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Hands on the Motorola Backflip

Last night at the Pepcom event we got a quick chance to play with the new Motorola Backflip, a reverse flip phone featuring a keyboard on the back of the unit.

As you can see, it looks like a close sibling of the Cliq. It’s running Android 1.5 with Motoblur. At this time Motorola hasn’t announced a carrier but it looks like this thing might be headed to AT&T.

Thoughts? Any of you guys interested in this?

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  • http://twitter.com/tdh004 tdh004

    So now we can “butt text?” Forget butt dial, you put that thing in your pocket and pull out to all kinds of “l.kj;ljkhasdl;kj” being sent around.

    Any word on if “closing” the phone disables the keyboard? How accurate is the “touch pad” on the back? Is the screen touch as well, or just a regular screen with the pad in the back?

    • http://androidsandsheep.com Pearl

      I want to know too: is the screen also touch sensitive?

      • http://Website MrTremor

        I saw a demo video and it is a touch screen phone. Capacitive

  • rushdamian

    IMHO, the design looks cheap and unrefined. The trackpad behind the keyboard has me intrigued, though. Innovative design to say the least. Will reserve further judgement until I have a chance to play with it.

  • Ryan

    Looks like junk

  • http://inspireddays.blogspot.com/ DaniDannyDanielle

    That touchpad on the back looks shifty. But I buy with my eyes and that big keyboard is looking quite nice rightnow…

  • alex

    i was seeing how the touchpad would feel on my cliq and i think its more comfortable having the touch pad on the back of the keyboard… not the back of the screen

  • http://www.everything.com Ramon

    Hell no!! Too cheap for my taste.

  • http://Website Quasar

    I think it’s an ugly looking phone. I thought Motoblur was nice when I first saw it on the Cliq but now it just looks messy. I just got the N1, and it has everything I wanted (and didn’t want) in a phone. The design of the Backflip just wouldn’t work for me.

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  • http://Website Grid

    It looks good…touch screen, qwerty keypad and ….

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  • http://Website CJ

    Not even if it were free! Android 1.6? Really?! AT&T?

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