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Motorola MOTOROI gives sneak peek of possible U.S. Android phone

Korea is getting their first taste of Android 2.0 with the new Motorola MOTOROI, a phone headed for SK Telecom. This keyboardless phone will be one of Motorola’s thinnest Android designs measuring only 10.9 mm. Users will also get the full HD experience with an 8 megapixel camera and 720p output via HDMI. The MOTOROI will be one of the first Motorola phones to feature Android 2.x and Motoblur.

Even though this device is headed to Korea, this is the same model we have long heard rumored for T-Mobile USA. Last year we were calling it the Sholes Tablet or the Droid minus the keyboard. We heard T-Mobile is a huge fan of Motoblur and this device could be the next flaghship product for their retail stores.

Highlights of the specs include:

  • 3.7 inch display (480×854)
  • Processor: TI OMAP 3430
  • Memory: 512 Mb flash ROM, 256 Mb RAM
  • Dimensions: 60.9 mm x 115.95 mm x 10.9 mm, Weight: 140 g
  • Operating System: Android 2.x with Motoblur
  • 8 megapixel camera with xeon flash

Someone uploaded a quick video preview of the MOTOROI that was spotted by DroidDog. In the video, you can see the phone does pinch zoom. Hopefully this feature will make it to the U.S. version of the phone if it ships with the Motoblur version of Android.

Via: DroidDog

Source: Motorola

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