally never used the software, but it looks like a good opportunity test it out for free. It is normally hard to recommend a security software when you do not know the developer, but tenCube has been around awhile and received numerous industrial awards. If Google felt it was worthy of winning ADC, then you should feel safe using it.

We prefer to use Mobile Defense for tracking our phones, so it will be interesting to see how the competing services match up. If you have tried both, please sound off in the comments.

Source: WaveSecure

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  • miguel

    I use it & find it great. Lots of nice features.

  • http://Website Marco

    I could never activate mobile defense on t-mobile because of some network error when disabling the mail filter. Now I use wavesecure and it works well: I could lock my phone via sms. Haven’t tried the other features yet.

  • http://youtube.com/patsandsoxfan5 alex
  • http://asd asd

    wow it looks HUGE!

  • http://Website Haggie

    Not ready for prime time. Installation is complex and confusing. Couldn’t log-in to the website. Uninstalled.

    It’s not even worth the price…

  • http://Website James

    “Not ready for prime time. Installation is complex and confusing. Couldn’t log-in to the website. Uninstalled.

    It’s not even worth the price…”

    Maybe for mentally challenged people it is..
    I found it straightforward enough, and logged in on website fine (did you type your country code?).

    Unlike before there are no international text messages for the US and UK , but for other countries you may want to find out yourself before installing.

    I think it’s a brilliant app, and well worth getting before the 31st!

  • http://Website Marshall

    Installed and broke it but have a fix. When you lock it, the home button still works(i.e. it exits the “lockdown screen”). It does come back up on it’s own though. If you have an advanced task manager widget on your home screen though, you can hit it and it will kill wave secure. Make sure you add it to your task manager’s excluded app list.

    Also, a reboot and hitting “menu” and “home” a bunch during the phones startup process can cause a “force close.” Again, defeating the purpose.

    And of course, there is always the chance that you have a rooted handset, which would give you a custom recovery, which would allow you to “adb uninstall.”

    Great concept but needs some polish.

  • http://Website Jakethegringo

    It doesn’t work with my Moto Droid. I was able to back up my contacts and sms, but i tried the tracking feature and that didn’t work and then the lock feature times out every time. It’s somewhat compatible, so i’m confused.

  • http://Website Mark

    WaveSecure has a major security leak. The PIN is unsecure and provides access to the raw PIN for experienced hackers. This means you can be tracked by GPS, your data can be read, someone can wipe your phone or lock it without your authorization. You should read this blog it provides details: http://secrep5265.blogspot.com/2010/08/wavesecure-major-security-leak.html

  • http://Website Chris

    Had wavesecure installed on my droid and got a droid x but unfortunately because Verizon does not use sim cards it will not transfer my account to the new phone and instead tried to set up my old droid on its new number. Anyone else have this problem or a fix? I cannot get an answer from WaveSecure and their contact number does not work any longer?