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iPhone users envious of Nexus One

Last night we attended the It Won’t Stay in Vegas party and ran into some of the top bloggers. I was lucky enough to meet two people who have inspired me to start blogging, Leo Laporte and Justine Ezarik. I know both are big iPhone users so I had to get their opinion on the Nexus One.

Leo told me he really liked the design and had already ordered one. I asked him if he was willing to switch from iPhone and he responded he is still waiting for the Android Market to mature. Several of the apps he uses are not available on Android, but hopefully that will change soon.

Check out Leo’s weekly podcast This Week in Google for the latest Google and cloud computing news.

Justine (or iJustine) is known as the iPhone girl. I never thought she would consider Android, but she is so fed up with AT&T (dropped calls and cant send txt) that she is ready for a new phone. She played with my phone and said it was awesome so maybe she will come over to the dark side.

Spot any other iPhone users with the Nexus One? Let us know.

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  • http://rossingram.com Ross

    Kevin Rose tweeted that he got a Nexus One. http://twitter.com/kevinrose/status/7533865458

  • jrbourque

    My friend is the same way. He’s had all the iPhones and has seen all of my android devices and this is the one he said he would get but keep both. He likes apple products for music and still favors it over android but like I told him he will switch over completely one day.

    • http://fortwaltonmotorsports.com JBlanco

      ok so he likes the music on the iphone really? i had the g1 for 8 months and i decided to try the iphone because my wife loved hers so much and would not even consider an adroid phone. so in a nutshell i tried the iphone for 3 weeks she had her iphone for about 3 1/2 weeks. i get a bill a couple days ago for 568 bucks, not even a full month of service, wtf? i dunno what to say but anyways back to the music. i found after 1 week of using the iphone that its nearly impossible to figure out what music is on my phone, i had 15gig of music i was manipulating, what i was syncing to my phone, and guess what if u want to delete a music file u can only do it from itunes? i mean honestly everytime i hooked my iphone to i tunes i wanted to shoot sum1. also with 2 iphones on the same computer during sync i received all my wifes contacts and pictures. i dont even have access to stop that from happening. i just dont see how anyone would even consider keeping an iphone with android around.

  • Alex

    I am/was a HUGE iPhone user. I’m still admittedly a big apple fanboy but my Nexus One will be arriving in the mail on Monday. The only things I will miss are the iTunes sync, the iPod, and the safe environment of apps on the app store that I never needed to be cautious of downloading malware from.

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      How many documented instances of malware on the Android Market have their been?

    • http://Website Ahmed.S

      If you use a Mac or Windows, I strongly suggest you get doubletwist. It worked with my N1 out of the box for Music syncing with doubletwist on my Mac. As for apps, we’re all out of luck, though, there are plenty of apps to backup all your unprotected apps to the sd card.
      There are no known malware on the Android Market, there’s a buttload of crapware, which comes with any appstore nowadays (just check the 90% of iPhone apps), but other than that Android Market has plenty of decent apps to put to good use. Good luck and enjoy your new phone, its well worth the money :)

  • http://Website PXLated

    Doesn’t exactly sound like they are envious. – And then there’s this to consider – http://bit.ly/67Hr2Y

    • http://beerpla.net Artem Russakovskii

      Yes, but is there really much merit to that post? Are those issues really that important? Is there really no emotional attachment between Android owners and their phones?

      I think that post is full of crap, personally. There is plenty of emotional attachment. There is plenty of UI goodness – hell, it’s really tough to top Apple’s UI skills but I still think Android’s capabilities and interface are better than most.

      That BGR post is just a fanboy bitching about little things, without seeing the bigger picture.

    • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

      He’s spot-on about Google’s approach to technology, and it’s a shame everyone’s reading it as “[my Android phone] isn’t an emotional experience, my iPhone is”. It’s a lot deeper than that–Google has always been one to put practicality and function far, far ahead of form. Look at any of Google’s products–they’re a kludge once you start looking at the little things, and those little things add up. Google Docs has folders. Gmail has “labels”, which act as tags. Reader has folders and tags. Voice has neither. When you’re going from one product to the other, it’s a very frustrating experience to have to learn new rules–especially when this is all coming from a big company that should know a thing or two about consistency.

      A lot of it comes down to the old form-versus-function theory. Google’s got function, obviously. Unfortunately, “function” is only part of design. Form makes function accessible, usable, and emotional.

      • amgarlin

        Yeah good point. But I might argue that apple is on the other end of the extreme. Putting form way before function.

  • bart

    i have an iPhone 3gs en monday i,m going to get my nexus one
    i cant wait. i tested a lot of phone,s in 2009 to compaire NeXT to my iPhone
    the G1, magic, galaxy, hero, tattoo and the Htc hd2 i think this time
    i Will sell the iPhone and keep the Nexus one

    i,m sorry for my bad english i,m from THE Netherlands (Amsterdam)
    THE weed en hooker capital of the world !!!

