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Rogers Wireless to upgrade Dream owners to Magic

Rogers Wireless recently told us they would be upgrading the HTC Magic to Android 2.1, but the HTC Dream would not receive the update due to certain limitations. This meant that customers who purchased the Dream would be stuck with the outdated Android 1.5 (and not able to experience all benefits of Google’s latest update).

In a surprise move, Rogers will allow customers who purchased a Dream to upgrade to a new phone, the HTC Magic.

“It’s great to hear that everyone is pleased by HTC’s agreement to upgrade Magic to 2.1. We pushed hard on your behalf and are pleased with that part. When it comes to Dream, we share in your frustration that the device does not have the required on-board memory for an upgrade. We’ve reviewed this internally and believe that Dream users should be able to have the same HTC Android experience as those who purchased the Magic. So, we are offering our HTC Dream customers a limited time opportunity to upgrade from their current HTC Dream device to the HTC Magic.

We’re working on finalizing the details of that promotion now but wanted to let you know the great news as soon as possible. Please be patient as this is not yet available in-store, online or through customer care. I will be back next week to provide you with more information.”Mary PretottoRogers Wireles

As you can see from the quote, the Dream will not be upgraded due to its limited on-board memory. We have been speculating since August that this would happen and it looks like we were right.

The HTC Dream is the same phone as the T-Mobile G1 and we are still awaiting a response from T-Mobile on their upgrade path. I recently asked HTC about the G1 receiving Android 2.x and they pointed the finger at Google since it is a ‘Google experience’ device.

I doubt I will ever move to Canada (quite happy with Texas), but you have to commend Rogers Wireless for how they handled this situation. They have personally reached out to this site several times since we first brought attention to the upgrade issue. If you are looking to sign a contract with a wireless carrier, it is nice to know they will listen to feedback and respond in a timely manner.

Rogers has demonstrated they pay attention to the Android community and they take care of their customers.

P.S. Hey T-Mobile, I know you read this site too. How much longer will G1 owners be kept in the dark?

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  • http://Beefjack.com Nate

    While I feel bad for Dream owners, I really just want my Android 2.1. That way I won’t feel so jealous of Nexus One owners.

  • http://Website Brandon

    This is going to be a really tough decision. I really do like the physical keyboard aspect of the Dream. So, it’s between rooting my current phone, or upgrading to the Magic.

    All in all though, it’s a fairly good gesture on Roger’s part.

  • Jeff

    100 for Rogers Wireless

  • damianh05

    Hey tmobile I’ll be waiting for my upgrade to a mt3g birches.

  • damianh05

    I meant bitches haha

  • http://Website Android_Kev

    Hey, i just want the drivers for 2.X for the Magic/MyTouch, becuase they should work with the G1. So once one of the phones gets upgraded, I know there will be 2.1 for rooted G1′s no problem. Personally I like the G1 alot more than the Mytouch. Really if you dont have the droid or the nexus, than you really need to root anyway to get the full potential of android.

  • Kevyn

    Rogers gets an A for this. I, too, love my Dream for it’s physical keyboard, and am quite happy running CyanogenMod. If you haven’t rooted your Dream, yet, take the leap and do it.

  • Patrick

    Umm, I hope the reason isn’t because of ram because the us versions of these phone are the same except storage space……

  • http://Website Skythe

    Wow. I don’t even live in Canada or the US, but Rogers seem really amazing. First they’re giving out all this information on the Android upgrade process, which _no_ other Telco that offers the Dream has. They’ve been honest and upcoming about it. And now they’re offering a Magic to the Dream customers, when they don’t even need to.

    If I moved to Canada, I know who i’d sign up for.

    • http://ya..right festethejeste

      Ha, if you lived in canada you would sign up for rogers?

      Sorry I have to comment on this.

      Up until a little while ago you had no choice. Rogers was the only gsm provider

      I know there are many people out there that would love to tell you how lame rogers is and I’m surely one of them but I’ll try to keep this professional and in reference to this article.

      In my opinion this is rogers escape plan and a bad one albeit, to quickly satisfy the dream owners how haven’t received a single important update since they got the phone. They were to lazy or unprepared (as they usually are for tech upgrades) to make there “proprietary rogers platform” 1.6 for there dream and now there just upgrading people to the magic for a small fee. Not that great a deal if you don’t have a contract with them or like your hard keyboard. Yes thats right. Rogers tack on new contract terms when you upgrade. And did anyone else read the term “limted”. Looks like you only have so long to do your upgrade.

