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Latest AT&T ad says the Droid is a dumbphone

The war on maps continues as AT&T and Verizon keep pushing out their negative ads. This week we have Luke Wilson replacing peoples’ iPhone with the Verizon Droid. Users can be overheard complaining about the lack of apps and slow download speeds while longing to get their “cool” phone back. Luke wraps up the add with the pitch, “Don’t dumb down your smartphone. Choose AT&T”.

Are we tired of these ads yet? I’ve never been a customer of AT&T and this recent campaign has done nothing to change my mind.

From AT&T: What happens when you secretly replace diners AT&T smartphones with Verizon smartphones? Actor Luke Wilson finds out in this TV ad. The lesson? Dont dumb down your smartphone. With the nations fastest network and an industry-leading lineup of devices, AT&T provides a better 3G experience.

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  • http://Website JAguirre1231

    Yeah, the Droid is a dumb phone, almost as much of a dumb phone as the iPhone. Didn’t you know?

    • http://Website TechUzer

      I don’t think they’re saying that the Droid is a dumb phone… They’re saying that the VZ network effectively “dumbs down” your Droid, because getting anything done takes too long. But THAT’S what’s questionable: how much slower could VZ’s 3G be for what are basically mini-web apps? And it would depend on where you are.

  • SliestDragon

    I don’t think either of they’re ads are that great, and I don’t plan on switching to either anytime soon. I’m sticking with T-Mobile.

  • jrbourque

    I think both Verizon and att phones are garbage. ..Ill stick with tmobile

  • http://Website Obiwan

    I think AT&T needs to spend less money on the second best Wilson brother and start spending money on fixing their service.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I believe they announced today they are spending 2 billion to upgrade their network backhaul. That is a pretty good start?

      • http://Website JAguirre1231

        Hopefully something goes terribly wrong and renders data useless

        • http://Website Matt

          Why would you want that? It hurts AT&T’s customer’s more than anybody. Do you hate people?

        • http://Website i-mobile

          come on….y would u hop for that JAguirre1231…we don`t need another war between Att customers and Verizon customers.

          y r u guys fighting over which 1 is better…they both r better in their own way. think about this, do u want data plan with faster internet or do u want a data plan that has more coverage.

          to tell u the truth…Canada’s Rogers has better coverage and speed then the att or Verizon….that is what i heard from cnet

          • http://Website St.Jimmy

            i-mobile, while your spelling and grammar were terrible (really, just awful*), I am forced to agree with you. Verizon has fair-to-meh pricing, a few good phones, and stellar coverage. AT&T has the iphone, more smart/feature-phones that aren’t locked down (i.e. no OBEX for bluetooth, that sort of thing), wicked-fast internet, but almost no coverage. This is a crappy war, and no-one will be convinced by either sets of ads to switch, except to t-mobile. Also, Verizon’s tech support is awful. Just to put that out there.

            *Not to offend, but seriously, spellcheck.

  • DC

    I’m a Droid owner but I found this ad to be the first one I actually liked from AT&T. I like watching the two heavyweights duke it out. I’ve had both carriers – both have excellent coverage in my area so I’ll switch between them to get the latest Android phone.

  • Galen20K

    I’ve always had it Excellent with T-Mobile for the entire last 10 years and still am satisfied to this day. They can have their little ad war, I’ll have my T-Mobile. – D

    • http://Website i-mobile

      i also have the cliq with T-Mobile and they r kk but i think their coverage sucks…i found out the don’t do roaming with Att.
      but i like t-mobile more the Verizon and Att

    • http://Website Ryan McKay

      I completely agree with this. I’ve had T-Mobile for the past 7 years and have had no desire to change. Want to know why? When I call T-Mobile they will spend any amount of time with me over the phone to adjust the coverage so I can save the most money.

      Had a problem with a bill? They have always worked with me when I’ve been late to make sure my service does not get temporarily disconnected.

      And now they offer plans with no contract? I have no reason to move.

  • brandon

    Att says they have a better 3G experience that’s a jokeee. Now they have taken on the ipad I think service will go back to where it was beore they attempted to fix it these past months

    • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean W.

      That would require enough people to be dumb enough to buy the iPad.

      • krazytrixxxsta

        there alot of dumb people out there

        • http://Website Shane

          The iPad has alot of potential.

          • Mocha K

            Yea it might have potential now. but i think its dumb that att is accepting the dell mini 5 which i think will sell more than the ipad if the price is lowered.

