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Nexus One OTA “in the next week or so”

Nexus One owners should expect an over the air update soon that is set to address some 3G issues and possible other fixes. I have had absolutely no 3G problems with my Nexus One, but a limited number of users have reported problems which has led to a flair up on Google and T-Mobile support forums.

Google is taking the issue very serious and Eric Tseng revealed on the Engadget Show that Google, HTC, and T-Mobile were working together to solve the problem by sending engineers to visit customers who complained. It appears Google has already developed a fix and is testing it now.

From the Google Help forums:

I wanted to post an update to the Nexus One Help Forum to let you know what we’ve been working on to help address the 3G issues some of you have been facing. I also wanted to thank you for being patient as we work to investigate the problem, an effort which has included our hardware partners.

Our engineers have uncovered specific cases for which a software fix should improve connectivity to 3G for some users. We are testing this fix now, initial results are positive, and if everything progresses as planned, we will provide an over-the-air software update to your phone in the next week or so. It may be, however, that users are experiencing problems as a result of being on the edge or outside of 3G coverage, which a product fix cannot address.

Thanks again for your patience and for your feedback, and we will continue to keep you informed.IvarGoogle Employee

I know we have quite a few readers with Nexus Ones, so please sound off if you have experienced any 3G connection issues with your phone.

Source: Google help forum

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  • http://Website Mike B

    no probs on my nexus

  • http://www.sosandroid.fr/andropress Tostaki

    Hi there,

    I am not the best one to talk about that but since I have a Nexus One in France, I have absolutely no issue with 3G connectivity.

    It will not help T-Mobile customers but just to let you know it may be related to T-Mobile 3G AWS network only …


  • timdawg919

    Being in NYC 3g coverage is pretty decent, however some places where I would get a good data signal with my g1 I no longer get that with nexus one. Also while pictures from the camera are excellent the lag is reminiscent of the g1 before the ota upgrades. Also polar clock wallpaper freezes. Flash player desperately.

  • Larry S.

    What about an update that addresses the touch screen issues? The issues with pink-ish hue in pictures taken under certain lighting conditions? Or the random reboots?

  • http://Website Jimsu

    You know, I must say, that I have not had one iota of an issue since getting the N1. I came from a “first month of it being out” G1 owner, jumping straight to the N1. I am very pleased with unit. 3G is always good here, mostly getting 1.6-1.8Mbps downloads and 300-500Kbps uploads.

    While I’ve had no issues with any portion of the phone, but I am anxious to see an update come out to see if they throw in any new functionality (Cisco vpn access, new music player, etc).

    Katy (West Houston), TX

  • http://Website mnguyea

    Haven’t had any problems with 3G coverage here either. I’m in NYC. I do think the strength on the MyTouch was stronger in some places but overall I always get connectivity. Not sure where these ‘people’ are living at but I was in Lawton OK…where you ask it is…but you know what…yup…3G.

    I hope they fix some of the other minor glitches like the polar wallpaper or the sensitivity of the haptic keys.

    • http://Website Leon

      How is it that you got 3G coverage in Lawton OK with T-Mobile when you were here when T-Mobile doesn’t offer 3G coverage yet in Lawton Ok. and I have T-mobile with the Garmin-Asus and I do not get 3G coverage here and neither does my wife with here My Touch. Please explain because I am wondering when they are going to offer it here.

  • http://Website Marco

    I have the 3G issue in San Diego but I am more interested in a fix for the touchscreen.

  • kevind

    Yes, I have a huge 3G issue. I’m still on AT&T :-) . Eventually I’ll “fix” this issue or there will be something exactly like the Nexus One for AT&T.

  • http://nickelliott.us Nick

    I have had occasional problems with it having data connectivity freezes for a minute or so. After it gets out of the freeze it works fine. I thought it was because they just put up 3G in my area and I thought the towers were just a little wonky. I am in a solid 3G area now so its not going to be a problem with being on the edge of the towers. I hope this fixes the problem. I view it as a minor annoyance more than anything though.

  • http://nexusonederful.blogspot.com/ n00b

    Anyone know how we see what’s been changed in the update? Is there a changelog anywhere with bug numbers, etc.?

  • http://Website joe

    Got my N1 last Friday and not one issue. I really feel bad for those who are having the issue. When I’m at home I sometimes get EDGE but so did my G1. By the way the guy on ATT, you will never get 3G on ATT with N1 because ATT uses a different radio frequency from TMO and the phone doesn’t support the ATT frequency.

  • http://Website dessa

    I’ve got the 3G problem. I can put my N1 next to my wife’s MyTouch 3G. She will have a rock solid 3G connection and the N1 will have full bars 3G, drop bars by the second, drop to Edge, then gain bars every few seconds, then sit there for a few seconds, then go back to 3G…. and cycle through the whole thing.
    My first Android, so I’m not sure how bad the touch screen is. I”ve been living with various PalmOS devices for years that have to be recalibrated frequently, so I’m probably not the best one to ask about the screen – I also have VERY fat fingers :)

  • http://Website scott

    i hope to have my order placed sometime on/shortly after the 5th and praying i don’t have half the problems i’ve seen people running across, my biggest worry is the dust under the screen one as the 3G doesn’t really concern me at all since i’m outside 3G coverage at my home…. *shakes fist at tmobile* upgrade more towers instead of increasing speed for existing people!

  • http://androidandme lee scott

    I am having serious 3g probiems.When i go to the internet it loads slowly.A message pops up An Error has Occured when im on the market or retry.Please help me.

  • http://eugeneorourke.com/blog eorourke

    Find out how to manually download and update your Nexus One to Froyo. Read more here: http://eugeneorourke.com/blog/how-to-manually-update-to-froyo/