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Fandango waives ticket purchase fees for Android users

Fandango released a beta version of their Android application last month and has steadily been improving it with recent updates. It now appears the app is ready for primetime because Fandango will be waiving all service fees for ticket purchases through March 7, 2010. The company normally has a convenience charge of $1 per ticket, but users can purchase tickets for free for the next few months.

From Fandango: Get movie and theater listings with the flick of your finger. Watch trailers. View fan ratings. All while your device’s GPS feature finds the theaters closest to you and the movies playing at them. And when you’re ready to buy, it’s as simple as, well, 1-2 with our super-quick purchasing that secures your tickets fast and drama-free. Enjoy the show!

Purchase tickets in a flash

  • Purchase tickets seamlessly without leaving the app
  • Buy tickets for more movie screens β€” 16,000 and counting! – than on any other app
  • Sign into your Fandango account to purchase tickets with your credit card stored online
  • Or securely store credit card information to your device β€” it’s your choice!
  • View your purchase history to access ticket details

Comments & Feedback

Fandango has made this generous offer to promote their new app and they welcome your feedback. If you experience any bugs, have a feature request, or run into problems purchasing tickets, please contact them.

Comments & Feedback: [email protected]

Source: Fandango

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  • http://Website matt

    a convenience charge? its ridiculous to even think that they would charge an extra buck for an already overpriced movie ticket. Its funny how we’re pleased with the fee being waived, especially when it shouldn’t exist in the first place.

  • Nortisan

    @Matt …Fandango is a business…They gotta make a little extra money somehow right?

  • http://Website Usman

    @Nortison They should make their money off advertising… I checked out the app when it first came out, but when I found out about the convenience fee, I uninstalled it. Flixster works perfectly for my needs.

  • ben

    I used the app a month ago to buy tix, worked perfectly. Hopefully if a ton of people use it now they will consider permanently dropping the extra charge.

  • ben

    @usman I just pulled up flixster, looks like they charge a fee of $2 per ticket.

  • http://Website Carolyn

    I am still perplexed as to why one cannot purchase a ticket when they arrive at the theater. I used the Fandago app in Beta and it was slow. I deleted it, installed Flixter and never looked back. All I need to know is what movies are playing and the times. I’ll get the ticket when I get there.

    • http://Website Futureboy

      It can be a great convenience on rare occasions. This past Valentines Day I bought a pair of movie tickets through Fandango for two reasons:

      1. To make sure we got tix if the show wasn’t sold out by the time we got to the theater.
      2. To avoid long lines upon arriving – just swiped the credit card at the kiosk which printed the tickets, and walked right in.

      Any other random day, I completely agree… there’s no point to pre-pay for tickets, especially with an extra fee.

  • http://Website Usman

    @ben I wasn’t aware… I only use it for trailers and showtimes..

    • http://Website Usman

      lol… didn’t even know I could buy tix online with it..

      • http://Website Ben

        Ha, neither did I until I checked. Yes I also like Flixster better. I especially like the dvds browsing which I use to update my netflix queue.

  • zlander

    Wow..u guys are really complaining about the $1 sur-charge? Have been under a rock since the internet was released…u pay the extra dollar to avoid the lines, and make sure the movie you want to see isn’t sold out…(avatar in imax sold out every show in lincoln square for the first 3 weeks of its release)

    • http://Website ontheFritz

      @zlander I used to work at a movie theatre years ago when fandango started, and you still needed to stand in line to print tix. Fan just reserves the spot. Not sure if this has changed though.

      • http://www.hyperborea.org/journal/ Kelson

        The larger theaters in my area have automatic ticket machines now, which will let you either buy new tickets with a credit card or pick up tickets you’ve ordered online. If the theater is crowded, there’s usually a line, but it’s always shorter than the lines for the actual box office.

  • http://www.gamekiq.com Mark

    Haha, awesome. My iPhone using friend just said, what?! That’s not fair. Lol

  • http://Website chris

    if you’re on 1.5 you don’t have a choice, as the fandango app isn’t in the Market. On the Eris, the link is bad. Flixster is there though. I usually just hit search, put the name of the movie and my zip and let google do the rest for showtimes.

  • http://Website milt

    is that $1 + credit card usage charge?

    scuse me but there’s no movie good enough to buy ahead of time anyway. just browse to it if i have to.

  • http://kquade.posterous.com kquade

    I use fandango for two reasons:

    1. Fast… Walk up, swipe card, print tickets.
    (i much prefer the option to prepay for my tickets)

    2. Coupon codes… I got 4 free tickets last weekend. Saw two movies with my wife. How many ticket windows have an input for coupon codes?

    • Rand

      Use my amc stubs number for getting your fandango.com charge taken off:

      AMC Stubs Number:1103000004306977

      • Jason

        Thanks for posting your number. Got you some points and avoided some fees. Win-win.

  • http://Website deathbyillusion

    I cant find this app on my droid X I even scan the barcode to download it and it brings up the market saying it cant find anything what is up with this. I also tried to get it off the official Fandango site and still nothing help!