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Google to offer SDK for Android live wallpapers

Random people ask to hold my Nexus One every time I pull it out, as I have walked around the show floor of CES. Most of these people know little about Android, but the first thing they always ask about is the live wallpapers. It might seem like a battery draining gimmick to some, but this new feature of Android 2.1 is getting the most buzz from people who are new to Android.

There are currently 10 live wallpapers to choose from and that number will be greatly expanding soon. Google will be releasing a SDK that will allow developers to code their own wallpapers, according to Android Engineer Romain Guy.

What kinds of interactive wallpapers would you like to see developers create?

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  • http://www.twitter.com/g1mr2 g1mr2

    maybe pics from selected pictures in your album with awesome transitioning effects.

  • Android_Kev

    How about an Android peeing on Apple, or the ever classic Matrix code.

    • http://Website Rcarrot7Z
    • http://www.mobilitysite.com Adam Stafford

      The Matrix wallpaper is already been posted to the market place under the name, Digital Rain. Tried it out an it was cool but they need to add the ability to change the text size so its larger. And touch interaction would also be a nice touch, pun intended.

      Adam Stafford
      Contributing Writer, mobilitysite.com

  • http://twitter.com/tdh004 tdh004

    How is the battery on the Nexus One? It’s something that’s kind of got to me on my G1. Will the Nexus One go a full day with out dying from normal usage? I only have about 10 hours of life for my G1 before it’s lights out. (Texting, Gtalk, Gmail, I Tweet, & browser.)

    • http://www.nicholaushaskins.com Nick

      That’s what I’m testing this very minute. I use my phone A LOT becuase I own several business. Always on Twitter, Facebook with Wifi on, several very lengthy phone calls, and right now I am impressed.

      It’s been off the charger for nearly 12 hours, with 25% remaining. This is with Live Wallpapers. None the less…yeah I can’t wait to see more!

      • http://Website Thorpeland

        Cool! The battery life is one of my biggest concerns about the N1. All that greatness cut off at the knees by a 10min battery life wouldn’t be fun. I had to switch to the extended battery on my G1. So im hoping to hear good things about this phones battery life.

    • http://gl0rify.com Stefing

      I’m amazed at the battery life.
      I’ve been really hammering the Nexus One since I got it – downloading apps, changing settings, trying out features – and it’s only just dropped below 40%.
      I have live wallpaper, screen timeout at 2 minutes and the light sensor switched off.

      • http://Website Vanore

        I agree, I grinded my previous mytouch to a halt 10x or more daily. Had to wait at least 5 sec each time for the phone to catch up to me. kb, apps, web, maps, etc… basic stuff.

        the nexus is TOO FAST. I can do anything, with live wallpaper, and gps always on. many phone calls a day (Work:It admin)
        the battery has lasted all day on multiple occations. some 15+ hours til a recharge. and honestly. even a quick 10 – 15 min charge during the day will keep this superphone running way into the next day. i have pics compairing the size of the g1, mytouch, nexus batterys. the nexus is about 35% larger than the mytouch, which is about 15% larger than the G1

    • http://Website david

      the nexus one has one of the best mobile phone batteries yet. i have one and it lasts very long

  • b

    An android making apple sauce

    • http://Website Cybersedan

      HAHAHA, thanks for the good laugh.

  • dja

    Fish aquarium

  • http://www.twitter.com/DrJeckyl Dr.Jeckyl

    Jiggly boobies wallpapers in 3..2..1…..

  • http://Website Bob

    the Matrix green screen is inevitable

  • http://digitalsplit.blogspot.com Sean

    interactive album covers from the music on the device.

  • http://Website Vap1d-

    I’d like to see one that pulls current weather data and displays bg color based on time, if it’s cloudy some sort of cloud effect (check out the black magic smoke wall papers, something like this for clouds) rain drops or snow mixed with the clouds if those are the conditions you get the idea..

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      That’s a great idea

    • http://Website Mocha K

      WOW!!! You are a genius. The best idea ever. That would be awsome i would buy it.

  • Jonathan M

    Do you guys now if there will be additional colors of the nexus one?…

  • http://Website John

    I would like to see a lake from the top with koi swimming in it, like windows screensavers.

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  • mernen

    I hope that means they’ll be releasing a full SDK for 2.1… it hasn’t even had an official announcement yet!

  • http://Website 513

    And another confirmation on his website in the comments :


  • http://www.androidui.net ExtremeT

    I’m seriously eager to get my hands on that SDK and start making some live wallpapers. Now I just need a Nexus One =P

  • http://Website enki

    They should include it in source, if they really want to do some good :)

  • http://Website RandomGuyWeird

    Battery meter, geeky stas on your phone. Leaves dropping off of trees, wintry snowflakes falling, interactive fire!

  • http://Website onlyever

    A VERY detailed and real-looking auarium, an interactive beach, live street-cam views of major cities or traffic or do like a time-lasensitive photo of you favorite city’s downtown scene. something to tie in with MiKandi (lol!), phones to interact with in the background, snow falling, rain falling (maybe on major cities), cute puppies running around (I love puppies)[they're still manly], the sky is the limit (no glass ceiling…)!

  • http://Website Zer0-9

    Solar System model and a rubber ducky that floats on a variable amount of water. Faucet on the right most screen, and drain on the left. That’s what I’ll be making.

  • http://Website meme

    lava lamp

  • http://www.djduni.com Duniel Deya

    I would love to see a nice saltwater tank in the bank ground. Also maybe an android green guy dancing will be funny!

  • http://Website ChrisM

    How about a cloud scape… something like a first person flight through the clouds…sun glare and the works! I’d love to see this and I’d even pay for it!

  • http://Website Antipickle

    my pc background is an apple shaped penguin with a bite out of it
    how bout a penguin eating an apple lol

  • http://Website Domingosalinas


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