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Pimp your Nexus One or Nook with ColorWare

ColorWare Inc. is an industry leader in altering the color of existing products. They began in 2000 with the concept of transforming the boring beige computer into a custom-colored work of art. Over the last 10 years ColorWare has customized all kinds of gadgets including gaming consoles, computers, electric guitars, and even home appliances.

The latest products to get the ColorWare touch include the Android-powered Nook and Nexus One phone.

Customers can use an online design studio to customize their device with over 87 colors and finishes. Users can send in their own device or purchase one directly from ColorWare. For example, it cost $175 (and about 3 weeks) to mail in your Nexus One or you can pay $800 to buy a new customized phone. That might sound like a hefty price to some, but users are left with a one of a kind device that features a proprietary X2 coating.

Via: AndroidSPIN

Source: ColorWare

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  • http://Website Androidawg

    I’m sure there is a market for it. But this is kind of stupid.

  • http://Website ontheFritz

    Just get a case. haha. But it’s interesting to see (and something HTC might want to think about) how much better the N1 looks all black. Am I alone there?

  • Ackdamos

    I think the N1 would look awesome all black with a little bit of grey accents on it.