  • Rich

    So if at&t is planning on selling android this year it seems like this add would hurt them in the long run. I like how Tmobile stays out if this, shows something about the company

  • http://twitter.com/androidsNsheep dotster

    On an advertising level, it just wasn’t as clever as the “There’s a Map for That” campaign. Hard to imagine this one going viral.

  • http://Website akil

    t-mobile would get ripped apart if they got into it, its ashame cause they really are the best but all it takes is one person to talk someone out of switching to t-mobile……all everyone ever says is they’re coverage is terrible, which isn’t true and if it was i wouldn’t mind bad worse coverage if im paying $50 dollars less, and besides everyone knows the iphone is known for dropping calls more than prob any other phone

  • Titty!

    Here’s all I’m gonna say #AT&TepicFAIL #VWPartialFail & after Apple’s announcement of iPad, #AppleFAIL!! Ha (iTampon)

  • http://Website Renee

    I think anyone would be upset if their phone disappeared and was replaced by one that wasn’t theirs! :)

    Anyway, I love my Droid. Droid rocks.

    • http://Website Zer0-9

      I know I’d be pretty upset if someone replaced my Droid with an iPhone.

      Where’s half my pixels?
      Where’s my Google Voice app?
      Where’s my cool customized home screen that looks like a StarTrek terminal?
      Where’s my actually secured exchange email client?
      Where’s my easy power management software?
      Where’s my free turn by turn GPS
      (and soon)
      Where’s my Flash support?

  • http://Website NeonMonster


    People must be really stupid if they can only work phones like iPhones.

    • http://twitter.com/velazcod velazcod

      and that sir, is why about 70% of “smartphone” users are stupid.

      can’t agree more.

  • http://Website Fort

    Where are all my app’s. Down load is slow, where is my cool phone. AT&T (YOU SUCK)

  • Bob_Droid

    What Luke meant to say is, “Don’t be a dumb person trying to use a real smartphone like the Droid” LOL! All that commercial showed me was that AT&T smartphone subscribers (iPhone perhaps) could not figure out an easy phone to use.

  • http://Website Andres

    man, that restaurant was filled with some stupid people.

  • http://Website sastian

    ok ill be the first to say it…

    F*#% YOU AT&T !!!

    how dare them insult us with this bogus crap. not only does their service suck, but their management does to for allowing this to represent how they see their customer base.

  • http://Website Thomas Willms

    These adds are the last shot AT&T has before the exclusive contract between Apple and AT&T runs out.

    I had an iPhone before and loved it. However the Nexus One is the WAY better choice!

  • http://extremethemes.co.cc ExtremeT

    lol really? Don’t dumb down your smartphone? Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black! Coming from a company who’s main flagship phone (iphone) can’t multitask I would have to say that if the Droid is a dumb phone then the iphone is downright mentally handicapped.

    I like the chick who has the keyboard open and is asking ‘what’s this?’…it’s call a keyboard idiot…obviously the phone is too dumb for her and she needs to go back to her ‘smartphone’.

  • http://Website D.J.

    LOL. The diners would probably be commenting more on how they are actually able to make calls and use data without the call dropping or the download timing out.

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    Those people must not be in New York or San Francisco if their downloads were faster on AT&T.

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    Of course a restaurant filled with entitled AT&T/iPhone users would be more concerned with their phones, rather than enjoying the company and having a good meal :)

    Err, who am I kidding. I’d have my G1 out… checking in to Foursquare and writing a Yelp review, warning potential customers about the annoying B-list actor walking around the place!

  • http://Website Mark

    Pretty funny that AT&T wireless has an ad on their page saying they are getting Android phones soon, and at the same time they are bashing Android phones. I don’t think AT&T really has a clue what they are doing.

  • http://web.mac.com/barrywoods barry99705

    It’s a keyboard you dumb bitch!!!!

    Sorry, had to get that off my chest….

  • krazytrixxxsta

    owen wilson needs to help his brother, is obvious he need the money since his acting career is going nowhere.

  • krazytrixxxsta


  • http://Website Spencer

    I used to dislike at&t, now I despise them

  • http://Website clocinnorcal

    Funny, they say dont dumb down you phone then at the end of the commercial they show two of the shittiest phones available XD

  • http://www.claudiokuenzler.com Claudio

    Umm well… I can compare it 1:1 in Switzerland. My Milestone (Droid) loads websites faster than on an iPhone.

    As a European I can’t say if AT+T’s or Verizon’s network is faster – but that has nothing to do with “dumb phones”.