  • Galen20K

    I have a Ne×us One and I can tell you that I am definitely emotionally attached to this wonderful phone and as a matter of fact I was attached to my G1 before this as well and still think of it foundly. So to say only iPhone users are attached to their device and nobody else is just comical. You ever try to pry a Crackberry out of its owners hands? LOL GOodLuck!!! Ahahahaa

  • http://Website JD

    Yes, that article about being attached to his iphone and nobody being attached to their Android phone is bs. what it sounds like to me is he can’t fathom anything being as great as his precious iphone. It’s more denial from the Apple sect.

    On topic, one of my iphone buds is seriously considering the N1…he may even buy it before I do. So that’s saying something. Of course I have three other iphone buds who probably never heard of the N1, nor do they want to.

  • bart

    iPhone is bad for your brain it’s fucks it up !
    all those iPhone crackheads are brain washed
    need iPhone …. aaaahh … cant live with out it !!
    they are all braindead thanks Apple !!! :-(

    • http://fortwaltonmotorsports.com jblanco

      dude u r right apple has every1 brainwashed and thats the exact word i use when i told my wife. u r brainwashed my G1 did everything my iphone 3gs did except it does it more efficiently and with more ease than the iphone can ever imagine. i got 1 app for u iphone. Google navigation. its free wait let me say that again its free and works better than any nav app iphone has and i’ve even had directions with no service.

  • http://Website Dustin

    Fact is, Apple openly inhibits technological advancements. I wish Apple hardware (yeah I’m talking to you mac guys too) users would realize this and come to the ‘not so dark side’.

  • http://Website Usman

    If anything, Apple is the “dark side”. ;)

  • http://Website John

    I’d let her play with my phone and a few other things(like the charger?..) any time of day.. mm m m,

  • http://Website Mike B

    not emotional…. us not emotional… I’ve had my nexus one for four days now and… emotionally attached is one thing i definitely am. There is a true difference between us and the iPhans they can have the iphone or um the iphone so they feel closer to each other cause they have the same phone. We have these crazy things like choices I personally have had the G1, MyTouch 3G, Cliq, and now my beloved Nexus One yet feel comfortable around the droid clan and hero group. We are android people through thick and thin, options is something we need, a must have, hence OPEN SOURCE. so just cause Google hasn’t put us in a position where our choices are white black and how many gigabytes of memory we want dosen’t mean we are different from each other. i’ll still strike up a conversation with a G1 user cause we are the same kind of person. people that like options and we show that by letting little green robots run our apps!

  • http:/organizedfellow.com Organized Fellow

    @Mike B: exceptionally well said!
    We aren’t limited to just one form factor.

  • http://Website Cybersedan


    Well said, that is what I like about Android, CHOICE… Keyboard or not, pick your carrier, pick your flavor, how much memory is enough for you, are you the type of user that needs to carry 2 spare batteries, I could go on and on… at the end of the day choice will prevail.

    While android is a Robot, it’s beloved followers aren’t, we have choice, not just what Mr Jobs decide we can have… I love my MT3G :-).

  • http://twitter.com/Android_Kev Android_Kev

    Jealous…As they should be.

  • http://googlyme.blogspot.com Roy Morris

    I have a friend that is going to buy the new Android OS enabled phones AT&T is going to carry soon. Even though the iPhone is a good phone my friend put it beautifully, “I want to keep up to date and google has the latest and greatest. Apple doesn’t.”

    • http://Website Derek

      Google has the latest? Are you kidding me? The N1 has an equal CPU as the iphone 3Gs and the same GPU. Iphone has basically unlimited app storage space, Google has 190MB. Hmmmmm not so great is it?

      The new iphone 4G coming out in April-June will have a dual core CPU and an even more powerful GPU. It’ll also have an OLED for higher resolution. It’ll blow the pants off your N1 or Droid.


      • http://fortwaltonmotorsports.com jblanco

        sound like you are on of those brainwashed people that enjoy paying an additional 85 dollars a month for junk. the iphone is junk i had the top of the line 3gs and i returned it and went back to my g1 after 2 weeks. thats right the g1 the original android device and it does everything better than the iphone could ever think of. so if i were u i would be wating for the next android phone not the next ijunk or whatever u want to call it.

  • http://yapabout.wordpress.com Maximosis

    I am truly jealous of all of you and your Nice Nexus One’s with Your nice flash and your snapdragon and Your making it rain with the LIve wall wallpaper! Grrr I HATE YOU ALL!

  • http://Website Mike B

    you dont hate us you are just waiting to join us!!!

  • http://Website kevin

    I switched to the N1 and absolutely love it. I switched mainly because I hate AT&T but also Apple’s closed environment has pushed me further and further from the iphone. I didn’t know how I would let go of my iphone but yesterday when I received the Nexus and turned it on I knew I had a new best friend. I haven’t had any of the issues I’ve been reading on blogs and techsites. Actually, I am glade all the bad press is out on the phone because I hated seeing everyone in the room with the same phone.

