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Contest: CLIQ gets Android 2.1; We give it away to a lucky reader

Motorola announced they would upgrade the T-Mobile CLIQ to Android 2.1 and we decided it is finally time to give the phone some love. I’m going to give away my Motorola CLIQ (new in box) in order to celebrate the news that it will receive the update everyone was wanting.

If you have any friends on T-Mobile who need a new smartphone, please share this contest with them.


Upload a video to YouTube (or Vimeo or whatever you use) and convince us why you need this phone. An ideal candidate would be a current T-Mobile customer who has never owned an Android phone. We like humor so try to make us laugh (see our last video contest winner).

Please post your video entry as a response to our YouTube video or leave a comment below that links to your upload.

Eligibility: Since this phone was designed for T-Mobile USA, we would prefer to give it to a T-Mobile customer or someone who is interested in trying out their service. T-Mobile now offers their Even More Plus plans which require no contract, so this would be a good opportunity for someone to test out Android without having to sign a 2 year contract.


The winner will receive a new T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ. I won the phone at last year’s Motodev Summit and it is mostly unused (just opened it to play with it). I will ship the device with its original packaging and all accessories included in the box.


We will announce a winner on Friday, January 22, 2010 so please have your video in before Thursday if you would like to enter the contest. If we are unable to find a clear winner, we might resort to a 24hr vote and let our readers decide who gets the phone.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • #soundwave1234 roy morris

    I will post a video tomorrow

  • http://Website Larry McFadyen

    Video Posted ;)

  • http://Website Ardianblur

    aah can’t participate…i’m in indonesia hahaha

  • http://Website JAG

    OHHHH man I’d like it but im not in USA

  • brian c.

    I have one and I can NOT believe they are updating it to 2.1 this makes my month… until I get my new yearly android phone upgrade. good luck to all entrants, if your a social networker you will love motoblur

    • http://www.danieldessinger.com DanielthePoet

      I HAVE a CLIQ and I love social media, but Motoblur is sad and weak. It’s got plenty of flaws and does not respond to commands fast enough. I miss my iPhone now.

  • http://Website Ellygeh

    Does that mean that the 2.1 upgrade will have the Cliq with an unchanged version of 2.1 or will it just be 2.1 with Motoblur on top of it?

  • http://Website Rox

    I’m on it, Taylor! Let’s see what I can whip up…

  • http://Website Landon

    Eilygeh, Motorola has made statements the last few months to the effect that they want to continue to develop motoblur in the future and for upcoming handsets. I would imagine that indicates that motoblur will be layered on top of this version, as well. I do think, however, that it will be minimized to some extent, as many features are now included in the core OS.

  • http://www.verber8.com Jeremiah

    Leave it to YouTube to beat out Vimeo in converting my video.

    Posted it as a response, but just in case, here’s the link –


    I’d love the phone because I’m too broke to get a new phone due to me taking care of this little one all day, haha.

  • http://Website Brigitte Rox

    OMG. My husband is totally going to try to win this.

  • http://Website MW

    So if 2.1 fits on the cliq, could it be safely assumed that it would fit on the G1?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      No, the G1 has half the ROM size of the CLIQ. We are still waiting to hear from T-Mobile what will happen to the G1.

      • http://Website Kris

        Well is there any word on when the MT3G will be receiving 2.1?

  • Galen20K

    Really cool! Enjoying my Nexus One but I’ll pass the word about this great contest.

  • http://Website kevin O_o

    sweet a contest for me to enter :D
    and…then probably fail…
    BUT a contest is a contest ^_^

  • http://Website jesus dominguez

    ha well i dont have a video thingy so i cant make a video but i would really like to have this phone ive been wanting it for a long time and christmas but sadly didnt get it due to money issues but other than that yeah im a tmobile customer and it would be so awesome if i would be able to get my hands on this beauty ha lol. right now im using a very old t mobile phone since my other phone completly stopped working i think the phone im using now is one of tmobiles first phones to come out lol.

  • http://Website tterb

    Posted my video! Hope I’m picked!

    • http://Website William

      what is your app called?

      • http://Website tterb

        It’s called Points. http://www.submergedspaceman.com/blog/?p=5 Its just a simple food calculator app. I wanted to get one out the door so I could see the entire dev process start to finish. I’ve got a couple more I’m working on right now tho.

