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Nexus One available now, Coming soon to Verizon

The Google Nexus One event just ended but the phone’s page on Google is already live. The Nexus One is available now through google.com/phone (unlocked) for $529 or through T-Mobile for $179 (with new agreement).

Something we figured a bunch of you guys would be interested in is the inclusion of Verizon and Vodafone on the page, with scheduled dates of Spring 2010 being displayed. Rumors had long run rampant about where this phone would end up so its nice to finally get a peek of the official plan.

Thoughts on today’s event? Anything surprising?

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  • http://Website Cruxible

    Honestly I was waiting for them to come up and say something that would amaze me or make me want to shell out the $530 for this phone and I was disappointed. Yeah it has less memory and is slower but I rather stick with my MyTouch at this point and get a decent netbook for $330.

  • http://Website Julien Lavoie

    I’m just really dissapointed there is no AT&T 3G band version. I really want to upgrade from my HTC Dream up here in Canada

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    I was really hoping for an update to the Android Market app or Website and streaming music around the home. Or at least a discount for developers…
    Google Earth is meh.

  • andrew

    Been trying to buy one for almost thirty minutes now. Keeps saying there’s an error and to try again on the checkout page. Anyone else having problems buying one???

    • http://Website Mikrd

      Clear your cookies.

  • http://Website Dave

    although multitouch is supported and available for 3rd party apps, there is still no multitouch in Google apps.

    is this really a patent issue? Andy Rubin simply dodged the question and said “we’ll consider it.”

    what is there to consider?! Google is touting this as a “superphone” and this feature it should’ve been included since the early days of Android.

  • average user

    Does the nexus still have just around 50mg program memory like the mytouch? It says 512 of ram and rom.

  • http://Website Brian

    I heard that Google is hosting an Android event at CES on Friday also. Hopefully that will have some more general Android news. How about a new market?

  • http://Website Mau

    This is great! i just bought about a month ago a moto cliq thinking it was the best available android phone on tmobile.. I wanted the dorid but my plan with tmobile is way to good to look elsewhere.. Im f…in pissed.. I should’ve waited now im stuck with a phone that only has 1.5 android and a lot of facebook updates.. hahaha what a joke

  • http://Website Marcelo L

    Dear Tmo,

    Now, I heard through your cousin Goog, back in December that you really took to heart my last letter. I kept hearing through the grapevine how come January ; if I could only hold out “getting back in the scene” until January 5th, there’d be A nexus of game change on your part.

    So here I am, it’s January 5th, and your cousin says she can get me the happiness I’ve for so long sought from you, but…I have to lower the minutes I can spend you, I have to commit to giving it another 2 year go at it, and I have to pay her an EXTRA $379 just to get you to agree to it ? Where do you think we are, Verizon-land ? You want commitment from me, but with proviso’s and a $379 semolian promise charm ? It’s not that I’m a commitement-phobe. I can handle 2 years, after all we’ve been together unchained for the last 7 1/2 of the 10 1/2 years since that first day you GSM’d into my life.
    It’s not that I’d have to limit my time on your air…waves, I understand unlimited minutes is a bit clingy. But $379 !? That’s just cold.

    I dunno, I think I’m gonna need some space. I’m confused, i Phone keeps leaving messages on my answering machine, saying she heard about you and I having “outages”, and how she wants to comfort….me. She swears she’s changed, that she won’t drop calls like before, and that her coverage isn’t as sleasy. I really need to think this through. I mean, you didn’t make any hasty decisions when Google told you about her plan to help you “land your man”. I’m sure the two of you discussed it behind closed doors, up in your room, or hers. I’m sure it must’ve seemed all so funny when she told you, how I’d eat it up and just fall in line…after all…I am JUST a man.

    Well, you know what. I don’t care if what you’ve got to offer is Eclair, or Flan, or Tres Leches ! I might just return i Phone’s call. What do you think about that ?! Maybe I know her Dad Steve “Not the Fake” Jobs has all those people dangling on his every word like some cult, but at least he wears those cool black sweaters. But I wil say one thing before I let go of all my feelings for you. You better rethink this plan you and your cousin Google came up with, or you might need another date to the spring social.

    With all affection,


  • http://Website Mike Leahy

    How about the 2.1 developer SDK… Ohhh.. Oops.. Forgot to release that now did we… This marks the 1st new Android OS release on device without the SDK available even precious moments before OTA or launch. Not that it matters at this point. Any developer wanting to maintain an Android application across the ecosystem has long stopped working with new OS versions and compile to older versions. I compile to 1.5 for Typhon which is my soon to be released 2D/3D component oriented API for real time app/game dev and it runs on the G1 (heck the Cliq and other “ancient” 1.5 Android devices!) and the Nexus One. However, I do need the N1 for compatibility testing and it’ll be nice to compare the Snapdragon to the OMAP3 processor in the Droid.

    Anyway.. Google has made a big mistake tying non-core API features to OS releases. This is causing unnecessary OS releases at a quicker pace than necessary and this can be seen with 2.1 as most of the new features are just candy.

    Don’t get me wrong.. I do like Android and it’s not intractably bad as well there is no other competing platform presently and it is more open, but not completely than the alternative. ;P BUT… At a certain point it really becomes painful though as a developer and subsequently I’m sure as a user as you see your new device get upstaged 1-2 months later with no upgrade process for non-core features.

    The engineering progress of Android is not sparkly clean. Despite talk of little to no fragmentation and such Android is clearly on that path ever since Q4 ’09; we’re still early in the game.

    There are solutions to the current engineering debacle that Android has become, but I’m afraid it’s beyond the scope of the engineering team at Google or the resources available/on task as evident by the seemingly haphazard engineering process being applied to the platform. IE this is 80% engineering at it’s best and painful worst.

  • http://Website KNE

    Does anyone have a comparison between Verizon’s Droid Eris and the Nexus One? Opinions on the two?

  • Jr.

    nexus one is suposed to updated so you can save apps on your sd card so you really dont need that much memory on the phone other then ram!

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