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Motorola SHOP4APPS now official…in China

We came across Motorola’s SHOP4APPS last month, which was quickly taken down after we found it. I heard rumors that Motorola’s Android application store would launch with the Droid, but that didn’t happen and we began to wonder if the project had been pulled.

Today Motorola finally announced SHOP4APPS which will be included on several Android phones headed to China Telecom and China Unicom. The actual storefront was not revealed, but you can see our preview for a sample of what to expect.

Developers can begin immediately to submit their Android applications for inclusion into the SHOP4APPS store in China at http://developer.motorola.com

No details were provided about a possible United States launch, but we have a strong feeling it will happen eventually. My guess is Google persuaded Motorola to leave it off the Droid at launch, but there should be no reason for them to prevent it now. We like the key features of SHOP4APPS like application discovery and think U.S. customers will enjoy them as well.

Some of the key features within SHOP4APPS include:

  • Discover apps tailored for you. SHOP4APPS can be easily tailored to present the user with applications that will be most meaningful for them based on their existing preferences, region and carrier.
  • Download or Purchase Once. ┬áKeep It Forever. Purchased apps get stored in your personal storage area called “My Locker,” making switching handsets or restoring applications seamless and easy.
  • Promote your Innovation. For developers, SHOP4APPS is an easy and effective way to showcase, sell and distribute their applications for Android-based devices in China. SHOP4APPS offers developers an innovative set of resources, starting with tools for testing their applications, as well as marketing and promotional tools for marketing their applications to the end-user.

What do you guys think? Do we need another app store?

Source: PR Newswire

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  • Ackdamos

    Sounds like a cool idea but all of that stuff should have been included in Google’s Market.

  • http://Website Donovan

    seriously you guys fail at life, i dont know why i check this site anymore.. you post 1-2 things a day and usually its worthless news..

    Phandroid and BGR FTW.. disappointment.

    • amgarlin

      Wow, you are the last person the Android community needs.

  • http://www.androidsfinest.com Jorge

    No one is forcing you to come read here Donovan.

  • Donovan

    Oh thanks jorge I wasn’t sure.. thanks for clearing that up for me idiiot