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Got T-Mobile? Help us test their new HSPA 7.2

If you have visited this site over the last couple of months, you might have noticed we were really hyping T-Mobile’s planned upgrade to HSPA 7.2. T-Mobile told us the rollout would be complete in 2009 on all their 3G nodes, but we have no evidence it was ever turned on.

Over the last week I have been guessing the launch was pushed back till January 5, 2010 to coincide with the Nexus One launch. According to Phone Scoop, that is exactly what happened.

T-Mobile has yet to publish an official press release, but look for one later today. Phone Scoop is a reliable site and if they are reporting that HSPA 7.2 is live, they likely had access to an early press release from T-Mobile.

We have reached out to T-Mobile USA to confirm the network status, but you can help us test it in the mean time.

Grab the application Speedtest.net from the Android Market (or scan the QR code above) and share your results. For the sake of keeping everything simplified, please run the test with the default settings (kbps). If you are on another network (Sprint or Verizon), feel free to share your 3G speeds as well.

The key things T-Mobile customers should look for are:

  • Improved latency: Ping times under 200 ms.
  • Faster download speeds: Theoretical peak of 7.2 Mbps, but actual speeds should hopefully be around 2000 kbps +.
  • Improved upload speeds: I believe most current model Android phones max out at 2.1 Mbps for upload speed. Anything over 500 kbps is good.

The following is an example of a speed test I ran. It is not exactly blazing fast, but there is an improvement in ping times and download speeds. I’ve only tested in one area of my city and I intend to run a lot more speed tests as we travel the country this week.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G
Corpus Christi, TX
Ping: 177 ms
Download: 800 kbps
Upload: 116 kbps

My speedtest.

Source: Phone Scoop

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://www.haskinsphotography.com Nick

    816 down
    90 up

    Pearland, TX – 30 miles south of Houston

  • http://Website Adam

    I’ve definitely seen much improved latency in the past couple of weeks, but no real speed increase. Most of my pings are under 200ms, and most of them avg around 170ms. But the speed, while I’m not complaining, it’s still good.. average around 800kbps down/300kbps up.

  • http://friendfeed.com/thepeopleseason thepeopleseason

    T-Mobile G1 in Atlanta, GA
    Server: Wichita, KS
    Ping: 219ms
    Download: 912 kbps
    Upload: 428 kbps

  • http://ResultsfromXtremelabsSpeedtest Eric

    Max DL speed: 411.2 kb/s
    Max UL speed: 135.6 kb/s

    G1 CM
    Washington D.C.

  • http://Website Larry

    ran 3 tests:
    download: 689, 587, 874
    upload: 424, 430, 385
    this is on a g1 in detroit, mi

  • http://soft.antonspaans.com Anton Spaans

    I’m in Chelmsford, MA, inside a building, with good 3G reception.

    These are my stats:
    T-Mobile G1
    Ping: 168 ms
    Download: 879 kbps
    Upload: 370 kbps

    Download speed is about 50% improvement over what i got about 2 months ago in Boston. The upload speed is about the same.

  • http://Website dethduck

    Ping: 205
    Down: 900k
    Up : 400k

    Still not seeing it.

  • http://beermapping.com beerinator

    T-Mobile G1
    Chicago, IL (1 bar of 3g according to my phone)
    Ping: 220 ms
    Download: 544 kbps
    Upload: 433 kbps

  • http://sil3ncer7.wordpress.com sil3ncer7

    Just ran it on my G1
    St. Louis Mo
    Ping: 290ms
    Down: .28Mbps
    Up: .33Mbps

    Nothing around here… Maybe their still rolling it out..

  • William Mitschke

    T-Mobile G1
    Schertz, TX (NE San Antonio)
    Ping: 262ms
    Download: 780 kbps
    Upload: 415 kbps

  • mvv_hyd

    Test in Chicago Downtown

    Ping – 258ms
    Download: 572 kbps
    Upload: 305 kbps

  • http://txhoudini.com Eric Weiss

    T-Mobile G1
    Austin, TX (near the airport)
    Ping: 269ms
    Download: 488 kps
    Upload: 396 kps

  • http://www.haskinsphotography.com Nick

    It is noticeably faster…to me. However to the normal person…ehhh….I just don’t know. I’ve never had it spike to over 800 where I live….its always stayed at 600kb on dl speed. Going to reboot and test again from a few different places before I’m convinced.

  • http://thebackslash.com G3K

    T-Mobile G1 with stock Android 1.6
    Palm Desert, CA
    Ping: 183 ms
    Download: 899 kbps
    Upload: 406 kbps

  • http://twitter.com/miketuesday miketuesday

    T-Mobile G1
    Ft Worth, Tx (From McAllen, Tx)
    Ping: 180ms
    Download: 918kbps
    Upload: 371kbps

  • http://Website MBS

    393 D
    211 U

  • http://sil3ncer7.wordpress.com sil3ncer7

    Just ran again..

    for comparison

    Up : 348
    Down : 234
    Ping : 270

    on Cyanogen

  • http://www.twitter.com/bobmcelroy15 BobMcElroy

    I got 576 DOWN
    469 Up
    Im In Nassau County NY

  • http://Website Larry

    T-Mobile G1
    Madison Heights, MI (~15 mi north of Detroit)
    Ping: 308 ms
    Download: 578 kbps
    Upload: 410 kbps

    So probably not 7.2 yet?