        • Fidget253

          Wow, this is pathetic. Taylor please help this guy out. If what he says is true, he deserves the phone IMO :-)

          • http://Website tterb

            Haha, thanks! It really is sad, I know! So don’t be surprised if you’re checking out a new phone in a T-mo store in San Jose and notice a little calculator app on it……

  • http://none Eugenia

    I really like (love it) your application – the best fo far. I’m kind of new droid user but I have browse some….
    Anyways, 2 points:

    * Is there a desktop version – sync w/ the phone app, so that if we have several task to input would be quicker

    * how can we back-up all info

    * How can I learn more – kind of a mini manual

    Thank you for your time and efforts and Hurray for ALL Astrid team members … love the nice reminders… Helps me stay focus

  • http://Website Destinee

    I need this phone sir my daughter is going to start college in august and wanted this phone for christmas she has a very old phone which is a bar nokia we have a sim card and she really needs this phone I was not able to get her a laptop and this is a gud alternative also her birthday is march 13 and I thought this would would be good for her her name is Ayrynn.

  • spdtrx5

    @Eugenia. Download an app from the market called MyBackup. It backs all your info up to your Sim or Online.

  • http://Website abel86

    my daughter was just born and all my money will be going towards here so a new free phone would be awesome! Thanks!


    Currently a A T-Mo customer had bought a G1 when first arrived, Cliq would be a great upgrade imo.

  • http://googlyandroid.blogspot.com Soundwave

    Just want to make sure you get my response.


  • http://xamox.net xamox

    I want to build a robot and remotely control it with an android device to play fetch with my dog.

    Here is my entry:

    • http://www.xamox.net xamox

      I forgot to mention any code I make will be released as open source and I will post updates online, so this just isn’t for personal use. I want to make something that competes with the iPhone quadcopter that is available on android and is open.

  • http://Website Chrysteena Lairamore


    Here’s my entry. Hope you like it!

  • http://Website Tony Gaeta


    Thanks for giving me an excuse to make a video – I enjoyed making it as I hope you enjoy watching it.

    • http://www.verber8.com Jeremiah

      Great video man! Can’t say I can beat that one, because you had me laughing to the point of tears, haha! Best wishes!

      • http://picenhance.com underoath

        @Jeremiah Thanks mate – I’m glad to hear I made someone laugh that hard. I just signed up for a A&Me account to comment back. Tony Gaeta = underoath

  • http://Website Rich Morrison

    here is my entry. win or lose, i hope you have a good laugh at why i really need this phone.

  • http://Website Cameron Laird
  • http://Website Michael Deguzman

    Never made a video, hope you like it
    My editing skills rocks

  • Eric Gibbs

    When do we expect an update for da Cliq? I can’t wait to use flash on my phone

  • http://Website Duniel Deya

    Hi Guys, Check it out our video!

    • http://Website Cdelauz

      Lmao that video is Hilarious, The Cliq will get you the hunies….

      • http://Website Yasnai

        I love it! Its funny…my favorite one so far. Its corny but creative.

    • http://Website Mario A

      I like Duniel…good job guys! Good luck! It was funny

      • http://Website Mike

        I have to say Duniel Deya’s video is by far the best and funniest on here. Funny and creative, Good Luck guys. Would not be surprised to see you guys win.

    • dunield

      Good luck everyone, winner should be announced today. By the way, looks like someone is going to all of our postings ranking them with an “X”, if you look they are all in the negative and it all happened at the same time. I guess someone doesnt have anything else to do.

      Again, good luck everyone!

  • erictaylor

    Take a look at my video please.

  • http://Website Rox

    Welp, here’s my entry. It was a lot of effort and a lot of fun! Enjoy, guys!

    • http://Website Rox

      By the way, I have never owned a smartphone, and I’ve been wanting an android device. Thought I would point that out since it was mentioned in the post. Good luck everyone!

  • http://Website Mike

    I have to say Duniel Deya’s video was the best. That was some funny and creative stuff guys, would not be surprised if you win.

  • http://Website Betty

    Yep I have to agree Duniel had a really good video…..Especially the girl playing the guitar song at the end….lol…..Good luck

  • http://Website Lizmabel Lagrande

    I like some of the postings, so far my favorite is Duniel’s with the girl playing the guitar and the girls wanting the Cliq. Good luck everyone.

  • http://Website Andrew VanVlack


    Heres mine. My Girlfriend now has fully taken my android phone over.

  • http://Website Mimi

    When will the winner be picked?

  • http://Website Duniel Deya

    Hi Guys, I’m re-posting my video again. Looks like someone was a bit Jelous about it and put it in the negative ranking. Its just a contest people, good luck to everyone.

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  • http://sorrygangdisappointed ken

    wow i upgraded from g1 sales man told me had more memory processor was faster and a whole blog of other stuff sorry to say this is in no way an update still stuck in android 1.5 as of april 1 still waiting

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