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T-Mobile completes network upgrade – 3G to get even faster in 2010

Early this morning, we asked our readers to test their 3G speeds to see if T-Mobile had completed their HSPA 7.2 3G upgrade. Based on the results, it looks like many customers are experiencing faster download speeds (over 1 Mbps) and improved latency.

We checked in with T-Mobile and they confirmed that HSPA 7.2 (faster 3G data service) is now enabled across their entire network. Now that HSPA 7.2 is available, T-Mobile will work to continue their upgrade path to HSPA+, which offers downlink speeds up to 21 Mbps.

The following is an official response from T-Mobile USA:

As data consumption by smartphone customers increases, T-Mobile continues to expand and upgrade its network to provide customers with an increased capacity and improved data speeds.  2010 begins with T-Mobile’s 3G network reaching significant milestones to support current and future smartphones:

  • T-Mobile’s 3G network now reaches more than 200 million Americans
  • HSPA 7.2 (faster 3G data service) is now enabled across T-Mobile’s entire 3G network
  • T-Mobile is the first carrier to launch the even faster HSPA+ in the U.S.

While other carriers talk about 4G plans and the promise of compatible devices, T-Mobile will speed ahead with HSPA+ deployments across the bulk of its 3G footprint this year, delivering 3-5 times the speeds of today’s 3G.  And the best thing about the HSPA+ upgrade is that it’s backward compatible, so that T-Mobile 3G-enabled devices will be faster in 2010.

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  • http://www.bimaltailor.co.uk Bim

    I wish the T-Mobile UK would get their act together. The service is so inconsistent and driving on the motorway halfway up England the 3G network cuts out randomly. Not happy.

  • http://Website justinhub2003

    I use the speedteest.net Android app to test my speeds (same thing I use on my PC) and im getting roughly same speeds here in cincy, and when i look at the history and click the details of a speedtest, it says that it is using UTMS, shouldnt it say HSDPA?

    • amiashu

      same here in miami. my results are always in 200s or 300s?
      and it says utms, what does that mean? is the change all over US or in just selected areas?

  • http://Website Phazon

    I’m in West Los Angeles. I ran a speed test this morning and my numbers were 889Kbps/808Kbps.

  • http://Website PacoRocco

    If HSPA 7.2 really launched today, which I doubt, it straight up sucks. I’m in Chicago, getting slightly slower DL/UL speeds than usual. Using the Speedtest.net app my numbers are:

    Latency: 140ms
    DL: 583kbps
    UL: 332kbps

    Latency definitely improved, but DL/UL speeds continue to suck. If you’re gonna upgrade the network, at least be honest about when upgrades will occur and don’t lie and say speeds have improved when they haven’t. T-Mobile still rocks, but they’re handling of the 7.2 upgrade and implementation has been poor. Still better than AT&T though.

  • http://Website permafrost91

    In Miami, still getting crap speeds:

    DL: 24.7kB/s
    UL: 19.8kB/s
    Ping: 221ms

    Tried earlier today in Broward county as well with similar results. Where is it? Just don’t see it …

  • http://www.verber8.com Jeremiah

    Still the same in DC/Richmond area. I dont think the upgrade is complete…

  • serjical

    Yeah no change in the ft hood central texas area still getting tops 950mbs and that is not often more normally getting arround 500mbs. I agree t mobile is screwing up big time. First the come up with these awesome new rate plans but then tell me ( a loyal customer of 4 years) that I have to pay butt loads of fees to switch to them even though I never had to pay to change my plan before. Now they promise me a even better network and then let me down! Now that I know that verizon is gunna get the nexus one. I might be changing providers after 4 long years being faithful!

  • http://Website Serjical

    Well so frustrated with t mo’s lies I just spent the last hour and a half on the phone with 2 different departments from t-mobile while they talk to several other t mo employees trying to figure out why my area doesnt have the update.

    It was an interesting time…..

    ……the first rep didn’t even know what 7.2 hspa was and in their data base the last info they got was from December 15th when they were testing it in Philadelphia.

    the second rep was from tech support and when I asked about why the 7.2 hspa has be updated but yet I am getting normal 3g speeds and he told me “we haven’t seen that phone yet so we cant give any support for it until we are familiarized with it”, to which I asked what phone I was talking about a network. He apparently though I was talking about the nexus one. I am not entirely sure how he got that from me asking about a network update, but after I straightened him out he informed me of no knowledge whatsoever of a 3g update or what hspa was. After 30 minutes on hold with him calling supervisors and other departments, he had no new information for me and said he had no idea as to who I could talk to that might know.

    If this is what I have to expect from t mo and now t mo support then I think I might be evetually running for a verizon nexus one once it hits the “shelves”. I love t mo and have for the past 3 years but they done want to love me back.

    • http://Website Alex

      I have worked at call centre before and unfortunately that’s what outsourcing does… I worked in the headquarters of the company I worked for and all other call centres, whether in the states or outside of the states, never had a clue as to what was going on. Usually it’s a bit difficult to train people outside of the states, but they save money. However, I find T-mobile customer service to be one of the greatest. They are always nice, to me at least, and usually I get what I want…. lol.

  • mold

    If anything its significantly slower here in Charlotte nc

  • http://www.tmobile.com Brad

    Hmm, I see 800Kbs down and 500Kbs up and a latency average of 130ms. I work in Tier-2 Support for T-Mobile and work with the engineers a lot since I am in training. The upgrade has started, but its not yet complete. Some bugs and missteps are to be expected. Give it another day or two and all should be cleared up.

  • http://yellowrex.com YellowRex

    I haven’t tested my speeds yet, but I’ve already been happy with T-Mobile’s 3G service… when I have it.

    I just spent the holidays traveling by car, and I spent a lot of time with nothing but a GPRS signal. Google Maps is unusable over that kind of connection. :(

  • http://Website Chz

    I’ve been testing speeds ( in Tampa Bay) every day since the upgrade was mentioned…including today. I have seen no increase in speed although I did have a lot of trouble even getting a signal yesterday. Myy “upgrade” is that I have a signal, at all.

  • http://lithium98.xanga.com Lithium98

    San Francisco Bay Area reporting. Speeds are still at normal. No sign of any kind of “improvement”.

    Here’s to hoping someone just forgot to flip the switch.

  • http://Website clietz

    i was getting about 900 kbs on an ion, and when trying a g1 (same location) i was seeing about 300. rebooted it and it jumped up to 8-900 to match the ion. may be worth trying if you haven’t to reestablish a connection to a tower.

  • http://Website jay

    Today in brooklyn heights i was shocked to see i got about a 2500 on downloads and about 800 something on uploads but it went back down when i went back to the city!

  • Jr.

    I still see no change in the north jersey area. Hopefully it will happen son!

  • Jr.


  • http://Website Alex

    Yesterday I checked and the download speed would not go over 500kbps and upload of about 100kbps…. I think they saw this article and really made it nationwide… lol. Today i checked and, even though not great, much better at 1542kbps DL and 392kbps UL 152ms ping.

  • http://Website Matt

    In Detroit (48315) I’m getting 689k down and 425 up. On a G1. This is worse than a couple days ago.

    Ping is around 300ms with the speetest app.

    I don’t know what is going on, but this rollout has been wack.

  • Mocha K

    Does anybody know if this will maybe increase signal strength?

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  • Manly Man

    when will the new 3g map coming out!

  • http://Website madvillain7

    why would they worry about upgrading their 3g before they make sure that everywhere has coverage? i’m sick of reading about people and their problems with their 3g connection… hell, be glad you have 3g! i’m stuck with crappy ass EDGE connection! they need to get it together…

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