  • http://CEnriqueOrtiz.com C. Enrique Ortiz

    Austin (Round Rock)

    Down: 1342.1 kbit/s w/ max of 1382.2
    Up: 437.9 kbit/s w/ max of 531.6


  • http://Website Chris

    735 kbps up
    384 kbps down

    Providence, RI

    • http://Website Chris

      Sorry, reverse the two :-)

  • http://Website batnandu

    T-Mobile G1
    Atlanta, GA
    Ping: 254 ms
    Download: 961 kbps
    Upload: 377 kbps

  • http://Website Bill Ahern

    2275 kbps down
    898 kbps up
    130 ping
    center city Philadelphia

  • http://Website Quentyn

    T-Mobile G1 with Latest Cyanogen Rom Based on Android 1.6
    Milwaukee, WI
    Ping: 249 ms
    Download: 1,027 kbps
    Upload: 353 kbps

    Extremely noticeable speed boost for me. I’m used to getting ~300kbps downstream and ~60 kbps upstream

  • http://Website John

    At Portland Airport with 3 of 4 bars.

    ping: 229 ms
    down: 573 kbps
    up: 308 kbps

    • http://Website thecolorifix

      Also in Portland, OR

      Ping: 378
      DL: 577
      UL: 378

      Nothing new here so far.

  • http://Website Eric

    Wash D.C. (with Speedtest.net this time)

    UP 349
    DL 611

  • c.phresh

    349 up
    MT3G Cm4.2.11.1
    Pearland texas 77584

  • http://Website Holly

    On the MyTouch 3G:
    Download: 335 kbps
    Upload: 147 kbps
    Ping: 294 ms

  • http://www.theofficialnetwork.net Liv

    down: 1429
    up: 425
    ping: 146
    NYC, NY

  • http://Website juan

    1254 down
    313 up
    171 ping
    new york ny

  • http://Website Mark Goho

    Tested a few times. Here are the highs:

    T-Mobile G1
    Rochester, NY
    Ping: 213 ms
    Download: 818 kbps
    Upload: 341 kbps

  • http://Website Dennis

    Ping: 157ms
    DL speed: 910 kbps
    UL speed: 238 kbps

    Long Beach, CA

    • http://geekyweekly.com Andrew

      Downey, CA (just north of Long Beach)

      Ping: 144ms
      Down: 942 kbps
      Up: 367 kbps

  • Tim Stackhouse

    G1 with GyanogenMod
    Mt. Laurel, NJ (5-10 Miles due east of Philadelphia)
    Ping 144 ms
    Down 611 kbps
    up 654 kbps

  • http://www.haskinsphotography.com Nick

    Reset data connection and re-tested
    968 down
    300 up

    Whats’ weird is that I now get 3G inside of a metal shed, which it always dropped to edge by that time because it’s all metal and acts as a Faraday cage of sorts. The fact that I can get nearly 1 mbps down inside of the shed could only mean that the signal is now better, and stronger.

    I’m convinced.

    Pearland, TX

  • http://Website Kyle

    mt3g with CM
    Austin, TX
    Ping: 264 ms
    Down: 652 kbps
    Up: 412 kbps

    Don’t see any improvements here =(

  • http://Website pdc177

    MyTouch 3G in Houston, TX

    PING 242ms

    Download 585kbps

    Upload 321kbps

    No real changes for me.

  • Howlin_Mad

    Carrier: T-Mobile
    Handset: Motorola Cliq w/The Dudes CliqCake v0.4.1
    Location: Portland, OR (Downtown)
    Server: Wichita, KS
    Download: 1923 kbps
    Upload: 420 kbps
    Ping: 141 ms

  • Drizzle

    Down 867
    Up 387

    Slight improvement but DROID in Atlanta bangs out 3000

  • http://Website Jerome Woody

    My G1 in Seattle, WA…

    176 ms ping, 999 kbps down 355 kbps up

    • http://Website deno

      T-Mobile MyTouch 3G
      Seattle, WA

      ping: 242ms
      Down: 615k
      Up: 423k

      same as a month ago.

  • http://Website phx

    588 down 392 up
    phoenix, az
    mytouch3g tmo (added by Mobile using Mippin)

  • http://twitter.com/dosapa dosapa

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Norristown, PA (outside Philadelphia)
    Inddors, 3/4 bars 3G
    Ping: 151 ms
    Download: 865 kbps
    Upload: 710 kbps

    I’ve been checking over the past few weeks and it seems to be marginally higher than my previous fastest speeds. No statistical increase, though.

  • http://Website thexder

    Testing from Louisville, KY using Wichita, KS server
    G1 w/ CyanogenMod

    ping: 249ms
    572 kbps download
    188 kbps upload

  • http://Website Yatima

    Last night I was playing with speedtest and I saw this
    Location: San Antonio, TX (At home)
    Server: Forth Worth, TX(Dallas)
    D: 1363 kbps
    U: 392 kbps
    Ping: 157 ms

    Though as I run the test today Im getting less
    Location: San Antonio, TX (At work)
    Server: San Antonio, TX
    D: 530 kpbs
    U: 429 kbps
    Ping: 271 ms

    On my Samsung Behold II << I love it

  • http://www.barryleesmith.com Barry

    Down: 281kbps
    Up: 332kbps
    Ping: 236ms

  • http://Website Joe

    T-Mobile Albany, NY

    Ping: 224

    DL: 821

    UL: 356

  • http://Website Ken L.

