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Google changes pricing options for Nexus One: 100 new reasons to purchase the N1

Customers who recently paid $379 for the Nexus One will soon be receiving a $100 refund from Google. The refund does not apply to any other customers who purchased the Nexus One. Emails began hitting customers tonight and we received a copy from a loyal reader.

Click to enlarge. $100 refund.

The new lower price appears to be in response to recent criticisms about purchase options posted on the official Android Devices support forums. Earlier today a Google employee posted that they were aware of the concerns.

Also, as you’ve probably seen elsewhere, we’ve listened to everyone’s feedback and concerns and are working to expand the group of customers that qualify for upgrade pricing on the Nexus One. Please stay tuned for more information.EthanGoogle Guide

The pricing options now appear to be:

  • $529 unlocked
  • $279 for T-Mobile customers who meet the eligibility requirements (still working to get exact details on new eligibility)
  • $179 for new T-Mobile 2 yr activation

I purchased my Nexus One for the full $529 unlocked because I currently use the no-contract, T-Mobile Even More Plus plans which offer reduced monthly pricing.

TmoNews has also confirmed the price change via an internal T-Mobile memo.

Does the new $279 price change anyone’s mind who thought the initial cost was too expensive?

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  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    Oh nice! So this is for all those people with their “Family Plans” who couldn’t get the discounted price??

    Way to go Google! Its nice to see YOU “care.”
    Hope to see T-Mobile follow suit….

    Not allowing their Family Plan customers use their upgrade on the Nexus was absolutely ridiculous >=[

    • http://www.nicholaushaskins.com Nick

      No this still only applies to individual plans, but you can call and have them switch your plan to an individual plan, then call back and have it “backdated” to the original plan you we’re on.

      That’s what we did.

      • http://Website Kurt

        According to Google’s Terms of Sale, they can now bill you $350. I’m not willing to take that risk. Since Google is admitting that they screwed up on the pricing, I have hope that they’ll also figure out that restricting the plan is a bad idea also. I’m pretending to be patient while they figure it out.

        • http://Website Jon

          I was afraid of the $350 fee, but the contract on Google’s site specifically says that they can only charge you that if you “cancel” your contract. Switching Tmobile plans doesn’t constitute canceling. I also called Tmobile and had 2 separate customer care employees promise me that switching to the 500 plan and then back to family is not a problem and they were given a memo instructing customers to do this. So I’m giving it a try!

          • http://Website Nick

            are you sure this is true?
            i talked to 3 different t-mobile reps and they said that you would get a early termination fee for switching from your new individual plan back to your family plan

        • http://Website N B

          Found this because I thought your idea was too good to be true…and it was…kinda…

          You agree to pay Google an equipment subsidy recovery fee (the “Equipment Recovery Fee”) in the event you cancel or DOWNGRADE your wireless plan within 120 days of activation of wireless service. If you activate a new line of service with T-Mobile, your Equipment Recovery Fee will be $150 USD if you cancel or downgrade your service plan within 120 days of activation. If you are upgrading an existing line of service with T-Mobile, your Equipment Recovery Fee will be $50 USD if you cancel or DOWNGRADE your service within 120 days of activation.

  • http://Website niagara_view

    Hmm, tempting. But I’m not sure it’s enough to sway me. My pickle:

    1. G1 on a MyFaves plan
    2. Craptastic old smartphone on a Tmo pre-paid

    I want to upgrade #2 (by handing down the G1, buying a used G1, or getting a deal on a new phone) and combine the two into a family plan. If I go with the EM, I can use a 12% work discount, but the EM+ seems to be a better deal.

  • http://Website William

    well, i am still locked into that 2- year contract with T-Mo for the G1. I hope to get a job this summer at best buy or somewhere, and after i get enough money for gas and friends and stuff, its Nexus One time :D

    • http://www.twitter.com/TMCraver TMCraver

      William by that time im sure we’ll have an awesome qwerty snapddragon :) but basically i’m in the same boat locked in until November and no extra cash for a non qwerty ;).

  • http://blogspot.konojosworld.com Jovan

    Hmmm $279 seems good. However, Google and Tmo have yet to do anything about individuals who are already on an EVEN MORE PLUS FAMILY plan and who also have EIP!(equipment installment plan) I work for Tmobile and I can honestly say that EIP is our number 1 method of sales. More and more customers find it more appealing to lower the up front payment and break down the payments over 20 months rather than pay the full price of the phone up front. I currently have G1 and I doubt 2.1 is coming my way so I’m hoping this EIP issue can get resolved so I can put my fingertips on an N1! =)

    • http://Website Usman

      Since Google is the one selling the phone, the EIP doesn’t really apply, does it. If people want similar cash flows, they can charge the $529 onto a credit card and pay it off over 20 months… :)

      The Even More Plus plan and $529 for the phone is still cheaper than the Even More. It’s just a matter of people getting their heads out of their asses and calculating their TOTAL cost over 2 years. It’s cheaper to buy it at full price by quite a bit thanks to T-mobile’s cheaper EM+ rates.

  • http://Website andrew vanvlack

    I don’t know if you knew taylor but the phone is unlocked wether you pay full price or get the contract. They will do that will all phones that go on that market. Everyone seems to say its only unlocked with the full price.