  • http://Website kc

    i think its funny how these ads are specifically defending the iphone. (over 100,00 apps, most popular smartphone). Verizon is favoring the droid but there are also several other android and other OS phones. without the iphone AT&T would be nothing, unlike verizon who has blown up before the release of the droid

  • http://Website Tim

    Now personally I am with Sprint altough i’ll admit i miss
    T-Mobile. My GF is with AT&T and personally she for the most part happy but thats not why i’m commenting here. Verizon does not say AT&T coverage sucks which AT&T refusing to mention. Verizon simply say that their 3G coverage is a bit lacking but AT&T want to talk coverage. When you buy a Iphone you want to do all the cool stuff your iphone does and it takes forever cuz your network is crap. Thats what ATT needs to address.

  • http://Website jcomputerguy

    im with t mobile,i was a verizon wireless customer for many years until bad customer service and now i am happy enough with tmobile and i also own the HTC g1 so no way im switching.

  • http://Website jbn

    both att and verizon have become a joke!!! as a former customer of the 4th reich (verizon) i switched to sprint and im quit suprised how good their service is. not to mention my data speeds smoke verizons, so im quickly realizing how over rated verizon really was!! : )

  • http://Website Jim

    Yeah, I think I’ll keep my T-Mobile and just wait to upgrade to Nexus One. I can “roam” on AT&T for just about everything but 3G already, anyway (only because AT&T’s 3G uses a different radio frequency than T-Mo’s). And for those with less-than-perfect credit, T-Mobile offers a FlexPay option that will let you use ANY T-Mobile or compatible GSM phone on their network with the same cool plans and features as their post-paid customers. Blackberry Bold with unlimited everything for $80 a month, anyone? Add phone calls via WiFi and access to a smorgasbord of HotSpots for another $10? You just have to pay the full cash price for your handset or buy a nice used one (Craigslist is your friend).

  • http://Website Hoss789

    I have never used AT&T so I cannot comment of there service but I have had Verizon for four year and I have dropped exactly one call…and I had to drive through t tunnel for that to happen. If half of the grumbling I heard about AT&T’s coverage is true then the reliability I have experienced with Verizon’s service is reason alone to keep my contract.

    Call me crazy but I actually like making calls on my phone.

  • http://Website WOW!

    Stupidest commericial, by far, that i have seen in my life. For the idiot girl who says where are all my apps? i feel bad for you, do you expect to open EVERY phone and for everything to be SPRAWLED on for you like a baby? lmfaoo this commericial was just ridiculous! i wish they wouldve thrown one of their phones at Luke, for being an idiot and doing these commercials!!!!! -_________-
    people are just retarded. at least im glad SOMEONE at least OPENED the phone! props to them :) hahah

  • http://Website TechUzer

    I don’t think they’re saying that the Droid is a dumb phone… They’re saying that the VZ network effectively “dumbs down” your Droid, because getting anything done takes too long. But THAT’S what’s questionable: how much slower could VZ’s 3G be for what are basically mini-web apps? And it would depend on where you are.

    On another point, is it true that you can’t check out other stuff while on a call on the Android phones? If so: that’s a definite fix that needs to be made…

    • http://www.drewburden.com Drew

      TechUzer: That is a technical limitation of the CDMA technology Verizon uses for their network, not a limitation of the Android OS. All third-generation GSM networks (AT&T and T-Mobile) support simultaneous voice and data, and even though I hateHATEHATE AT&T, I must give them kudos for sticking Verizon with at least that.

      However, once Verizon switches to LTE (which is GSM based) this won’t be a problem. AT&T also fails to mention that 2G GSM networks also can’t do simultaneous voice and data, which does make up most of their own network (there’s a map for that). It’s a tradeoff.

      For the record, I’ll stick with the superior GSM network technology and T-Mobile for now.

      • http://Website TechUzer

        Ah, that makes sense… thanks for the explanation. But I do have a question about one thing you said: you mentioned being on a call and not being able to get online (simultaneous voice and data), but with the Android phones can you be on a call and still get into your non-web-based apps? Like contacts, notes, and so on? That would be 95% of my use of that, at least. I’m not really interested in booking a thing on a site while I’m still on the call… that’s where I’d be saying: “I’ll call your right back” anyway…

        As for your feelings towards AT&T, I totally sympathize, but I’ve had the same feelings towards VZ myself, so I’ve just given it all up to being a slave to the system until something *truly* revolutionary comes along. (We have to use one of the bigger carriers like those two because our family is in the back woods of Massachusetts and we can’t get reception from anyone else.)

  • http://Website shane

    who cares either way i dont want a droid or a iphone. Palm web os is sweet and sprint has the best prices by far and some good phones now.

  • Manly Man

    Why bash the Andriod when your going to sell the android?


    This commerical=Epic Failure!