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Huawei planning to develop Android 2.x for T-Mobile UK Pulse

Several MoDaCo forum members have been contacting Huawei and requesting an Android 2.x update for the T-Mobile UK Pulse (U8220). It looks like they got the attention of the Chinese handset maker after a user posted the following response from Huawei.


We are planning to develop the ROM 2.0 and 2.1, the ROM 2.0 may be released before April and at the same time we need to get approval from T-Mobile.

Customers can get this information from the T-Mobile website when the new firmware is released and approved by T-Mobile.

Many thanks.Huawei support

The response is a little rough, but it was probably translated from Chinese so I think it is believable.

T-Mobile UK has discontinued the Pulse so it remains unsure if the carrier will officially approve the update. Hopefully this report turns out to be true and Huawei finds a way to get this update into the hands of customers who purchased the phone.

Huawei is trying to break into the United States smartphone market so we will keep an eye to see how they handle the process. The Pulse features similar specs (CPU and RAM) as the HTC Hero and Magic (which are receiving an upgrade to Android 2.1) so hopefully Huawei doesn’t run into any technical difficulties in providing an upgrade.

p.s. In every story about Android 2.x upgrades I’m going to post the latest about the status of the G1. I contacted T-Mobile again, but they did not respond. Boo :(

Via: Androidist

Source: MoDaCo

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  • http://www.everything.com Ramon

    Thanks so much for the update on the G1. I just don’t think t-mobile gonna update it :(

  • Vineares

    I think I have honestly stopped caring if my G1 is going to be updated now. 1.6 is fine really and now that it has Navigation it had everything I want besides multitouch. And even that isn’t that big of a deal.

  • rob turner

    T-mobile haven’t discontinued the pulse. They have just suspended it as there were a couple of complaints about the screen sticking. They are waiting an update then it will be available again.

  • http://Website Simon


    Totally agree…really not sure what 2.x gives anyone beyond 1.6 running Cyanogen.

    I’m actually running v4.2.5 on the basis that subsequent Cyanogen ROMs are very sluggish and don’t really offer any extra functionality.

    Always makes me smile that Hero is still running 1.5, thus old market… guess they can start crowing when 2.x comes along…

  • http://Website ajay

    This evening while I was in London I visited two T-Mobile shops in Oxford Street. In both of these not only was the Pulse on display and in stock, but the salesperson assured me that T-Mobile had neither suspended nor discontinued the Pulse, and that it was a popular handset.

    Therefore I am not sure where this rumour comes from, but it does seem to be untrue. The people I spoke with seemed to know what they were talking about and, as I said, they certainly had handsets for sale.

  • http://Website TareX


    I hope you realize you can root it and get multitouch…

  • http://Website NGOY

    Je possède un téléphone qui marche sous androïd 1.5 , est ce que je peux le mettre sous androïd 2.1 ? ou par une mise à jour pour obtenir l’équivalent ?
    Merci d’avance pour toute réponse à la presente question et recevez mes sincères salutations
    ([email protected])

  • http://www.gps-mobiles.com kidalex57

    Vivement la nouvelle version Android Froyo, de la balle rien que en voyant les demos sur le net ou les videos.