  • http://schwiz.net schwiz

    still not eligible with the family plan on well I can’t afford one now anyways after just buying airplane tickets and registration fee to google io

  • http://Website Milind

    I’ll buy it for $350-$400 when it comes with a keyboard.

  • serjical

    I just think tmo needs to follow suit with rogers, and give us g1 owners a free upgrade to something that might get 2.1 I bought this phone I would continue to get updates, not just have a phone froozen by memory problems. Oh and I think there should be an option off what phone also. Maybe free to my touch and discount to cliq or behold 2. Get with it tmo!

  • http://Website Lee

    Got my NEXUS yesterday…just went ahead and paid the $529 because over the long haul it saves money when combined with the no contract plan.

    Also – The no keyboard was a concern to me also but you can’t have a slim sexy phone unless you have no keyboard so I’m ok with that….and the android keyboard is very good so it’s not even that big of a transition. Plus the talk to text works very well and I imagine will only improve.

    • http://Website Benjamin

      Hey, I was just looking and saw you said it was cheaper overall to buy it full with EM+ package. Can I ask how you figured that you? I’m not saying you are wrong, far from it, i’m curious because i’d love to get this phone. I’m with AT&T currently and wanna switch. Thanks.

  • http://keeness.net laurent

    it should be $99, even unlocked.
    google will make its money with all the ads i click on in 2 yeras time. and it will give all around the world access to information, like OLPC program does.

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  • http://Website Kevin

    I am currently a TMO customer and I started my current contract last april. Anyone know when I will be available for an upgrade? I thought you become eligible for a upgrade 1 year after your contract starts but according to the article on afterdawn.com it says 22 months. Can anyone confirm??

    • http://Website Juan

      If you signed up for a 2 year contract through tmobile you qualify for a partial discount after 11 months of your 2 year contract. I always sign a 2 year contract and upgrade after 1 year. I never keep a phone for more than 1 year. However since google is selling this phone, instead of tmobile, they are not honoring a partial discount after 11 months. You have to bee 22 months into a 2 year contract. Sucks for us g1 users who want to upgrade.

  • http://Website Nicole

    In a typical two year contract, it will be 22 months before you are eligible for an upgrade. However, T-Mobile used to offer one year contracts. If you did that, then yes, you will be eligible for an upgrade after one year.

    As far as the person who thinks G1 owners should get a free upgrade, why on earth would T-Mobile do that? You bought the phone you bought, you don’t get a new one simply because there are better phones out now. Live in reality: new and better phones come out every day. That doesn’t mean the phone companies should give them away because you’re mad you’re phone is behind the times a year later.

  • http://Website brody

    I just purchased an unlocked Nexus One for $566 shipped here in Florida. It’s a little steep since I also just picked up a unlocked G1 in great condition for $140 on craigslist to use with my prepaid plan, but not being railroaded into a telco slave contract makes it worth it’s weight in gold.

  • http://Website Pamela

    Can someone explain to me what they mean when saying the N1 doesn’t have a keyboard? I know it doesn’t have an actual keyboard with tatical letters but neither does the Iphone. Many touch screen phones are heading in that direction, right.

    • http://Website Juan

      Most of us prefer physical keyboards because we type fast on the fly like we would on a reg keyboard on a PC. On a softkeyboard you have to switch between keyboard screen to enters numbes and special characters whereas with a physical keyboard all you have to do is hit shift or alt on the fly as you type w/out having to stop typing to switch back and forth between keyboard screens. makes a big difference.

  • http://www.ShopAndroid.net/ Christie

    I want this phone! It sounds like it is the rice price for what it brings to the table.

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  • hollywoodmic

    If I want to buy a Nexus one now (2/9/10), this is what I learned.

    This is how to do it. Call an HTC rep.

    888 216 4736

    HTC rep has no real T-Mobile of Google agenda. Me: G1 owner, 5 months left on contract.

    If I want to buy the Nexus now:

    #1 Option: buy Nexus at $279, change to the only Nexus One plan at $79,(My G1 plan is also $79 but it’s “all you can eat”. Enter new 2 year contract @$79 (again lower minutes than G1 Plan.

    #2 Option: Buy Nexus One unlocked at full price. Use month to month plan. Drop T-Mobile or Nexus when you want. Re-sell unlocked Nexus One on ebay to recoup some cost. (This is the route the HTC Rep, a G1 owner is personally doing herself).

    #3 Option: The best plan is probably to stick with my G1 for the 4 months left on contract. Then dump T-mobile and buy Nexus One in the Spring with Verizon and superior coverage.

  • http://Website David

    Well, your wishes are HTC’s commands, They have more than one QWERTY-equipped Android phones coming out in the first half of 2010.

    Being a HUMONGOUS Blackberry user, I am terrified to go Android, but I would rather that than the corporate stranglehold that Apple implies. I too love the keys, but after playing around with the touchscreen, I think Palm has the right idea….and their OS is pretty slick.

    They just need nicer looking (and feeling) phones.

  • http://Website andrew raboine

    pointless since they all have the same OS… its like making an iphone with like twenty different designs…. pointless i upgraded to my mytouch from a g1 and has same crappy interface along with a TS keyboard that sucks… wish i still had my iphone

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