      Don’t get me wrong, its better than nothing, something rogers again is known for. Doing nothing. But I think instead of forcing people to the magic, they should just release a version that will run on the dream.

      So with that being said and having played with the n1 literally yesterday hehe tres cool, stock android. 2.1 isn’t that great. Yes its new and compatible and is a great improvement but if you compare it to cyanogen’s latest rom there’s nothing new.

      **** I use cyanogen to get the bits and pieces of 2.1 while only staying at 1.6. Its not that hard, and if you follow the tutorials anyone can do it. I have the same updated maps, google nav, searching features of 2.1 etc. Its great and its always being updated, by very skillful gents. I use a tmo g1 and love it ever so much now, things are far faster, more responsive and I can install as many apps as I feel like.

      I know this doesn’t work for everyone so I guess its just a rant. But please don’t tell me rogers is amazing and imply it has some sort of caring relationship for its customers.

      Believe me, they don’t

  • http://Website Skythe

    And to the people worried about the T-Mobile G1: It is unlikely at this stage that any over the air update will be given for it. However, Android 2.x has already been hacked and ran on the G1 (and has been for a long time), the issue for custom ROM developers like Cyanogen, and the reason they haven’t used any of these Android 2.0x releases (including the open source one, and the one ripped from the SDK) is drivers. Once the Magic gets the Android 2.1 upgrade, they will find a way to get it onto HTC Dream devices.

  • http://yellowrex.com William Furr

    I guess that’s nice that they’re offering a choice, but I’m not sure I’d call the Magic an “upgrade” over the Dream. You lose your hardware keyboard and gain… some internal ROM? Same anemic ARM11 processor, still no headphone jack, no AMOLED screen.

    Dream owners should just root and install CyanogenMod. He hasn’t had any trouble porting Android 2.1 to the Dream ROM.

  • http://Website John

    As someone who has lived in Canada, I would like to mention that Rogers charges $60 for 3GB of data and about $50 for 100 anytime minutes. Then 15% goods and services tax is applied. They also require a 3year contract for a discounted phone. Oh and did I mention long distance is 25 cents per minute?

    Do not envy Canada, sirs.

    • http://Website rod

      I am on rogers and I get 6GB of data a month for $30 on my dream, same for my fiance on her iphone. This deal is offered quite often from rogers.

  • Cris h

    Wow, now that’s customer loyalty… t-mo, stop pointing fingers and give us 2.0

  • Juan

    Would be nice if us G1 owners would be allowed to upgrade to to the nexus one and/or given a credit to upgrade.. I’m just saying! LOL

  • http://Website Brandon

    I really should root my phone. Tried once, but had a few issues, and afraid to brick the thing. I would really miss the physical keyboard.

    I do hear that the battery life on the Magic is better than the Dream, but again, this is unrooted.

    Going to take a day and try and root this thing, and if it bricks, see if Rogers will upgrade me to the Magic.

    And John, yeah, we get hosed with prices and plans, so if anything Rogers owes us! Still a surprising gesture for a cell service provider.

  • http://Website grempz

    as somebody who bought their dream outright will i still be eligible for the upgrade and keep my dream?

  • http://www.everything.com Ramon

    I want a upgrade to the Nexus One from the G1 T-Mobile!! Even with a 2 year contract!.. now that will let me stay with you for life.

  • http://Website andre

    so when would the android 2.1 be coming out for the mytouch

  • http://twitter.com/dininginhell Bolmedias

    Do you know who else should do this? T-Mobile.

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  • http://Website Tyler

    SO I am a rogers customer with a Dream… called to upgrade to Magic. Suddenly there is an ISSUE where Dream and Magic users can not call 911 if they have GPS enabled… SO… THEY ARE NOT CURRENTLY PROVIDING THE FREE UPGRADE BECAUSE THEY DON’T WANT TO GIVE US A FAULTY DEVICE!!!

    I have been told to “not worry” Rogers will decide what to do and that I will not receive the free upgrade to Magic as there is an issue with the device.

    Oh, but I should have a nice day :)

    Nice block Rogers…

  • http://Website Samson

    hey guys!

    if anyone is interested in a SAFE was to upgrade to Android 1.6 for their Rogers HTC Dream, check out this link


    it is a step by step process. written for those of us who are NON TECH and want to upgrade our phone!

    i did mine last night following the steps to the letter and it was super easy and done in less than 30 minutes!