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And.roid.es joins the And Me Network to provide Android news in Spanish

The last year has been an amazing run for this little Android blog and we hope to expand our reach in 2010. It might appear we have been slacking this month with updates (we have), but a lot of work is being done behind the scenes to build a strong foundation to grow on.

We have listened to your feedback and found the number one request to be “more”. That demand will be filled with more contributors, more reviews, more videos, more interviews, more giveaways, more network sites, and several other special projects that will be revealed over the coming months.

One of our top priorities this year is to continue to build the And Me Network. This is a collection of independent sites that serve different needs of the Android community. We have an open invitation to all the Android related sites out there and are looking to make new partnerships to help grow the community. Be on the lookout for a dedicated site soon that will serve as the hub of this network.

Another area that we want to improve is providing Android news in different languages for our many readers around the globe.

Welcome And.roid.es

We are proud to announce that And.roid.es has joined the And Me Network to provide Android news in Spanish. Users can currently reach the site by visiting http://and.roid.es or http://es.androidandme.com. Our site navigation is being overhauled and will soon provide easy access for jumping between the different languages. And.roid.es will help translate our stories to Spanish, share hot news from other countries, and provide reporting from overseas events like Mobile World Congress.

Please join me in giving a big welcome to our new friends And.roid.es.

Source: And.roid.es

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  • http://Website Ali

    who proof reads the web site?

    “Los live wallpapers son fondos con animaciones que interacción con los eventos que provoca el usuario al tocar la pantalla”

    intead if “Interacción” it should say “interactúan”…

    i caught that in my first 20 seconds in the website.