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Nexus One spotted with AT&T 3G bands

We have heard a ton of speculation about the Nexus One coming to additional carriers and Engadget just spied the superphone with a new FCC ID containing AT&T 3G bands. The new ID NM899110 (pictured above) has support for 3G on WCDMA Bands I, II, and V (2100/1900/850) which are the ones needed for AT&T.

The Nexus One has full support for HSPA 7.2 and AT&T announced they just completed their rollout of the faster standard and will spend an additional $2 billion to improve their network backhaul.

AT&T recently announced their support of the Android platform with at least five devices, but Google did not mention the carrier when it held its own gathering to launch the Nexus One earlier this month. The only other carriers (besides T-Mobile) to announce future support for the Nexus One include Verizon and Vodafone who will join the Google phone store in spring 2010.

I started the rumor that Walmart might partner with Google to sell their phones direct to customers and I’m not ready to let it die yet. We recently spotted the Nexus One with AT&T 3G bands on the Walmart Wireless store, but the company responded the listing was a “technical error” and they didn’t plan to carry the phone “at this time”.

Many analysts have criticized Google for not placing the Nexus One in a retail store and I believe the Walmart partnership could still happen. Google is trying to provide customers with additional purchasing options and this would be another choice for them. Is it really that crazy of an idea?

Via: Engadget

Source: FCC

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  • http://www.siriusapplications.com/ Isaac Waller

    Well, this is great for me – I bought a Nexus One assuming Google would never release one for AT&T to run on Rogers and it works on only EDGE. If this comes out, anyone want an almost-new Nexus One?

  • http://Website Andrew

    I really want to know how much walmart will sell the phone unlocked… I’m dying to get one for verizon even though I have a droid. Since you started the rumor, do you know how much they were thinking for an unlocked version???

  • http://Website DistortedLoop

    I wish they’d do something really game changing and give us a Nexus One that works on both AT&T and T-Mobile 3G bands. Then we’d have real choice. I’m loving my one week old Nexus One, but I am not satisfied with T-Mobile’s coverage in my area.

    I’d much rather stay on AT&T, but I can’t live with EDGE only.

    If this rumor were to pan out in the next two weeks, I’d return the T-Mobile phone I have and get the AT&T version in a heartbeat!

  • http://S-consult.com Wayne Schulz

    Have you ever visited the Walmart phone department? It’s a total disaster area of uninformed clerks and broken cheap display phones.

    Are the people of Walmart really candidates for cutting edge smartphones? I would believe Best Buy as an official outlet but Walmart still seems a stretch.

  • hubey

    If Walmart takes over the tech support it could work. The number of Androids would have to reach critical mass before users provide tech support for each other. You might need a Android For Dummies book.

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  • http://Website Pat

    I hope it’s coming to Rogers – and that they announce it before I decide to get a droid, um sry milestone ;) – i’m now putting my money on the telus launch to be feb15th

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