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Robot Kitchen: Android ready to invade your home

We have been waiting for a company to bring Android to our home appliances and Touch Revolution has finally delivered. On display at CES was the Nimble NIM1000 module which allows OEMs to easily drop in Android to any product. The Nimble is a complete touch subsystem running an optimized version of Android that is powered by a Marvell ARM processor.

There are practically endless solutions available for the Nimble and Touch Revolution had a few concept products to show off at CES. We had the opportunity to play with a microwave, washer, printer, home phone, and tablet.

First up we got a demo of the Android microwave. This device had a custom UI for microwave functions, but also allowed the user to return to the Android desktop to launch other applications.

Next up CEO Mark Hamblin gave us a rundown of the washer mock up. This demo again had its own custom UI and did not allow access of the Android desktop.

What other devices in your home would you like to see powered by Android?

For more info on Touch Revolution, visit their official site.

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