    • http://Website Derek

      Please explain all about this “openness” of Android?? I had a Droid and Android is no more open than iphone is. If you want to do anything special on Android you have to root it and then load an unauthorized rom or bin file. Same with iphone, if you want to do anything special you have to jailbreak it then you can load any number of customized home pages and icons, etc. There are actually some very cool display themes out there for the iphone, some look very similar to the sense UI from HTC.

      But my point is, neither platform is “open” as you say. This is a very popular misconception with Android. Because the OS is supposedly “open source” every one thinks you can just do whatever you want with Android, but you cant, at least not legally, you have to root it and that voids your warranty. Exactly the same as with the iphone and jailbreaking.

      Also, the iphone SDK is available for free, if you want to write software for it just go download it, I have and can write anything I want (as long as i have the programming skills to do so). Thats where iphone kicks Android’s butt, is in programming language, iphone is obj C. Android is java. Obj C is so much more powerful, thats why android apps in the app marketplace look like a kindergartner wrote them for windows 3.1, meanwhile iphone apps even the free ones, look amazing and they work, unlike the majority of android apps.

  • http://Website Derek

    Sorry, but I’m and iphone user and am not jealous of N1 users in the least. I had a Droid for the 30 day trial period at VZW, and was completely unimpressed with Android as an OS. It was extremely buggy, I got “Force Close” errors all day long on a variety of apps. 20 or so programs would just start up and be running in the background no matter how many times I killed them with TasKiller. And dont even get me started on the piss poor quality level of the apps in the marketplace. JOKE. Also, I was NOT jealous of only 200MB app storage space while my iphone has 8 GB. Also, I was NOT jealous of the absolutely terrible virtual keyboard, especially in portrait mode. The iphone portrait keyboard is awesome, especially with the way it predicts your next letter typed and makes it bigger so its easier to push. I couldnt even type on the android portrait keyboard, so I had to use landscape mode, that takes up the entire screen so you cant even see the screen anymore.

    The only thing I would be jealous of is the screen, the screen on the Droid was simply amazing, and I hear that the N1 is even better. But the new iphone running OS 4.0 will have a higher res screen. OS 4.0 for iphone has support for multiple screen resolutions… finally :)

    All in all, hardware wise I thought the Droid was a pretty solid phone, beautiful screen, decent cam with flash and video capture (once the bug was fixed), piss poor physical keyboard though, no separation of keys and when you press one key, the surrounding three keys also get pressed, its basically unusable. Battery life was not so great either. So, I would assume that the N1 is pretty much the same in all those regards.

    • http://fortwaltonmotorsports.com jblanco

      see i think every1 on here is right there are different kind of people that like the iphone people that are happy with it predicting the next letter when adroid predicts the next word or the being a need for 8gig worth of apps i run like 15 to 20 apps on my g1 and have had it for almost a year now, so its great that u have all that space for stuff that u dont need. and if u havent seen yet the n1 as u call it lets u talk whenever u have to type anything so if u were up to date then u wouldnt need to type anything ever again if u chose, keyword there if u chose. o yea guess what happens if u hook two android phones to the same computer…nothing. but hook two iphones to the same computer and i have to wait 15 minutes for it to sync the info from both phones when all i wanted to do was add a couple of songs to it. just that right there should make u want to throw your iphone in the trash because thats where i put garbage.

  • http://Website Mike B

    wow Derek……. angry much? your on androidandme.com absolutely dogging a phone that is not meant to compete with the iphone. Although it does a good job, the DROID (really android in general) hit the market competing with windows mobile. The moto Droid is a very solid phone as you called it, but its so much more then oh i had the droid and didn’t like it, read my other comment and you may understand that android is not meant for the iphans…. which you have proven yourself to be. Our OS is meant for the free thinkers the people that like to imagine something then see it created and then be able to use it… FOR FREE look at soo many of our paid apps, they have free counterparts not slimmed down versions but the same thing.. the paid versions are donations to continue the R&D of our fav apps.

    It sounds to me your biggest issues with our software, besides the onscreen keyboard, was its “buggy” ness. you are right it can be choppy were much younger and did you use the original iphone.. where when you open a bad app it went to glorious BLACK screen that froze the phone till you shut it off, so i can see being upset that there is an option to force close a bad app and fix the problem. i did say we were younger but dont be fooled we are growing up, and fast! 2.1… much cleaner(i know i do own a nexus) and that was only a few weeks after the droid launched with 2.0 and only a few months after 1.6 became available. so for an OS thats a lil over a year old were impressive.

    my last problem about your statement was the shot at the nexus one, i see you like the term N1 so ill use that.. the N1 is fast, clean, bright, responsive, and thin, but all of those dont match the fact its just a stepping stone, one more stepping stone for the fastest updating OS a phone has ever seen. the N1 is nothing like the Droid yet just like it in so many ways. i know you could get confused because if you love one iphone you love them all and if you hate one…. well you get it, this goes back to my earlier post, we have choices, if you hate the G1 you may love the Cliq, or if you love the behold 2 the Droid eris might not be for you, try a nexus one or N1 if you get a chance and youll be pleasantly surprised even if its not for you..