    657 kbps down
    391 kbps up
    149 ms ping

    inside downtown office build Wash. DC
    (almost double normal; not 7.2M. will check in open air.)

  • http://Website SeT

    Los Angeles
    Ping 174 ms
    Down 1090 kbps
    Up 856 kbps

  • http://Website DaveB

    Myrtle Beach, SC, which only recently had 3G turn up.

    Using my G1:

    Ping is 161ms
    706k down
    361k up

  • http://Website Rik Wigz

    3g- 3 bars
    Location: Arlington, TX (In the shadow of Cowboys Stadium)
    Server: Fort Worth, TX(Dallas)
    D: 621, 540, 950, 619 kbps
    U: 423, 418, 401, 423 kbps
    P: 270, 261, 171, 239 ms

    All but one result (950 down)is pretty uniform.

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    Here in Portland, Maine
    .4 up

    no change.

  • http://thenokiablog.com Mark Guim

    Getting about 6Mbps download and at least 1Mbps upload here in NYC. Screenshots: http://thenokiablog.com/4160

  • http://Website luke911

    Oklahoma City
    Ping 298ms
    Down: 545kbps
    Up: 368kbps

    These are pretty average speeds over the past few months from my 4th floor office.

  • http://Website nmw407

    Carrier: T-mobile
    Phone: G1 – rooted – Dwang 1.7.1
    Location: Orlando, FL
    Server: Tampa, FL
    Download: 803 kbps
    Upload: 380 kbps
    ping: 169 ms
    tested 01/06/10 – 8:00am

    Server: Tallahassee, FL
    Download: 869 kbps
    Upload: 367 kbps
    ping: 175 ms
    tested 01/06/10 – 11:25am

  • http://thomashunsaker.com thunsaker

    T-Mobile G1
    Phoenix, AZ (Central Ave & Thomas Rd)
    Ping: 245 ms
    Down: 874 kbps
    Up: 435 kbps

  • http://Website eClipse

    T-Mobile G1
    Itasca, IL (West or O’Hare Airport)

    3 bars

    Ping 138 ms
    Down 802 kbps
    Up 197 kbps

    (One test got a 431 up, but degraded with more tests)

  • http://www.dgtallika.com alanxr

    Still no 3g love for Puerto Rico, what is t-mobile waiting? 4g?

  • http://Website Jason

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G (stock 1.6) in Houston, TX
    Server: Austin, TX
    Download: 967 kbps
    Upload: 241 kbps
    Ping: 137 ms

  • http://androidrelease.com blake

    San francisco, ca
    963 kb down
    153 kb up

  • http://gyurigrell.com Gyuri

    myTouch 3G in Fairfax, VA
    down: 844kbps
    up: 370kbps
    ping: 145ms

  • http://Website Bill

    Tulsa, OK

    These are the best results so far
    Down: 917 kbps
    UP: 358 kbps
    PING: 196ms

  • http://www.bryansportfolio.com Bryan

    492kbps down
    387k upload
    362ms ping

    Just outside downtown orlando.

  • http://Website crepes

    On 12/23/2009 in Houston, TX with 4 bars against the San Marcos, TX server I got 550 up and 410 down with 256ms ping running CM

    On 1/5/2010 in Richmond, TX with 4 bars against the Austin, TX server I got 550 up and 400 down with 272ms ping running CM


  • http://Website Gordon

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G

    St Peters, MO

    Ping: 232 ms
    Download: 835 kbps
    Upload: 252 kbps

  • http://Website Franz

    G1 – CyanogenMod in Lynchburg, VA
    Down: 801 kbps
    Up: 352 kbps
    Ping: 205ms

  • http://Website Sara

    T-Mobile cliq
    cleveland, oh
    Ping: 300 ms
    Download: 548 kbps
    Upload: 197 kbps

  • http://Website David

    T-Mobile G1, vanilla
    Bloomington-Normal, IL (middle of state)

    Ping: 412ms
    D: 43 kbps
    U: 13 kbps

    yeah, feel that Edge goodness.

    How about turning 3G on here, T-Mobile?! huh? think you could do that?

  • Henry S

    Los Angeles
    Test Date: Jan 5, 2010 8:30:16 am
    Connection Type: Utms

    Download: 999 kbps
    Upload: 222 kbps
    Ping: 133 ms

  • http://Website PM

    test1: 547down, 424up, 233ping
    test2: 1825down, 393up, 211ping
    test3: 1531down, 320up, 211ping

    G1 Seattle, WA

  • http://Website Deepak

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Birmingham, AL
    Ping: 422 ms
    Download: 559 kbps
    Upload: 429 kbps

  • luis

    I’m in building good 3G but I’m getting bad readings
    Raleigh, NC

    Tested 5x
    T-Mobile G1
    Ping: 999
    Download: -0

  • http://Website Steven

    T-Mobile Google Ion
    Kansas City, MO
    Ping: 152 ms
    Download: 1735 kbps
    Upload: 345 kbps

  • http://Website Jerry

    T-mobile G1
    Carrollton, TX
    Ping: 172 ms
    D/L: 883 kbps
    U/L: 353 kbps

  • http://Website sassy

    T-Mobile G1
    Birmingham, AL
    Ping: 251 ms
    Download: 653 kbps
    Upload: 368 kbps

    Note: only 2 bars on my 3g. Will be interesting to watch.

