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HP demos Snapdragon powered Android smartbook

HP showed off an Android-powered smartbook tonight that was running on the Snapdragon platform. We lit the HP rep up with endless questions, but all he could tell us was “It’s a tech demo”.

We were lucky enough to hold the device and play with it, but the rep didn’t want us checking the settings to see which version of Android it was running. Based on the icons we saw on the desktop, this device was definitely running a custom version of Android 1.5 or 1.6 (but not 2.0).

The only details that were shared about the device were its 10 inch resistive touch screen and weight of 2.2 lbs.

In my short time with the HP smartbook, I would say it is leaps and bounds above any Android tablet/netbook/smartbook. The device featured a completely custom UI that was tailor made by HP. The keyboard also included Android specific buttons for search, menu, and back.

Since this was only a tech demo HP would not comment on pricing or availability, but I have a feeling we will see it launched with a 3G chipset and supported by a United States carrier.

Check out the short video and pics we captured of the device.

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