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My Life with Andy – What happens at the airport stays at the airport.


We said we’d have a My Life with Andy every Tuesday, and while there’s only a few hours left on this Tuesday: Better late than never, we always say. Except I guess if you’re headed to an airport. If you are too late there you might as well turn around and head home.

An alarm blasts in your ear when you check late luggage, long lines risk you missing your flight and costing you hundreds of dollars. No one wants to deal with that. Tomorrow we have a flight at 6am so I’m sure we’ve got a super-fun early morning rush ahead of us. I’m really looking forward to it.

My Life with Andy is an Android webcomic produced by Angie and Clark.

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    Poor Android! Cute.

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  • ravila88x

    These are so Funny, you should make an APP to deliver these on out Android phones. That would be Perfect.

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    Hahaha, these comics are hilarious! Love em!