  • http://Website Corey

    T-Mobile G1
    Broomfield, CO

  • http://Website Andy

    test 1: 8350, 873, 135
    test 2: 8521, 901, 132

    Test Date: 01/05/2009 11.50 AM
    from New Port Richey, FL

  • http://Website Corey

    T-Mobile G1
    Broomfied, CO
    D/L: 963 kbps
    U/L: 409 kbps
    Ping: 255ms

  • http://Website Andy

    Sorry, I made mistake

  • http://Website Defiantbeast

    Philadelphia, PA
    North Philadelphia section
    Ive been testing for the last 2 weeks or so especially after new years and im noticing increased speeds my max was 3085kbps which is fantastic.

  • http://Website Jesse

    MyTouch 3G
    Spring Valley, CA

    Ping: 143 ms
    Down: 790 kbps
    Up: 195 kbps

  • http://Website rpaul

    T-Mobile G1
    Tacoma, WA
    ping: 284 ms
    dl: 558 kbps
    ul: 403 kbps

  • http://Website Jeff

    Verizon Droid
    Escondido CA
    Ping: 106 ms
    D/L: 2413 kbps
    U/L: 637 kbps

  • http://Website Luke

    T-Mobile G1
    Newton, MA
    Ping: 160ms
    D/L: 754kbps
    U/L: 343 kbps

  • http://Website Simone

    Anaheim, CA
    Download: 417
    Upload: 307

  • http://Website Matt

    T-Mobile G1
    Indianapolis, IN
    Ping: 300ms
    D/L: 667 kbps
    U/L: 307 kbps

  • http://Website Jon

    T-Mobile Google Ion
    McLean, VA
    Ping: 158 ms
    Download: 1513 kbps
    Upload: 372 kbps

    WAY faster than previous tests

  • http://androidandme.com/2010/01/carriers/t-mobile-news/got-t-mobile-help-us-test-their-new-hspa-7-2/ Tex

    Server: Kansas City, MO
    G1 CMod

    Ping: 257 ms
    Down: 567 kbps
    Up: 416 kbps

  • http://Website Ben

    Jan 5, 2010 @ 11:21:53 w/ G1

    I’m located in downtown Houston right now.

    Download: 884 kbps
    Upload: 312 kbps
    Ping: 165 ms
    Server: Austin, TX

  • http://Website Felix

    best for today and last month

    T-Mobile G1
    Minneapolis, MN
    Ping: 244 ms
    Download: 1878 kbps
    Upload: 399 kbps

    Ping: 182 ms
    Download: 1880 kbps
    Upload: 385 kbps

  • Jay

    Akron, OH
    Motorola Cliq
    Ping: 322 ms
    KB/S: 431
    Down: 580
    Up: 431

  • juanito

    Server: San Francisco CA

    Sacramento County CA (Near Watt Ave. & Marconi Ave).

    G1 Stock 1.6

    Ping 136 ms
    Download 725
    Upload 227

    However, for the past week at my home in El Dorado Hills CA I’ve gotten 1 bar of 3G where normally I’m strictly EDGE. In-town in El Dorado Hills (lower elevation) 2 – 3 bars of 3G. Not consistent though…

  • http://Website ericnils

    Not seeing much of a difference…

    T-Mobile G1
    Boston, MA
    Ping 272ms
    Down 469 kbps
    Up 272 kbps

  • Jay

    Just tested a 2nd time ….Much improved!
    Akron, OH
    Motorola Cliq
    Down: 904
    UP: 400
    Ping: 263
    KB/S: 400

  • http://Website Joshua

    T-Mobile G1
    Chicago, IL (Lincoln Park)

    Ping: 162ms
    Down: 0.86 Mbps
    Up: 0.37Mbps

  • Mike V.

    Tested with Speedtest App in Wilmington, DE

    Server: Philadelphia, PA
    D/L- 600-800kbps
    U/L- 200-400kbps

    Tested multiple times and these are the usual results.

  • t1h5ta3

    ive been trying to report 2-2.5 meg down in seattle since just after the 25th… aperently my direct message wont fo thru on twitter because your not following me,


  • http://www.googleandblog.com/ Michael Martin

    1009 kbps download
    375 kbps upload

    TMo 3G in San Diego

  • http://Website chris

    G1 — CyanogenMod
    Doylestown, PA – not to far out of Philadelphia.

    Averages 850 up and down with pings in the 150 range.

  • http://Website Goyuix

    Down: 255
    Up: 263
    Ping: 209


  • http://Website Troy

    154ms ping
    880 down
    735 up

    Orange County, CA
    G1 w/ Cyanogen on TMobile

  • http://Website Dave

    i ran my tests at work and had 3 out of 4 bars for reception. i currently have Super D 1.4 experimental rom installed on my MT3G.

