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Nexus One to Vodafone for €199

Last week we learned the possible United States pricing for the Nexus One ($179 w/ contract, $529 unlocked) and now we have the first European details. French paper Le Point is reporting that Vodafone will support the Nexus One for €199 (2yr contract) and it should become available in the next several weeks. Customers will be able to order the device online directly from Google.

Translation from MobileTechWorld:

The French who want to get the Nexus One can place their orders online. Average phone naked off subscription: around 450 euros, including postage. For the phone with a package, it will take several weeks. According to our information, SFR is the first operator to offer the product on the French market. Before the end of Q1, Vodafone will offer the Nexus One to less than 200 euros, as part of a commitment of 24 months and a monthly plan (with unlimited surfing) set around 50 euros.

Via: MobileTechWorld

Source: LePoint

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  • http://Website Tomas Herman

    oh man i hope they will do the same thing in czech…i really am not so much of a google fanboy to pay 200$ for shipping…

  • http://Website Matthew Smith

    I do hope we get the same policy in the UK

    I have a Hero on Orange atm but would love to have this. Shame my contract doesnt allow an upgrade until 2011. Looks like i’m going to be buying it unlocked and add my sim card

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