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Motorola accidently releases CLIQ update, still Android 1.5

Earlier today, reports started coming in on the Motorola and T-Mobile forums that an update was being pushed out for the Motorola CLIQ. The new CLIQ software was version 1.3.8 and the release notes said it included “improvements to battery life, touch screen sensitivity, GPS tracking and more.” Users also reported they were able to uninstall some of the preloaded applications like imeem and TeleNav.

Several users who downloaded and installed the update found it was still using the Android 1.5 firmware. Motorola has announced they will release Android 2.1 for the CLIQ, but no time frame has been given. Based on what we are hearing from other carriers and handset makers, we do not expect to see an update to Android 2.1 till Q2 2010.

It appears the update was not quite baked, because Motorola has pulled it down for further testing. We found the following post explaining the situation on the official Motorola forums.

“Hi. I checked into this. A test version of the update was mistakenly enabled for a short time. It’s been taken down. The official update has not yet been released.”MattMotorola Forums

Hopefully, Motorola will certify the update soon and release it in the coming weeks. CLIQ owners might be waiting for Android 2.1 for awhile, but at least Motorola is still supporting the phone with improvements and fixes.

Idea: Hey carriers, it would be nice if you could maintain your own public database of your Android phones and their different software versions with release notes. Who wants to be the first?

Via: TmoNews

Source: Motorola Owners Forum

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  • Rob

    It will be nice if they hurry up with the update. So many great phones are out and it seems like my cliq is the grandfather phone. Even the g1 is gona see an ujpdate before us. That’s so un cool!

  • http://Website JGreen1280

    I recieved the update this morning after my buddy with the G1 said he received an update this am. I checked for update and there was an update. I clicked on “Release Notes” and I received a “Page cannot be dispayed” messate (or at lease the android verison of that message)

    All I can tell you about the update is, the screen brightness does funny stuff, like going into my messages, the screen dims but then going back to home screen it gets really bright again….Next, the phone seems more sluggish, just a little…Third, I have not yet had to hide, then show, the on-screen keyboard yet, to fix a touch screen issue where certain buttons fail to work untill you hide and show the keyboard.

    As for everyone who reads this, if you are interested in UMA support on android, please “Star”/”Vote” (some people are commenting without starring/voting) this feature enhancement request I posted a few days a go:

  • http://Website JGreen1280

    FYI: it also wiped out all sms conversations

  • http://owensoft.net owen

    I’ve been asking forever if these phones can be updated but if I have to wait for motorolla to send one out then it seems to be a lost cause. I’ve had 4 old motophones and never seen a update for either one of them.

  • Mocha K

    I wish they accidently permanantly released the 2.1 for mt3g

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  • http://Website Notorious

    MT3G is HTC not Motorola. HTC will take WAY longer to release 2.1. They are still behind on the camera, and stereo jack (and no keyboard). If you wanted a MT3G with Android 2.1, you should have waited for the Nexus One. I heard 2Q for Android 2.1 for Cliq on 2/14/10, but we’ll see in a couple more months.

  • http://Website jaychap

    Man my buddy w/ a g1 told me he received an update. So I checked, then installed 1.6 for my Motorola Cliq but it basically cleared my phone completely out. I reset my phone and had to download my old contacts