    Location: Philadelphia, PA (19th and Market St to be exact)
    Server: Philadelphia, PA hosted by Comcast

    1st test
    D: 375 kbps
    U: 226 kbps
    Ping: 169 ms

    2nd test
    D: 260 kbps
    U: 230 kbps
    Ping: 169 ms

    3rd test
    D: 418 kbps
    U: 195 kbps
    Ping: 146 ms

    i ran a couple more tests while i was outside for lunch, with signal varying from 2 out of 4 bars to 4 out of 4.

    D: 534 kbps
    U: 250 kbps
    Ping: 145 ms

    D: 558 kbps
    U: 258 kbps
    Ping 156 ms

    D: 407 kbps
    U: 249 kbps
    Ping: 158 ms

    Speeds seem to be consistent with what i’ve experienced last year.

  • http://www.everythinglegit.com Rmaon

    I’m still getting the same old..latency has it improved though..

    T-Mobile G1
    New York, NY
    Ping: 111 ms
    Download: 1905 kbps
    Upload: 428 kbps

  • http://www.everythinglegit.com Ramon

    I’m still getting the same old..latency has it improved though..

    T-Mobile G1
    New York, NY
    Ping: 111 ms
    Download: 1905 kbps
    Upload: 428 kbps

    *corrected my name..

  • http://Website brian

    indianapolis in
    ping 171
    download 1215 kbps
    upload 404 kbps

    if anyone knows how to take a screen shot with a mytouch i will send the proof.

  • http://Website brian

    does anyone else have to run it a few times before they get good speeds?

  • http://Website David Sugg

    T-Mobile G1
    Collingdale, PA (just West of Philadelphia)
    Ping: 140 – 150 ms
    Download: 4,669; 3,635; 5,176; 3,075; 2,775kbps
    Upload: 855; 791; 647; 827;867 ; 890 kbps

  • Mike V.

    I posted test results a few posts back from Wilmington, DE. I ran test using mobilespeedtest.com and get download speeds on an average of 4500kbps after testing 5 times. Then i used Speedtest App again and still get around 800kbps download speed.
    Whats the deal with that?

  • http://Website Yatima

    I figured out the deal with the slow speeds some are still seeing. The high speed only kicks in when downloading alot of date. So use mobilespeedtest.com and do a test with 2mb or higher. I’m guessing this means the high speed is kept for apps that do alot of streaming(youtube, pandora, etc) and I think thats how it should be. Browsing the web doesnt need that much speed

  • http://Website Shugbear

    T-Mobile MyTouch
    Framingham MA

    Ping 126 ms
    Download 400-945 kbps
    Upload 380-390 kbps

  • http://Website John

    @Ramon, 1905 is your same old? Maybe I need to move! Where do you live? I have always gotten about 900 in the LES. (I’m in Ottawa now so I can’t test it).

  • http://mobilespeedtest.com Zac Hart

    2040.816 kbps – .473 latency, oklahoma city, oklahoma Edge Network

  • http://www.MyClubTees.com vAx

    T-Mobile MyTouch
    Chicago IL

    Ping: 246 ms
    Download: 556 kbps
    Upload: 366 kbps

  • http://www.uniquephioto.com Matt S

    BB Bold 9700 3G
    Fairfield, NJ
    Down 866
    Up 7.47 :-(

  • http://Website Christopher

    T-Mobile G1
    New York, NY
    Ping: 126 ms
    Download: 552 kbps
    Upload: 742 kbps

  • http://mondofood.com Michael

    Denver, CO

    887 Down
    371 Up
    162 Ping

  • http://bl.ogin.me Tynen

    Max down speed: 936 KBPS
    Max UP speed: 385 KBPS
    Ping: 180 MS

    10 Miles north of Seattle, WA

  • http://Website Claude

    T-Mobile G1
    Boston, MA
    Ping: 191 ms
    Download: 995 kbps
    Upload: 384 kbps

  • http://Website Crunkcory

    Ping:258 ms
    Down:587 kbps
    Upload:291 Kbps

  • http://Website Nathan

    T-Mobile Motorola Cliq
    991 Down
    393 Up
    289 Ping

  • http://Cool3stNERD.com Justin Robinson

    I got
    1260 down
    386 Up

    On My T-Mobile G1 in Philadelphia, PA

  • alex

    motorola cliq

    download: 869 kbps
    upload:407 kbps
    ping :224 mms

  • alex

    Tampa FL thats me ^

  • http://Website rainier

    Chicago, IL — Lincolnwood

    845 kbs dl
    356 kbs ul
    265 ping

    T-Mobile G1, CM

  • http://Website Jon

    Downtown Chicago, IL
    Indoors next to an exterior wall with 3 bars of signal
    G1 with CM
    Across several tests, my best score for each was:

    Download: 1921
    Upload: 400
    Ping: 137

    By the way, I got similar results late 12/31/2009 outdoors on the Northwest Side of Chicago. I wondered at the time if T-Mobile was getting in just under the wire.

  • http://Website Arcanjo

    only 363 down and 165 up… Feeling disappointed in Ogden Utah, 30 miles north of SLC.

  • http://Website Gerry R

    T-Mo G1, CyanogenMod Rom
    Chicago, IL

    1727 kbps Down

    382 kbps Up

    264 ms Ping

    BIG Difference!

