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Control your Android experience with Dazzboard

Last night at the ShowStoppers event we got a chance to meet with Dazzboard, who have just launched what they are calling the ‘open iTunes.’ It’s a web-based app that extends all kinds of control over your Android device.

With Dazzboard, you can connect your Android device and easily mange you photos, music, and apps. With your phone connected Dazzboard displays a complete list of your installed apps (with the option to uninstall) and even lets you install new apps (the current app library is coming through a partnership with GetJar). Dazzboard can play your music and take your photos right from your phone to Flickr or Facebook.

I’ve been covering Android for some time now and honestly when I heard the ultra-quick pitch of another app store I wasn’t too excited. Dazzboard changed that though, this thing is looking mighty impressive.

Check out the screengrab below or head to Dazzboard for more info (and an interactive demo).

Dazzboard Beta Application View

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  • http://Website Paul

    I can’t get past the download page after download. It looks cool, but can’t get it to work.

    • geiko

      Yeah, me too. It’s a shame, because this looks really good.

  • jthreads

    No Mac support yet :(
    I use doubletwist but this one looks promising

  • http://Website Phillip

    It looks cool but it isn’t really working for me either. My Droid shows up in the list of devices but none of my photos or apps are listed when I click on the icons. And I tried installing an app from the interface but it never got installed.

  • http://Website nicola

    why do they use IE ?

  • http://Website Michael

    It’s for Windows only.

  • http://WLANorjustUSB? Mario

    it might be very cool, if you could connect the device over WLAN/Internet and not just over USB

  • http://Website Mario

    it might be very cool, to connect the device over WLAN/internet and not just over USB

  • http://piddlepockets.net gylu

    will not run on linux, boo.

  • http://isobeef.org JD

    only windows :(

  • http://Website LuptinPitman

    Love how they support Windows and promise Mac support and then just act like Linux doesn’t exist. Reasoning goes like this: “I know, lets make a program to control Android devices which is based on Linux and not support Linux”.

    • http://Website vapor

      It’s all about market shares. Mac and Linux are not that different under the hood.. Maybe we can expect a Linux version later on. Who knows?

    • http://Website Zimmy

      Yknow, Linux is very cool — I think we all (who have heard of it) would agree, but if it’s gonna bug you that developers make Linux a low priority, you probably are using the wrong OS.

  • http://Website Paul

    Unbelievably it doesn’t work on Google Chrome. So, a product designed for Google Android products doesn’t work on the Google browser!!! Looks like a great idea though.

  • http://Website Scuff

    While I’m happy to see developers increasing interest in the platform, this probably isn’t for me. At first I thought I would need something like Double-Twist, I’m finding that I get by just fine with my Driod and just using Wifi to transfer files. I have my media server set up to “share” over the home Wifi so grabbing a file here or there is a no brainer. If I have a data dump, I just pop out my SD card and connect it to my PC. I transfer movie files (1-2GB) pretty easily and MP3 and other media are a snap.

  • http://www.yourmomcomics.com sammysunset

    Once again, some stupid ass program thinks that my x64 version of XP is *not* XP. The 64-Bit version of XP comes with an abstraction layer that can handle virtually *any* 32-bit code, but noooo… these lazy ass programmers see *anything* other than, “Windows XP” and make their program assume that it’s not Windows XP.

    Windows XP x64 = Windows XP, you dumbasses. I will probably never use their program because they’re too damn lazy or ignorant to take the two seconds to accept x64 versions of XP. You’re alienating a good portion of your potential users, guys! Good luck with all that.

    Maybe when an OSX version comes out I’ll install it at work… unless, of course, that version *requires* Snow Leopard.