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Are users ready to backflip for AT&T’s first Android phone?

Motorola unveiled the Backflip at CES and now the device is headed to AT&T Wireless. No official launch date was announced, but rumors suggest we might see the phone as early as March 7, 2010. Motorola will be running a Super Bowl ad next month and we believe the Backflip will be the product they promote.

The phone will feature Motoblur powered by Android 1.5, but Motorola is expected to upgrade the operating system to Android 2.1 later this year. Early reports also suggest the Backflip will lack some Google applications like Gmail (which has been replaced by Yahoo Mail).

I’m sure AT&T customers would rather get their hands on the high-end Motorola Droid, but at least the carrier is finally jumping on the Android bandwagon.

Will any of our readers be getting this phone when it comes out?

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  • http://www.verber8.com Jeremiah

    I actually like this phone, but it’s not a game changer among Android devices, which is why I wouldn’t be willing to switch carriers for it.

  • elitebattlefield

    I’ll be waiting to see what they do with the1.5 dual core Snapdragon processor. I passed on the Nexus One. So glad I did. Right now I riding on my rooted g1. I’ll consider the X10 providing in ends up in the hands of T-Mobile only.

  • http://Website Todd

    I cannot sign-on for that form factor, sorry.

    Post doesn’t mention that AT&T officially announce they’ll offer *five* Android phones, the freakish back flip is just one of them.

    Far more interesting will be the unlocked Nexus One with AT&T 3G radio support due in March.

    P.S. I’ve been running my ADP1 on AT&T for over a year!

    • http://Website Kyle L.

      I’ve got my G1 on AT&T,(good coverage, few outages) I’m looking forward to Android on AT&T but where did you hear about the N1 with AT&T support?

      • http://Website Tom

        I can absolutely, 110% confirm the Nexus will come with AT&T 3G support, information provided by the most reliable of sources. You don’t have to trust me, but if you think it’s worth waiting around for, do so.

        • http://Website tom

          so can you confirm a possible date? maybe like a month or 6-9 months or how long are we talking for the nexus one on att? htc sense or google phone?

  • http://androidsandsheep.com Pearl

    I dunno… the backflip is kind of growing on me. I wonder if it’ll get to Rogers in Canada.

  • http://Website Kyle L.

    I’ve got my G1 on AT&T,(good coverage, few outages) I’m looking forward to Android on AT&T but where did you hear about the N1 with AT&T support?

  • http://www.facebook.com/skcseth skcseth

    No Gmail app? On an ANDROID phone??
    I think I’ll pass on this one. Can’t wait to see the other (alleged) four phones coming for AT&T though.

  • http://Website maximosis

    I wonder what the specs for this are. I have At&T on my work phone And im gonna upgrade soon..

    • http://Website Tom

      528mhz, 256mb, same as Cliq.

  • jasonlee

    childish form factor, and motoblur

  • jasonlee

    got cut off. motoblur isn’t for me. but the combo of handset and ui should be great fpr there target audience. Just a shame att’s first android phone is sorta a joke. Oh well.

  • http://an Pearl


  • http://androidsandsheep.com Pearl

    Just a thought… because the camera is on the keyboard, does this mean you could video conference??

  • http://Website Emerald

    I will pass on this phone – Outdated OS – 1.5. MotoBlur is too big brotherish for my tastes. And ATT is up to their old, dumb games of loading up applications on Smart Phones that they THINK their customers want and will not allow them to be removed.

    I will wait for the N1 to get the other G3 channels that ATT uses

  • http://Website miltk

    many went to att because of the iphone. there was no competition. given V and att both having an android phone, going back to att would mean they are choosing att as the better service, which ain’t so.

    all things being equal, V is the better service.

  • http://Website forrest

    for real att! the miley cyrus phone is going to be the big android phone running the old 528mhz and 1.5! I want at least droid or nexus one numbers to upgrade from a g1. looks like im going to pay out the butt for an unlocked x10. bummer.

  • http://androidandme vince

    I am tired of yahoo/windows and would like an android phone with gmail or a palm. I would get this one if ATT would just let it be an android phone. This is crazy, I wonder how they will weaken the pre or pixi when they get them..

  • http://Website Marcos

    at first i hated this phone but know i kinda like it. the only things that are really holding me from getting this phone on release is the lack of google apps. if they get it on vanilla then that would be nice.. and an upgrade to a processor would really push it over the top

    • http://Website Jeb

      Vanilla or Eclair?

  • Mocha K

    I can’t quite say that i am impressed with this phone. It’s just like a 1st gen touch screen phone, like the verizon voyager with the screen flipped around. Even if at&t users are impressed most are iPhone users and wouldn’t be up to the task of admitting that android phones are better.

  • slyfor

    at&t shouldnt have android period… iphone users already havbe enough to brag about why not stay in there little apple corner.. i highly disagree to android period coming to at&t its just not fair…. iphone OS and android OS on one carrier… cmon now

    • http://Website Jeb

      You do realize that there are some people on AT&T that could care less about the iPhone right? I never plan on owning one and will only go so far as an iTouch if I ever plan on getting another media device. I don’t have many choices outside of my existing AT&T service and Windows 7 is something I’m not longer interested in, so I would like some serious Android power on AT&T. It’s stupid to say that AT&T shouldn’t get it just because right now they still have iPhone exclusivity.

  • http://Website baley


    they are still paying google for gmail and all the other google apps. They could remove them as well but then they would need to mantain the software themselves and even if its opensource that would mean more work for them at east release!

    the customers will simply get fed up when there will be no updates coming.

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