  • http://Website Nate

    Stock G1, 1.6:

    (In Laurel, MD, 15 min N. of DC)

    Washington, DC: down: 232 kbps, up: 417 kbps
    Ashburn, VA: down: 996 kbps, up: 383 kbps

  • http://Website David

    Bloomington-Normal, IL

    so my earlier complaint worked…
    i drive across town and have 3G

    T-Mobile G1, vanilla
    ping: 252
    D: 438
    U: 363

  • http://Website John

    Stock Cliq, 1.5
    Bellevue, WA
    2990 kbps down
    602 kbps up
    ping 369 ms

    When I switched to wifi, my down was slower at 2793 kbps

  • http://Website alamoe

    Rooted T-Mobile G1
    Auburn, AL

    Ping – 250ms
    DL – 633kbps
    UL – 366kbps

  • http://Website Phazon

    Motorola Cliq 1.5
    Los Angeles, CA 90064
    889 Kbps down
    808 Kbps up
    ping 174ms

    • http://twitter.com/jamesj0 jamesj

      Thanks Phazon, I’m getting similar results

      Los Angeles
      Moto CLIQ stock
      Down 802 kbps
      Up 802 kbps
      Ping 144 ms

      All day long in two locations my upload speed has been greater than my download speed. I used to get < 200 kbps up.
      On a less objective note, websites seem more quick to load especially when there are a lot of individual items/images.

      Getting erratic results this evening though

      MyTouch 3G
      Down 588 kbps
      Up 749 kbps
      Ping 149

      10 seconds later with the CLIQ again

      Down 792 kbps
      Up 803 kbps
      Ping 114

      Observations / Questions
      1. I don't think this is using a large enough file for testing.
      2. I get different upload results from Xtremelabs Speedtest
      3. I wish I had tether ability then I could do a proper test

      Down 683 kbps
      Up 253 kbps
      (it does not have ping test)

      The second (upload test) is faster, so I think it must be an even smaller file than the download file.

  • http://Website mapin

    T-Mobile G1, Cyanogen, 3G 2 bars indoors.
    Bensalem, PA (Philadelphia server)
    9PM EST

    I think speeds will pick up late at night with less traffic, will post again later to compare. I repeated 10 times and averaged. I also give you the min/max/std error values to give you a sense of the variability. Download speeds are extremely variable as you will see, while ping times and upload speeds are quite consistent:

    ping: avg: 145.8 / min: 120 / max: 159 / std err: 3.45
    down: avg: 2536 / min: 1218 / max: 3437 / std err: 208
    up: avg: 871 / min: 848 / max: 892 / std err: 5.51

    • http://Website mapin

      Tried this again at 1:30AM. The off-peak time seems to have made a difference in increasing the download speed and making it more consistent. Just a hunch.

      ping: avg: 134.7 / min: 116 / max: 168 / std err: 5.94
      down: avg: 4104 / min: 3846 / max: 4297 / std err: 42.7
      up: avg: 765 / min: 700 / max: 794 / std err: 8.1

      Difference between 9PM and 1:30AM:
      ping: 11.1 ms faster average for 1:30AM.
      down: 1568kbps faster average for 1:30AM.
      up: 105.7kbps slower average for 1:30AM.

  • http://twitter.com/vanillacokehead Vanilla Cokehead

    TMO G1, Cyanogen 4.2.12, 3G 2 bars indorrs
    Cuyahoga Falls, OH (Akron/ Cleveland area)
    21:45 EST

    ping: 331 ms
    down: 606 kbps
    up: 407 kbps

    TMO started running 3G in the Akron area in August – and the coverage was rather spotty. Last month, they lit up more 3G cells (it’s pretty consistently 3G now in Akron and the inner suburbs to Akron).

    When I first got 3G, the upload speed averaged about 200-300 kbps down and 125-150 kbps up. I wonder if TMO turned on HSPA 7.2 when they added the 3G cells last month in the Akron area.

    Now I average about 500-600 kbps down and 300-400 kbps up. The download speeds are pretty consistent between indoor and outdoor locations; the upload speeds go down quite a bit when indoors (sometimes as low as 100-200 kbps).

    Now only if I can get the iheartradio app to work on their reasonably quick 3G network – works in my wifi at home but not over TMO’s HSPA. :~

  • http://Website John H

    In Manhattan during the work day:

    1000k-1400k down
    300-400k up

    In Brooklyn(11201) evening:

    4000-4200k down
    300-400k up

    Previously I really couldn’t get better than 400k down. Its a big improvement.

    tested via speedtest and ztremelabs apps


  • http://Website Doob

    Sitting on my couch. I live outside of Spartanburg, SC and ran several tests.

    The Latency was 138ms, download was 0.7Mbps and upload was 0.25 Mbps on the first test with nothing else running.

    Rebooted the Mytouch and tried again after the MT was idle.
    Latency: 228
    Up: 0.11 Mbps
    Down: 0.21 Mbps

    Tried again and got:
    Ping: 210
    Down: .83Mbps
    Up: .08Mbps

    Took 25 readings. Really kinds of sucks when you averaged and removed the Highest and lowest speeds

    Ping: 288
    Down: 0.45 Mbps
    UP: 0.12 Mbps

    I’ll try again tomorrow at work to see if the speeds increase.

    Wait…… I’ll connect to my home router and won’t worry about the speed.

  • http://www.everythinglegit.com Ranib

    @john…yep! same old since the speedtest.net app came out. I’m in Manhattan New York @ 116 street. I usually get faster at times square, just never got the chance to test it.

