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Sprint updates Moment the old fashioned way

Sprint has released an update for their Samsung Moment, but customers will have to go out of their way to get it early. As we reported earlier Sprint is not yet doing OTA updates for all their phones, so customers must drive to a repair center in order to get the fix. The update is performed free of charge, but customers might want to call ahead to make sure their repair center has the update file and instructions to flash it.

The new update (version CL14) improves battery life, updates the Sprint apps, and fixes some bugs. Unfortunately, this update still leaves the phone on Android 1.5, but an update to Android 2.1 is still scheduled for later this year.

A complete list of changes includes:

  • Network Assist GPS to allow indoor location fix
  • Updates to several third-party apps, including Visual Voicemail, NFL, NASCAR and Sprint TV
  • Change to Emergency Dial on lock screen
  • Hard reset available in recovery mode: remove and reinsert battery; press volume down, send and end keys until reboot option pops up; scroll to wipe data/factory reset; press OK
  • Various improvements to battery life

Check out the Sprint store locator to find a repair center location near you. If there is no repair center in your area, keep checking the Samsung Moment support page for a downloadable update that will be made available in the future.

Anyout out there with a Moment phone? Please share your experiences with us if you were able to get Sprint to flash your device.

Source: Sprint

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  • http://Website Carolyn

    Wow, that really sucks. Makes me wonder what’s going to happen when we start getting the 2.1 updates.

  • Ackdamos

    Man I’m so glad I ditched Sprint this week and got me a Droid. The Moment is a good phone but the closest repair center to me is 3 hours away.

  • http://Website MrGrinch

    ive got the non-updated moment (CJ05) but i think this thing is awesome… got NESoid, SNESoid, Gensoid, Gearoid, and SCUMMVM, best mobile gaming device i have ever owned. I think im going to wait for an OTA update because I have not had any problems that have been mentioned.

  • http://www.brainhandles.com Greg Bulmash

    The good… Went to my local Sprint Store, they took the phone and said to come back in an hour.

    The not-so-good… The software update performs a hard reset and wipes the in-phone memory. Everything on your SD card is safe, but you’ll have to re-install all of your apps and reconfigure all the ones that don’t save a config file to the SD card. As well, any contacts, e-mail, or SMS logs that haven’t been synced to Google or an external program will be lost. Since I had everything important synced, that wasn’t a big deal, just an annoyance.

    The bad… They hand me back my phone and tell me to log back into Google to restore my mail and contacts. One problem… it’s offline, no network/cell connection. Took them almost 30 minutes to figure out how to get it back online while I sat in the store. You’d think that they would have looked to see that it was getting signal and logging onto the Sprint network before they handed it back to me.

  • Hermy

    The update has made a tremendous improvement on my Moment. Text shows up as soon as the key is pressed (was a 2-5 second delay before) and the battery seems vastly improved over what it used to be (though Ive only had the update for a day).

  • http://Website Aaron

    Some NYC stores are refusing to do the update yet. They claim it’s crashing phones. Not sure what this means, but I’m holding off for now even though the improved battery life would be a huge plus. Love my Moment tho…

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  • http://Website Nathan

    I have seen significant battery improvement since this update. Can’t wait for 2.1!

  • Choli

    I really want an update I have 1.5 right now and it sucks