    I believe the speedtest.net app needs a longer download speed test cause near the end my download speed always begin to climb.. i wish they would update it to make you pick how long it should be. Its really not good for speeds over 2mbps though. I connected my wifi and it reach 4mpbs by the end when it was increasing. My regular internet speed at home is 9mbps down and 512kbps up.

  • http://www.everythinglegit.com Ramon

    @john…yep! same old since the speedtest.net app came out. I’m in Manhattan New York @ 116 street. I usually get faster at times square, just never got the chance to test it.

    I believe the speedtest.net app needs a longer download speed test cause near the end my download speed always begin to climb.. i wish they would update it to make you pick how long it should be. Its really not good for speeds over 2mbps though. I connected my wifi and it reach 4mpbs by the end when it was increasing. My regular internet speed at home is 9mbps down and 512kbps up.

    *corrected ma name again..i really should sign up, its hard getting use to a new keyboard at times.

  • http://Website Patrick O’Leary

    Not feeling the love in Madison, AL (next to Huntsville):

    Download 570 kbps
    Upload 280 kbps

    Off a fresh reboot, using SpeedTest.net’s app. Pretty much in line with what I’ve been getting. 3G, full bars.

    • http://Website Patrick O’Leary

      In Huntsville proper, 3G, full bars:
      Download 245 kbps
      Upload 116 kbps
      Ping 240 ms

  • http://Website devaughn

    Here in jersey.. not seeing any speed boast on download but seeing huge boast on uploads 885 is the fastest download but i have seen it that fast before, when i first got the G1, but allday the slowest upload speed i hit 300 to 350 range.. last test i ran 12.04am i got 790kbps download 900kbps upload… so im seeing monster uploads nothing diffrent on downloads

  • http://Website DavidB

    2miles from SFO,CA

    Three tries around 11pm
    902kbps down
    185kbps up.
    ? ping

    470 down
    46 up
    210 ping

    840 down
    181 up
    296 ping

  • http://www.twitter.com/ronburgundy RonBurgundy

    Detroit Mi
    MyTouch 3G
    DL – 2178, 2238, 1736
    UL – 824, 800, 513

  • http://Website RobertS

    falls church, va
    1020kbps up
    368kbps down

  • http://www.danfrankrealty.com DanFrankTX

    In Pearland TX my test was:

    338 Down
    396 Up
    370 Ping

  • DanFrankTX

    In Pearland TX close to Friendswood my 2nd test is much different…

    932 Down
    434 Up
    247 Ping

    • DanFrankTX

      I use the T-Mobile MyTouch

  • http://thisiscourtney.com Courtney

    Ran this test on my G1 in Minneapolis. Only had 1-2 out of 4 bars of service at the time.

    735 Down
    334 Up
    271 Ping

  • http://Website ken

    i sure hope those Detroit speeds work their way out to Ann Arbor. After about 10 speedtests i get an average of around 600 down and 400 up which is normal for me.

  • http://Website Dane Greening

    Celina, TX
    Download: 600kbps
    Upload: 363kbps

  • http://Website Jimmy

    Test Date: Jan 5, 2010 7:17:02 pm
    Connection Type: Utms

    Download: 865 kbps
    Upload: 228 kbps
    Ping: 128 ms

    A detailed image for this result can be found here:


  • http://Website Hector

    D: 275
    U: 134
    P: 259

    G1 in Miami, FL

    did test three times, with very similar results. showing 3g.

  • http://Website Peter

    T-Mobile/G1 1.6
    ping: 142ms
    download: 1006 kbps
    upload: 856 kbps
    Sewell, NJ

  • http://Website RickM

    386 Ping
    533 Down
    386 Up

  • http://tastylibations.com sylvan

    T-Mobile myTouch 3G
    Location : Portland, OR
    Server: Grand Forks, ND
    Three test runs:
    Ping: 269, 290, 286 ms
    Download: 709, 831, 866 kbps
    Upload: 392, 389m 318 kbps

  • http://Website Tom, New York, NY

    T-Mobile Nexus One
    New York, NY
    Ping: 112 ms
    Download: 1717 kbps
    Upload: 1227 kbps

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  • http://Website Mark W

    T-Mobile G1
    St. Charles, MO (St. Louis Metro area)
    Ping: 153 ms
    Download: 858kbps
    Upload: 356 kbps

    Tested from my kitchen

  • http://theworldinpolaroid.blogspot.com/ Brikon

    T-mobile G1
    Bk, Ny

  • http://Website Rashad

    T-mobile G1
    Hollywood, FL
    Ping: 275 ms
    Down: 566 kbps
    Up: 413 kbps

  • http://Website Android_Kev

    T-Mobile G1
    Jacksonville Florida

    Ping: 182, 187, 194 sec
    Down: 923, 927, 920 kbps
    Up: 371, 372, 371 kbps

    Been the same download for a while (about 1 mbit) but increase in upload speed(used to be around 150 kbps)

  • http://Website Ron Cornelous

    T-Mobile G1
    Raleigh, NC

    Ping: 139 ms
    Download: 755 kbps
    Upload: 367 kbps

  • http://Website Freddy

    T-Mobile G1
    Homestead, Florida

    Ping: 229
    down: 529
    up: 49

    even though these numbers are low, i can still considerably see the difference in the speed of my internet. The pages are loaded faster, and large pages dont take as long to see.

  • http://Website Ajay

    T-Mobile (Unlimited Data Plan) | Unlocked Nexus One
    Encino, California (Inside the Studio)
    Ping: 135ms
    Download: 491kbps
    Upload: 503 kbps

  • http://Website Sufian

    Nexus One
    Irvine, CA

    Ping: 112ms
    Down: 907kbps
    Up: 737kbps

  • http://Website Vladimir

    T-Mobile Mytouch 3G
    Brooklyn, NY

    Ping: 121 ms
    Down: 3028 kbps
    Up: 832kbps

    kilobits/sec = 832

  • http://Website The GMG

    Nexus One
    Hagerstown, MD

    Ping:142 ms
    Down: 872 kbps
    Up: 387 kbps

  • http://Website Daniel

    Google Nexus One
    Clifton, NJ

    Ping 53ms
    Down: 1528kbps
    Up: 1212kbps

    Ran a few tests, DL was average 1300-1500, UL was average 1000-1200. I only have 2-3 bars of service.

  • http://Website Eamon

    Ping: 132
    Down: 919 kbps
    Up: 970 kbps

    Torrance, CA

  • http://Website P

    Nexus One in Dallas, TX.

    I have the temporary solution of nailing up WCDMA to 3G only using the Any Cut app.

    Speed test app-
    ping 161ms
    808kbps down,
    415kbps up.

    Using 3G test app -
    ping – 192ms
    644kbps down
    36kbps up

  • http://www.chiasoft.net MooMoo

    I’m on T-Mobile in NYC using a Nexus One Rooted + Tethered on Laptop. Speeds are below with official speedtest.net image, so you know I’m not making it up :P


    Ping: 85ms
    DL: 4.49Mbps
    UL: 1.24Mbps

    Gotta Love New York! Also, rumors are T-Mobile is testing HSPA+ 21 Mbps over in Philadelphia. Anyone got proof?

  • http://Website Ken

    Phone: Nexus One
    City: Mason, Oh.
    Ping: 293
    Download: 556
    Upload: 428
    Mobile Network Type: UMTS

  • http://Website Ed

    New York, NY

    T-Mobile G1/1.6
    Speedtest w/default settings

    Ping: 133 | 119 | 124 | 139 | 120 | 128
    Dn: 1842 | 1896 | 1589 | 1514 | 1569 | 1848
    Up: 414 | 414 | 414 | 414 | 422 | 410

  • nomad33fw

    Oviedo, FL (just out side of Orlando)

    Nexus One
    Mobile Network Type:UMTS

    This seems slow if it is supposed to be HSPA

  • http://Website sonicblast

    TMobile G1 / 1.6
    Costa Mesa, CA 92626

    EDGE 3G
    Ping: 414 127
    Down: 121 893
    Up: 89 218

    An improvement, but still rather slow for HSPA

  • http://Website Steve

    T-Mobile MyTouch 3G

    PING: 149 ms
    DL: 1605 kbps
    UL: 880 kbps

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  • http://Website justme

    St. Louis, MO
    T-Mobile G1 (cyanogen 4.2.13)
    674kbps down
    372kbps up
    272ms ping

  • http://Website Thomas

    Houston Texas
    Nexus One
    1686 Kbps down
    394 Kbps up
    156ms ping

  • http://Website Vivek Iyer

    San Diego, CA
    Nexus One
    830 kbps down
    757 kbps up
    108ms ping

  • markside

    Spring, Tx
    Nexus One
    1717 kbps down
    393 kbps up
    153ms ping

  • http://nicks-blog.net websurf90

    From what I’m seeing in these comments, people running Cyanogen 4 on a G1 are getting faster speeds overall especially in Pings.

  • http://Website fl_jeep

    .75 Mbps down
    .36 Mbps up
    229ms ping
    Tampa, FL server
    speedtest.net app

  • http://Website Dan T

    T-Mobile G1
    CM 4.2.15

    down 1007 kbps
    up 873 kbps
    ping 191 ms

  • http://Website mike

    I’ve been trying to find out if the original my touch 3g will get the 2.1 version of android or if it is even capable or will I need the new my touch or something better can anyone help clear this up for me.

  • http://Website allen

    T-Mobile G1

    Down: 1616 kbps
    Up: 822 kbps
    Ping 132 ms

    Temple City, California

  • http://Website Adam

    down 1402 kbps
    up 1159 kbps
    ping 117 ms

    Location NYC

  • http://Website Jose

    down. 478 kbps
    up. 118 kbps
    ping. 211 ms

    miami, fl

    T-Mo with N1

  • http://Website Paul

    Motorola Cliq

    down: 2723 kbps
    up:972 kbps

    Philadelphia, PA

  • dallasbubba

    1183 down
    103 up

  • http://Website uga_boy

    1710 down
    497 up
    129ms ping

    Columbus, GA

  • http://Website Ryon

    3.0 MB down
    1.0 MB up

    Laguna Hills, CA

  • clintj

    Tmobile My Touch 3G Slide Cyanogen 6


    Down: 2760 kbps
    Up: 1325 kbps
    159ms Ping

    Myrtle Beach, SC

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